Cyberpunk 2077 Merchandise Review! (CD PROJEKT RED Store!)

Cyberpunk 2077 Merchandise Review! (CD PROJEKT RED Store!)

What is going on Neon Nation welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for my Cyberpunk 2077 merch review video. Some of the products I wanted to review for
you guys came in just last week, and the CD PROJEKT RED store is now available to residents
of US and Canada, so for those of you who are interested in the type of quality you
will be getting, this will be the perfect video for you. I’ll be reviewing a couple shirts and a
lanyard for your keys, but let’s start with the Lanyard. First off I want to say that the material
used in this lanyard is top notch. It’s not one of those thin flimsy lanyards
that you typically see these days, but is instead made of a heavier, thicker material
and feels really nice and substantial in your hand. There is a buckle at the end featuring the
part with the hook or clamp, which is a nice feature and the product as a whole sports
the Cyberpunk 2077 and CD PROJEKT RED logo. The lanyard does feature a double material
design with the black strip running on top of a larger yellow strip. The logo is very clear and I’m happy
they incorporated the CDPR cardinal which I think looks great. I do want to mention that the copy I received
doesn’t have the accented cutouts on the black, and they seem to have either attached
the lanyard oddly or chosen not to place another black logo strip on the outside of the other
side, but these are small nitpicks and the lanyard is something that I feel is going
to last and not fray easily. If you need one for your car keys it stands
out quite nicely and at time of this review are discounted on the North American store. Moving on we have what will likely be the
most popular items on the store which are the standard 2077 logo shirts. These have a medium fit to them, 170g of thickness
and are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It features prints on the arms, some printing
on the upper back and the 2077 logo across the chest and a little patch at the
bottom with the CD PROJEKT RED logo. It does come in Black and Grey and to be honest
they both look really clean with the yellow text. It seems like they have done the inking process
properly here by starting off with a layer of white print, and then applying the yellows
and blues on top to help it standout, and the material of the garment overall is quality. To be honest I was a little worried these
would be too thin, but it seems to strike a happy medium between too think & too thick. Now these range from Small to Triple XL, and
they do claim an overall medium fit which I would have to agree with. I typically wear a small, but opted for a
medium, and it fits semi-loosely which I tend to prefer. If you want a fit to size, order your typical
size as it will shrink in the wash, but if you want a looser more relaxed fit, I think
sizing up would be a good option. I also really like the printing on the sleeves,
it has a really sharp aesthetic to it. Little things like this are always nice to
see instead of just getting a vanilla logo shirt. All this being said, I do recommend both of
these products as I feel like they met my expectations overall. I do have one very big caveat however, and
unfortunately it has nothing to do with the products themselves. If you guys are living in Canada Be wary of shipping costs, and COD or import
costs once you get it delivered I feel like if you are in the States you are
potentially immune from this as their distribution seems to be based in Nevada, but for my Northern
friends this can really rack up. In addition to the cost of the products and
steep shipping at 21 dollars, there was also a 25-dollar Collection on delivery charge. I’m hoping CDPR can fix this, and there
is a way to bypass the COD charges as I found a resource that will help you out with this,
but it’s a pain in the ass that it exists in the first place. As for the products themselves however, I’m
going to go ahead and give the lanyard a 8/10, and the logo shirts an 8.5/10. As for products I’d like to see next, I
think more CD PROJEKT RED branded merchandise is a big one since I know I love the red cardinal
design, and pullover hoodies are a must as well. Variations of the 2077 logo would also be
a really nice option.

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  2. The black logo arrived just last Monday for me and I couldn't be any happier with the quality of the shirt 😀
    (And I agree with the shipping prices, they are outrageous in Canada)

  3. Yeah I am hoping they add more products to the store. Key chains, pins, mugs, etc. It felt like a pretty light offering at this point.

  4. I ordered a trauma team t-shirt not that long ago, but sadly for me cdpr didnt ship to my country. Had to use some sort of 3 parry company to get it imported, cost me a hella lot of monney but atleast im the only on my country that actually own cyberpunk merch

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