Dad of ‘Hitler’ Kid Wears Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing

Dad of ‘Hitler’ Kid Wears Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing

campbell is the founder at the new
jersey nazi group and abby’s the father of adolf hitler campbell and also joyce
elaine area nation campbell beautiful name and he showed up to his custody
hearing yesterday informed not steve regalia check out
this video some of my children i wanna be a part of
a million let me prove to the world and i’m a good
father has never been to my children i mean in
my children and i don’t think it’s right anymore do you think the uniform over to me i
wasn’t sure if the report the rear gate judges in durban people doubled within a little-known sign now what was that mission that story
really needs to be pointed out this he’s also a bit of the moose that destruction
and full boat on any of the giants lots of hats now yet and takes you think is very poorly
drawn by the territory that you’re having a problem with that area inside
like that that’s something that really bothers me mister says may or may not be
present at him perspective uh… so that here’s an interesting part
like that because a lunatic we all get right obvious to where couldn’t be more
against them literally uh… but uh… argument on and robert on whether he
should get the kids i wanna be addicts that graphic what pap
pap yeah i know i read that uh… i think that that all of you are just on
the court today now look distributing the kits of what
this bill the says that he would give you seven
anyway and he loves his kids i don’t doubt that insane okay so that’s a downside so uh… on names alone and the fact
that he’s a nazi alone do you think is canceling well i mean
names alone and the fact that he’s not alone are two very different things
disguise raising his children no i see that as a form of child to be a
but again but then we got to be a ido but then we hear this really broad when
you say how much christians who sent more muslims as cetera but rehearsed and
also says that raising your children religious in the form of child abuse in
nyc revert back patterson disallowed can
come and has had a little less as a as we just talked about a month in a
different story you look you know if you’re profiting
with that it isn’t one phrase limiting his or one passage that he gave people as they did with minorities you know
back in the day with a passes about slavery center you make that argument you it does not a bridges freedom of speech
i meet you should be allowed to be in nazi neo nazi any kind of thing according to a first amendment certain
ideas say hey you’re allowed to do that but we did tend to wait i would argue that that’s a very interesting first amendment case i
think that we did this issue here is that i don’t think i have enough back
story about this particular gentleman he is the leader of a large nazi group and
perhaps has he committed any hate crimes hasn’t done anything at maybe he hasn’t
abuses shelter directly but does he have a criminal record uh… uh… continued to you every very
keen to take away children from from parents who have like strong from the
records oftentimes well no is certainly bows on situate that and i think that
this is also situational but you’re right it kind of looks to be the case that
they took away his infant son sixteen hours a after his for mexican right from
the hospital and put an uh… as a word of the state simply because he was the skies son
yesco comes into that almost by definition seems like they didn’t give a chance with his son so i’m curious when you
guys think jr first a look at is the reason you know in the graphic for hayward the idea too deeply into
within that some back replacing responsible for service time dot basis dot i have the right of the diaries the
um… catechal not that it is you don’t know we don’t know what is the the we do know
we’ve probably gonna do with if we take in it’s for some of the burden we know the
cost of the subsidies and is not actual physical morsel brutal abused we know of it’s hard to and it starts with a think
it’ll take care of itself you know summers as the look to maybe
they’re gonna get you to my maybe something is gonna happen allies people
raise certainly sometimes in the called the light accompanies our cities definitely cities your breeding he like the one individually and that’s a
call united use that to stop it i feel like is acting as a good week to start
stopping cycle while i didn’t see that come in the future of sicily days away but to me the minute they take that the young
getaway as you pointed out uh… character as the you’re saying he’s guilty because of his ideas and i think that’s a tremendous first amendment problems the loved ones to get in judging how
people raise their kids you know you’re going to really get into
the fact that there man i mean reporting one charges rates so we
bring launch them too knotty with their hands the with a four
good night for that seem to be nice other people he’s pretty much in the hate but on the other hand you know use so
many ethnicities that issue of other ethnicities are they bringing a twelve anyway i draw
the line so i gotta say it you know he’s a nazi i hate the guys
but what but not guilty it give misfits agni first-amendment their issues with the
first amendment their exceptions in certain situations you go to germany it is not what i walk
out like this in germany he did president is second to canada told kind
of nazi uh… rig alia there you can’t you can’t
say heil hitler in the streets you you’ll get arrested for because of the background that now
obviously you know world war two didn’t happen on american
soil but many americans died in world war two and many of the descendants of
the jews who were killed in the concentration camps live here now and i think that it has that same of on people who live in america uh… many generations later as it does
on certain people who live in germany and so obviously legally it’s really hard to make a
decision i’m glad i’m actually not sitting on this custody panel because it
would be hard to make that decision but ethically morally what well you’re not the uniformed who karte anything i can i help u well he he he to him it’s a matter of
principle let me let the nazis marches were famous
for that week we’re not like germany we let the nazis exist here and we begin with our ideas so but i am
ruling at the paragraph ect okay you said p_s_a_ negative statements that you
know why a letter of stay position and i would nazi shockingly
not-guilty thinking about

100 Replies to “Dad of ‘Hitler’ Kid Wears Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing”

  1. if you transported him back to the thirties, he didn't earn that uniform and the swastika tattoo and the fact he is a mongrel american would have gotten him shot and pissed on – he is like a malevolent form of that nut who went to the oliver north hearing in her star trek uniform

  2. Being raised by that guy would be a form of emotional and social abuse. Just look at the surface evidence. Being named Aryan Nation? Christ…

  3. There is more to this story. There were already allegations of abuse and he had his first three kids taken away for that reason. He sounds like he is mentally unstable, not because he is a Nazi, but because of some of the things he has said and done like claiming his child is the devil… If that isn't an unhealthy environment for a child, I don't know what is. 

  4. The rest of the world already views the US as being terrible in many ways and this certainly wont help.  While the first amendment maybe is in his favor; the constitution and its amendments weren't written thinking of this and perhaps it should be exempt in this case.  This is only exemplified by all of the other occasions where Children were taken from their families for far lesser and more raciest reasons.

  5. He says it's about whats on the inside yet Hitler wanted everybody to be physically the same the only reason he did what he did was because of a jewish girl don't understand how that relates anyway to that guy

  6. yu better learn to see what yur country looks like with a pure face anbd eyes staring at it especially on a planet that make believes that any country isnt racially abusive to any other so called country, making borders to support the ideals of the dead and stupid never looks good on people who support it.Unless yu people are hypocrites and opinions are worthless

  7. Who's this bitch? Get rid of her. I'm sure she thinks her lip ring makes her uber edgy in some way, but 100% of people with facial piercings are irrational idiots. Because no rational non-idiot thinks ramming shiny bits of metal through their flesh to attract mates, or 'express their individuality' (like everyone else trying to 'express their individuality').

  8. brainwashing kids to hate another should be criminal not JUST wrong. dummies.. BTW that girl is freaking smoking hot.. Hey Turk give her a raise

  9. Fantasy: Cara Santa and Anna Kaspian in a threesome………………………………………………………… ————————————————————————————————————–

    Discussion about America's military Industrial complex. 

  10. In one hand nazis are mostly good parents such as anyone else, on another hand is a fact that they've known by their double standards and public double-dealing speech.

  11. You believe in free country? And yet you people ridicule what someone names their child and believes in just because you dissagree. Not sure who is bigger nazi.

  12. I don't share his views. But I would give my life for his right to have those views. You people are lost if you don't comprehend that

  13. I say take the kids. Yes, a lot of parents are going to raise their kids to hate others and if we could identify such parents I would say take their fucking kids too or not allow them to breed.
    This dumbass just made it easy to see that he is going to spread hatred.

  14. I say he should keep his children. As seen most parents influence religion and their beliefs so what's the real difference? If the kid decides to hate jews in the future that is his choice. Nazi or not that guy didn't abuse his children so he deserves to take care of his children.

  15. I despise all that Mr.Campbell represents. He will more than likely teach his children his ignorant politics and that is a shame. He represents hatred at it's highest level.
    And wearing a Nazi uniform to a CUSTODY hearing…he might as well have shown up drunk with a crack pipe in his hand.

    But to take his children?

    The man may be a complete idiot, but this doesn't mean that he doesn't LOVE his children. I'm sure he feeds them, clothes them, keeps a roof over their heads, reads them a bedtime story (Mein Kampf most likely) kisses them goodnight and tells them he loves them. 

    Which I'm sure we can all agree, makes him a good father.

    But if parental perfection is the yardstick by which custody hearings are judged, then ALOT of us would find ourselves wanting.

    Heath Campbell is a hate mongering, irrational, paranoid man….none of which changes the fact that he loves his children. I don't think it would be right for an atheist to lose their children because the majority believe in God.

    Tough call.

  16. I don't think that they should take the kids because he has the right to raise his kids the way he wants has long as it does not harm them. If a person has some satanic religion I would still say keep their kids. The person has kids so that their beliefs are passed down. Though the majority of people may not like what they believe I think that they still deserve the children they they produced unless direct harm is occurring. 

  17. My girlfriend was named after Eva Braun. To use her words, "My sorry excuse of a sperm donor did me no favors!" She is the exact opposite of what her father wanted her to be. Some day these children will go to school and learn the facts. Maybe they will be like her.

  18. This is awful. I don't know about this person's particular circumstances but, they seemed to not even give the parents a chance.This shouldn't happen. Solely basing on the fact of that he's a neo-nazi. No, the Court has not right to take his kids. We can't take kids away because we disagree with their parents. Free expression exists for people who dissent from the majority, if it wasn't for that we would be no better than the Nazis. 


  20. this is a great way to prove a point, he said I hope they look whats on the inside not on the outside, they do the same thing to jews and blac etc, why not make an example and say if you judge against jews we should judge against Nazis. I don't understand

  21. I was raised christian from the day I was born, Christian school to, christian everything.  But, I never, ever, agreed with it, when I was very little (Around 6) I knew hell was pure evil, so I hated the religion, when I was 8 I knew it was fishy, I was an agnostic at 13…

  22. all of my parents values( work values are good though) are wrong(  they are sexist, racist, xenophobic, domestic violence, christian( by this i mean religious), etc)

    and i disagree with everything( btw i was religious for 14 years but then i saw the light, pun intended), we often fight( with words) since i disagree with them.
    i feel like my brother reacts as a sponge and absorves everything they say, making me worry about his future, but that aside, just because your parents teach you something, that doesn't mean you have to let yourself be brainwashed.

  23. The best part of this is the nazi, describing a good judge as someone who judges a person's behavior and not their appearance.

  24. make a big deal because of a uniform that symbolizes something that is dead and non existent anymore, just great, no bias here at all

  25. The difference is Nazis and i hate to admit this they were a super power ok?
    their goal was to destroy any race that was not German!

    The white race of neo-nazis would have been wiped out i don't and they sure as hell don't care how committed you are to THEIR cause!!

    IF you are not GERMAN you die PERIOD!

    Jews,Blacks,Asians,Mexicans,Caucasians all races that are not German were to be removed from the face of the earth!! maybe that will be understood this guy doesn't realize he would have been killed back in Hitler's day!

  26. He isn't insane , please don't be retards. Now I know racism is bad , I hate people like Nazis and the KKK , but still , the fact that they hate certain people doesn't make them insane , it makes them assholes. 

  27. I just worry about what's gonna happen to the little boy as he grows up with THAT for his legal name….

  28. I thought we lived in a free country freedom of speech persuit of happiness if he wants to raise his kids that way that's his choice and this is not Germany this is the land of the free or use to be

  29. they're taking his kids away on the grounds of POTENTIAL child abuse if they they take his kids away they'll be able to take away everyones kids i  feel like i'm in a police state more and more

  30. News flash: The German National Socialist Party no longer exists. Therefore, nazis no longer exist (except maybe some really old survivors). Just a thought.

  31. Yeah it's totally obnoxious but political or religious persuasion is not legal grounds for incarceration or having your kids taken away.  "unfortunately" in this case LOL

  32. You can't fix Nazis by being a Nazi. I can't believe people would trust the govt. to have that much power to take our kids away. Do we take the kids away from Black Panthers? Just whites?

  33. TYT, you have mostly "soft news." What about how the US government supported the neo-nazi fascist coup of the Ukrainian government? TYT, you are MSM presstitutes. More investigation, Less regurgitation.

  34. That's just too much power. Unless someone poses a direct harm to their kids no one should be able to take them away. I'm a liberal and I'm for a certain amount of government regulation and intervention (preventing wall street fuck ups and instituting single payer healthcare for two examples), but there's a certain desire of some people that when they see something they don't like they point their finger and yell "Government! Fix it!", which just goes too far.

    Unemployed welfare recipient Heath Campbell has had nine kids by five women and has custody of none of them to which he flippantly replies:

    “Well, I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

    Your tax dollars at work.

  36. man.. no proof shown by CPS (no scrutiny, no truth) and secondly, people have to research Hitler cuz they gave him a bad name yet distracting us from worse people like the NWO.. I don't believe Heath is abusive nor is Adolf abused.. it's just narrow minded thinking along with political correctness and norm.. and it's the one thing that's preventing us from evolving as a society.. fuck that sickens me..

  37. Late opinion: As horrible as the guy is, its wrong to take his kids. I hate Nazis as much as the next guy, but naming your kid Hitler is not abuse. Being a Nazi is not illegal. He may be an ass, but he's not a lawbreaker.

  38. children are a privilege not a right. This guy is a terrible father, he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the kids. He'll put his racist views onto his children that's abuse.

  39. Naming your kids such as done by the Campbells I would say could put them on the receiving end of abuse from those rightfully opposed to the evils of in this case, the evils of the Nazi party.  Also to teach kids to hate another in a racist atmosphere is to isolate the child from being part of Society, it shuts doors to loving relationships with people and this also is abusive raising the child to be against humanity!  These words of Adolf Hitler show right-wing extremists are a very unloving, very bad atmosphere to raise a child: "We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison.  We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike."  No, this quote is not from Wisconsin Gov Walker but these words were puked out by right-wing leader, hater of Liberals, hater of justice for working poor people, the words were puked out on May 2 1933 by conservative right-wing fascist leader ~Adolf Hitler.

  40. Ironically you can't technically flash around swastikas in Germany, anti-semitism however is still relatively popular.

  41. Im a nazi, but i dont hate peopsle, when i have kids ill tell them my beliefs, tell them why i do it, tellthem the lies i found about ww2. But i will not force them to follow me

  42. Since when was raising your children religious abuse?? All of my family were raised Catholic and although one of my sisters has left the faith she wouldn't consider it abuse for my parents to raise her going to church!! I find that comment incredibly offensive as many others would regardless of their religion!! What is wrong about raising children to believe in the same beliefs that you do??

  43. u all are assholes!!! its his right to believe what he believes. its ok tho to have muslims and catholics and christians and jews right!!!! its his right and im related so i know he is not a tertible person or father. he has gotten railroaded terribly!!!! you people judge and judge when u have no idea of the facts!!!

  44. wow Cenk actually took his opinion to a constitutional one. I am kind of proud though I don't know how he would think now since he's gotten much worse down the regressive rabbit hole. I hate Nazis as much as the next person but you do that to him or the WBC or somebody like Chowdhury if you lived in this country where do you stop? do opinions have to be 51% and anything less can't have their freedom.

  45. He says "Look within, not what's on the outside." Even tho he hates people based on race…. Ironic much?

  46. Cenk says "we let the Nazis march,we let them march and we beat them with our ideas"-look at where America is at now though, ideas aren't working now it seems-some ideas deserve to not be heard

  47. So ..should you wait until the kids are burning crosses in people's yards or do we act now. But if you're that stupid to show up to a custody hearing wearing a Nazi uniform… that is Charles Manson level of insanity

  48. Yoooo, Nazi Dad is a hypocritical monster. How dare he ask anyone to not judge someone based on their outward appearance, since that is exactly what he does on a daily basis.

  49. I think his viewpoint is despicable. I think his outlook on life is flawed. That being said, they don’t have a right to take his children away. We have a right to freedom
    Of speech, even hate speech is protected. As long as he’s not physically or emotionally abusing his children they shouldn’t be taken away. Klan members don’t have their children taken away ever. He has the right to his beliefs and shouldn’t have his children taken away for that regardless of how vile it is.

  50. It would be cool,to see hundreds and thausands of guys in Nazi uniforms.
    Hugo Boss ,makes great uniforms..

  51. Cenk says the guy is a loser ,Cenk preaches against prejudice ……Would trust the Nazi dad over TYT any day of the year .


  53. It bothers me because seeing people make stupid mistakes like I did. And just triggers me and every time I watch these I feel guilt on what I did before. I just want people to learn that they were bad, and to open their eyes (like I did) realizing that they were scum and they were evil, and they beliefs were trash and completely false, I cant even describe my hate for their beliefs, and how I am wordless on what they did. I just hope one day, that if someone sees the swastika symbol, and they won't immediately say/recognize it as the nazi symbol.

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