Cyberpunk Red News Netrunning Virtuality Skinsuits Kazuliski

Cyberpunk Red News Netrunning Virtuality Skinsuits Kazuliski

Thank you for Chippin’In for more Cyberpunk
Red News. Mike Pondsmith and R Talsorian Games revealed
new information on Netrunning during the Time of the Red, including an image of Redeye,
a pre-made Netrunner for players to use. The attire Redeye has on, and similar ones seen
in 2077, are called bodyweight combat bodysuits. This affords the Netrunner protection as they
do their hacking onsite. The skinsuits are filled with impact absorbing, sintered Armor
gel layered in key body areas. This provides protection somewhat similar to a light armour
jacket or a samurai jacket. These skinsuits are designed to accommodate a Netrunners cyberdeck
and the necessary interface cables, to allow you to hack on the go. More advanced bodysuits
will have additional options including life support capabilities as well as drug injectors
to maximise one’s ability for Netrunning. Cyberdecks allow a Netrunner to see the Net
and interact with others residing there. It projects the images into Virtuality goggles
or headsets which allows the user to see images from the NET superimposed on the real world.
This allows the Netrunner to move in the real world while going through the NET which is
different to how Netrunning worked prior to the events of the Fourth Corporate War.
The Talsorian Toad returned as its only 4 days left to the release of the Cyberpunk
Red Jumpstart Kit. I wonder what secrets it may be hiding.
The Cyberpunk Red Netrunner artwork featured on the thumbnail is by Angelina Stroganova.
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  1. Thank you for Chippin'In Samurai! Notifications for the channel are currently broken, so worth checking for any
    news or lore videos you might have missed. Also accepting questions for the next Chippin'In on the community tab.

  2. so it's literally a cyber ninja suit (opening doors in reality and on net at the same time must really help with bypassing any security)

  3. I still don´t get this whole premade stuff for Red; isnt Red a tabletop game? Like Monopoly? So you choose a char you will act to be with premade…. attributes?

  4. So is there other character pre designs to choose from other than male an female V like you could choose to play Red Eye?

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