Cyberpunk 2077 Night City & Yakuza Kazuliski

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City & Yakuza Kazuliski

To become a Yakuza in Night City, one must
rigidly adhere to a set of five tenets: Never reveal the secrets of the organization.
Never violate the wife or children of another member.
Do not withhold money from the gang. Do not fail in obedience to superiors.
Do not appeal to the police or the law. In Cyberpunk, the word Yakuza translates into
Good for Nothing. It originates from a Japanese gambling game called Sammai Karuta or Three
Card. Similar to Blackjack, one needs to get 19 points instead of 21. Thus, drawing an
Eight (Ya) Nine (Ku) and Three (Za) you get 20, which was good for nothing. Yakuza originated
in Japan, but have established themselves whether Japanese corporations have been successful.
Consequently, their influence also exerts to Night City.
It has been commonly held by the Yakuza, that there are only two paths they may follow,
prison or death. Based upon the ancient Japanese principles of Giri Ninjo or strong obligations,
the Yakuza operate in Night City as they have traditionally done in Japan. The leader is
called an Oyabun, and is granted their power by the Osaka Clan chiefs personally. These
chiefs are a loose alliance of Yakuza operations worldwide.
Yakuza rely heavily on the Japanese Bosozuka, also known as motorcycle gangs, composed of
bloodthirsty cyberware enhanced members. The Bosozuka are used for indirect intimidation
by the clans, due to their intimate knowledge of most cities.
The Yakuza also operate several orphanages, primarily in Japan. It is from here that over
fifty per cent of their membership is recruited, the organization becoming a surrogate family.
The family aspect of the Yakuza cannot be overemphasized, as this facet is a recurring
theme in their criminal lifestyle. One of their rituals is Demukai, a ceremony carried
out when a Yakuza is released from prison. The gang shows up to greet the them in limousines
and expensive attire, welcoming their own back into the gang. This is symbolic, in showing
the prison and society, that they were unable to reform the Yakuza’s convicted brethren.
The Yakuza’s deal in a myriad of activities, including gambling, transportation, real estate,
night clubs, restaurants, bars, moneylending and street stalls. While many of these are
considered legitimate activities, the Yakuza do not hesitate to use underhanded methods
such as intimidation, violence and corruption to achieve their aims.
Yakuza do not accept failure and have a ceremony to deter such behaviour. Known as Yubitsume,
or ritual finger cutting, the ceremony is performed when a Yakuza wishes to apologise
to a superior. A small silver knife is placed over the finger and the Yakuza leans forward,
their body weight causing the knife to snap the finger off cleanly. The amputated finger
is then placed in a bottle and sent to the superior as a gift, albeit in cyberpunk where
one can replace your entire arm quite easily, this gesture might no longer hold the significance
it once did. As for Yakuza influence in Night City, it
has increased steadily over the years, although specifics remain elusive. Following the events
of the Fourth corporate war, it remains unknown what happened to the Yakuza, although given
that Night City has now discovered the truth behind the nuclear detonation and Arasaka
are back, it does seem plausible that other Japanese organizations such as the Yakuza
might also return during the time of the Red and 2077.
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  2. I Would Love To Have Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition and some other gadgets, but its almost sold out and expensive 🙁 but if there will be some seperate gadgets like statues or medalion im going to buy them!

  3. In Japan some of my relatives are Yakuza it will be funny to see how they implemented Yakuza in the game i hope you can join lmao 😂

  4. Oh my god. This made me even more excited. The idea of legal "criminality" in the Yakuza was always exciting to me.

  5. in this world controlled by mega corporations yakuza is literally "good for nothing"
    but maybe they could become my farming ground for motorcycles
    in worst case scenario …. have anyone watched Back Street Girls

  6. I don't see why the Yakuza wouldn't return. Seeing how the real life yakuza mostly deal in cyber crime and none violent crimes now as a way to skirt over Japanese laws like how sum organizations are now associated with real businesses as a way to legally launder money and build up a reputation as a respectable business meaning it's going be hard for the police to arrest certain members of an organization without public criticism ya modern day yakuza organizations are crafty buggers they even found away around Japanese weapon laws if they need to have members walk around armed.

  7. Considering the amount of signs in Japanese shown in all the trailers, I'm sure they'll have a significant presence.

  8. So maybe dont screw with the Yakuza in 2077 but in the immortal words of the Crocodile hunter "im gonna poke it with a stick"

  9. Now I’m curious If the Italian American mob has survived or evolved. Appreciate the lore video as always.. especially if it gets the brain thinking!

  10. Kaz the motorcycle gangs are called Bosozoku, the card game is hanafuda, yakuzas hardly called them yakuza, rather gokudo. Yakuza clans like Yamaguchi-gumi are territorial, at least to my knowledge currently there is no umbrella organization, which unifies the clans.

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