Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit Cyberfashion Digital Fabric Lore Kazuliski

Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit Cyberfashion Digital Fabric Lore Kazuliski

14 Replies to “Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit Cyberfashion Digital Fabric Lore Kazuliski”

  1. Thank you for Chippin'In Samurai! Notifications for the channel are currently broken, so worth checking the channel for any news or lore videos you might have missed. It's been a busy week. Also accepting questions for the next Chippin'In on the community tab.

  2. for me the only acceptable is practical one (solid materials and lots of deep pockets with zippers)
    and i don't care if people see me as the crazy one because they are the ones who suffer for pointless popularity (perfect exaple"people wearing cutted open jeans)

  3. This is definitely an extremely important aspect of the world I think and I hope CDPR will give fashion the attention it deserves.

  4. Man, why is techwear IRL nothing like this.
    All I have to show for IRL is Electroluminescent wire headphones that light up the wire.
    I so desperately want this kind of fashion to be real I think about trying to DIY it, like making some kind of climate control jacket with a Raspberry Pi and heat sensors that would adjust temps using bendable elements from China, then have parts of the jacket change colour using EL panels based on temperature.

  5. I would wear edgerunner wear with a devil skull light tattoo on my face that glows when I get in fight for intimidation.

  6. i wonder if there's people troll enough in the cyberpunk universe that they would hack your cybernetics and make you smell like farts instead of emitting pheromones.

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