Cyborg’s Costume Evolution | Yellow Spandex #9 | NowThis Nerd

Cyborg’s Costume Evolution | Yellow Spandex #9 | NowThis Nerd

Hey guys, I’m Kya and on this episode of ‘Yellow Spandex,’ We’re talking about a character who doesn’t really wear a costume. Victor Stone’s cybernetic body has gone through tons of upgrades, downgrades, obliterations and iterations over his 37-year career as Cyborg. And he’s finally gotten his big break as a founding member of the DCEU Justice League, So let’s give you a crash course on The Evolution of Cyborg. Starting, as always, with The Comics. Now, with a tech-heavy character like Cyborg or Iron Man, There’s going to be a lot of variation in how certain artists draw him. We’re not going to cover every time someone added a new rivet, But there are definitely distinct eras we can explore. Let’s begin with Vic’s 1980 debut in The New Teen Titans. Cyborg’s origin hasn’t changed much over the years. He was a brilliant scholar and a star athlete in high school, until he was horrifically injured in an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs where his parents worked. Vic’s dad hooked him up with experimental cybernetic body parts. And as great as his old man was at keeping him alive, His fashion sense was a little… Yeah. Look, I get that the idea of a half man, half machine superhero was still a relatively new idea at the time, We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better. Stronger. Faster. But Vic’s original design looks pretty dated today. It looks like he’s wearing a teenie metal tank top and trunks, And garters holding up long metal stockings. I’m also not really digging the headband keeping the mechanical half of his face attached. It really depends on the artist drawing him, But this version of Cyborg never really looked like the robotic elements were part of his body, They just felt like clothes he could take off whenever he wanted. This was Vic’s signature look for years, and it’s what he’d always return to after he’d get blown up or disintegrated or whatever. There’s the time he became Cyberion, after his mind was uploaded to a race of alien A.I. called the Technis. Cyberion was a black and red mass of machinery, without any of the living components that made Cyborg a cyborg. Vic lost touch with his human side, Literally, because there’s no human parts there. But his fellow Titans managed to rescue his consciousness and transfer it to the Omegadrome, Which isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds. Basically, it was a morphing alien super-suit used by a former Titan named Minion, Which turned Vic into a naked golden man. Then, the Titans cloned Vic’s old body and merged it with the Omegadrome. It gave him his human form back, and let him recreate his classic look in battle, Just with some fly gold metal parts instead of chrome. Eventually he lost the Omegadrome powers and returned to his normal cybernetic self. In The New Titans Vic got an aggro ‘90s upgrade that included the most unnecessary handles since the Gamecube. It didn’t last though, and he went back to his traditional look until The New 52 changed everything. Cyborg’s importance to the DC Universe increased dramatically after the reboot, Which made him a founding member of the Justice League. Not only that, his tech got a big upgrade thanks to a Mother Box from the Fourth World. As a result, Vic’s new armor was massive, and it left almost no flesh exposed. Cyborg finally looked like a true powerhouse, And this carried over to most of his DC animated movie appearances. But a few years later he slimmed down for the DC You redesign. This look is the complete opposite of his hulking New 52 uniform. Honestly, it looks like he’s wearing one of those Michael Phelps swimsuits with some glowy lights on them. His arms and shoulders are completely exposed, Which definitely lets Vic’s humanity come through. I just think they went a little too far in that direction. It doesn’t matter much, because he went back to being big as part of Rebirth. His skin is almost entirely covered up again, Which kinda just makes him look like a robot with half a face glued on it. I do like that he finally gets his own logo, a little gear on his chest that looks like a C. It’s not a bad costume, but it definitely could use some color to spice it up. It does look awesome in
‘Injustice 2,’ though. Second gen is always better. This design was probably meant to bring him in line with the DCEU Cyborg, who we’ll get to in a little bit. First, let’s talk about Vic’s appearance in Cartoons. Cyborg first appeared in ‘The Super Powers Team,’ The final incarnation of the long running ‘Super Friends’ show. He’s wearing his traditional armor, so no surprises there. But he is voiced by Ernie Hudson, which is just awesome. M– Mom! What in blazes? I guess he had some free time after ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ cartoon passed him over for Arsenio Hall. Arsenio Hall! Cy’s most important animated incarnation was on Cartoon Network’s ‘Teen Titans.’ Until ‘Justice League’ comes out, this is probably the version of Cyborg most people are familiar with. When there’s trouble, you know what to do… Call Cyborg! The brilliant, anime-inspired designs from Glenn Murakami introduced the Titans to a new generation of fans, And Cyborg’s new look was an awesome update to his classic style. Boo-ya! First off, Cy got a much-needed splash of color to his monochrome metal armor, thanks to these cool see-through blue bubbles that let you see the tech underneath. His silhouette also changed drastically. Before the cartoon, Cyborg was usually depicted as a normal, muscular dude with metal parts. But Murakami bulked him up big-time, which made his silhouette really stand out from his skinny teammates. Also? He was bald, which I can’t believe never really caught on in the comics. The same design was streamlined for the cuter Teen Titans Go Cartoon, And it’s definitely an inspiration for Cy’s appearance in DC Superhero Girls, Just because you’re some big scary red dude, you think you can mess with my city?! which combines the clear blue bits with his logo from Rebirth. Finally, in Justice League Action, he’s got the same bald head and rounded bulk, with a dope blue and white color scheme accented by circuitry and thick black lines. Moving on to Live Action, Vic’s first appearance was back in 2006 on, what else, Smallville. This is where all the TV budget DC people end up. Thanks to the TV budget, his cyborg implants were hidden under his skin, so he just wore regular clothes. What are you lookin’ at? Which means he’s more or less just The Famous Jett Jackson with super strength. He returned as part of Oliver Queen’s Justice League, Where he wore their standard sleeveless hoodie uniform over some grey Under Armour, And some not very cybernetic sneakers and sweatpants. Finally, we’ve come to Vic’s big screen debut in ‘Justice League.’ I’m not sure why DC went back to the real-life head on a CGI body look, Because it sure as hell didn’t work in ‘Green Lantern.’ It definitely made Ray Fisher’s job a lot easier, though, Since he just had to wear some mocap pajamas onset. As for the design, I’m not the biggest fan. All I see are a bunch of jagged edges and metal bits with some glowy red lights to break it up. His like, costume is as boring as his personality. Relax, Alfred. I’ll take it from here. Do I know you? Whatever, it’s fine, I’m like over it. Honestly, he looks like a Michael Bay ‘Transformer,’ and that’s not a compliment. I kind of wish they’d gone with this early concept art that looks like his DC You design. As opposed to the ‘Terminator with too many polygons’ look we have now. It’s pretty impressive from a technical standpoint, and I’m sure Ray Fisher is gonna be an awesome Vic Stone, But I wish they’d gone a little more traditional with his costume. There’s like, no design to the design. Superheroes are icons, and their costumes are symbols meant to inspire us, and to give us insight into their character. The whole purpose of the character is that he’s struggling to keep his humanity, It’s not the machine that resists you! It’s me! My spirit! That’s the part you can’t break! But that doesn’t come across visually when the only skin present is a teeny bit of his face. That’s why I hope Cyborg’s got something up his sleeve, besides his sonic blaster, to make his movie costume reflect the awesome character he is.

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  1. Thanks for watching, nerds! Are you looking forward to Cyborg in 'Justice League?' Thanks to his Mother Box, Vic's got a major role to play in the DCEU, but would you prefer his quirkier cartoon attitude? Let us know!

  2. im glad i'm not the only one who feels that way about the Movie Cyborg. I wanted a more practical effect for the armor, like if they could do it for the bats armor, why not Cy

  3. Movie Cyborg's look is literally ruining the hype for Justice League for me. While I don't think we needed a big bulky Teen Titan's style of Cyborg, I would have rather it been more inspired by the comics and how actual robotics look, not this edgy (literally) jagged camo style mech they came up with.

  4. i really hope Cy is better in Justice League than the trailers have let off, he is SO. FUCKING. BORING.

    FLASH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE ONLY COMIC RELIEF, they could have given Flash and Cy a relationship similar to him and Beast Boy, but NO, HES A FUCKING LITERAL ROBOT, JESUS FUCK IT MAKES ME MAD, they even let Aquaman be funny, Aquaman is rarelt a comic relief character, but now he seems dumb as fucking rocks, its like they saw Guardians of the Galaxy and said, "Ya know, we need somebody like Drax in JL, who should we make dumb?" "Aquaman? Sure."

  5. always thought it was weird that Cyborg has hair in the comics. idk why but in my head i guess i rationalized it by thinking that since half his skull is robotic, then something like hair would need to be synthetic if on him at all.

  6. Teen titans cyborg is the best cyborg. Perfect balance of human and robotics. You see the conflict visually, it’s weird and striking. And they play with it, he takes off his arms sometimes so you don’t know where the man begins and the machine ends. JL cyborg looks like a knock off iron man to me.

  7. I think my favourite cyborg costume is his rebirth design since it isn't too bulky but still looks kind of high tech. I think his Justice League suit is pretty meh but (SPOILERS!) I like his suit at the end of justice league with the smoother plates and the C in the middle. Also this is an awesome segment that I REALLY enjoy, keep up the great work! EDIT: After reading more Cyborg comics I think the Dcyou version is my favorite followed by forever evil/rebirth and (Teen Titans TV show).

  8. I was expecting cyborgs look to look like the RoboCop reboot say what you say about the movie but the metal suit he wears looks realistic and pratical I wasn't sure how he looked like on the trailers and once I saw the movie it didn't look that had but the cyborg looks to skinny

  9. The movie design was so crap that the ending when he gets a full makeover was actually awesome.. hahaha.. i was happy to see shiny bulkier arm… didnt matter if it eas only one arm…it was just better

  10. Cyborg is a good character but I hate how the new 52 made him a founding member he never really did much and was just there. I wish rebirth would've put him back on the Titans seeing how they fixed everything else but it's whatever they're doing a better job with him in rebirth compared to 52, but in my eyes cyborg will be. A Titans member for life

  11. Cyborg is an awesome character! As for his look.. it is a small problem, as real cyborg fans know just like in the Justice League movie he has the ability to evolve (upgrade). He has been shown to increase and decrease the size of his armor as well as reconfigure it into different modes. He has also in the past created a holographic/synthetic skin to camouflage himself as an avarage human. It's all about the extent of control he has and how much he learns about his new form.. expect an upgrade for the next movie.. count on it!

  12. It was a shame Ray Fisher was pretty flat with the Cyborg part! His robot suit was amazing! I know in the Justice League film he was depicted more robot than human but it would've been fun if he was more human in the mind

  13. I feel like the cyborg should have liked more Skin showing because he filled up with so much Robo Parts the only part you get to see it his face and it hard to see for us comic books fans or Teen Titans the original Teen Titans fans to see cyborg fight for Humanity in a way see the original Teen Titans from Cartoon Network in the original Teen Titan comic book did this right because they show the humanity of cyborg but also show the robotic part of cyborg and that the thing where you do in Cartoon and cartoon we want to visualize how he feeling.

  14. I think I like a lot better of cyborg shoulder l'estaque but still look like the cyborg from the comics of every incarnation

  15. (SPOILERS)In the post credit scene of Justice League They show Cyborg changing into the more Teen Titan-ish version of his 'suit'

    Also I think the ratio for cyborgs Human/ Cyborg body should be around 80% Cyborg

  16. In the justice league movie at the end he was getting upgraded thats cuz he just became cyborg, thats just his starting point

  17. 7:07 Would actually stop it, just quit! Quit poking fun at Michael Bay's Transformers. Anyway, you're not one to talk, as you like the craptastic Suicide Squad.

  18. Cyborg is the best part of Justice League. Screw the design. I can accept it. I hate the movie, but he's pretty much the best character in the movie.

  19. the Teen Titans look is great. the more actual plates too the better, not the look of crumpled tin foil they went with for the film. Cyborg would have been so easy to make as a practical suit that would be easy to put on and take off, and then apply the half face prosthetic, a relatively simple costume for what could be a complex and elaborate character. also, add white plates and blue cybernetic windows. there was just a bunch of ways to make Cyborg look good and they went the opposite direction of each of them.

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