Daddy Yong’s shocking ghost costume makes Seungjae cry[The Return of Superman/2017.11.19]

Daddy Yong’s shocking ghost costume makes Seungjae cry[The Return of Superman/2017.11.19]

Oh, my gosh. Look at them. What is it? Something surprises them. (Scary) The dads are dressed up as monsters and ghosts. (What is going on?) It’s okay. It’s only makeup. It’s me. I am wearing makeup. I came to see if you are doing well. It’s okay. It’s Dad. They are wearing makeup. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. (They say hello awkwardly.) We were in the parade. It’s not funny. – Is it not funny? / – Is it not scary? How did you do that? – Is it makeup? / – It’s makeup. Is it funny? She is smiling. Sarang, did you sell a lot? We sold a little bit. A little bit. They only sold a little bit. I am Dracula. The customers are coming. Welcome. Welcome. Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Dad. (There are toys.) Dad. He is selling these toys. Please buy a lot. Please buy a lot. You must like that. – Are they twins? / – They are triplets. – Triplets? / – Yes. (They are triplets.) That’s incredible. – They look alike. / – Triplets? Triplets? That’s incredible. This is much prettier than it looks. This one – comes in handy, too. / – Are these Rohui’s? Yes, these are Rohui’s. (These are the items I cherish.) How old is she? She is still a newborn. This comes in very handy. (She sings diligently for the customers.) It keeps children warm when they sleep in winter. Children find it very comfortable. Rohui wore it well. These items are Sarang’s. – Are these Sarang’s? / – Yes. I thought there are many Mickey Mouse items. I brought them. You brought them. My goodness. It’s been a while since I saw this. (When the triplets visited Japan…) When the triplets visited Japan, Shiho gave them these hats. A cute couple bought the hat that contains Sarang’s good memories. It looks good on you. Where is it? This is what Sian wore. (At the sea this summer,) (the three siblings wore bodysuits.) (She decides to buy it.) The three siblings’ bodysuit is purchased. How pretty! (Which items do these girls like?) It looks a bit gloomy. I think it’s pretty. Who donated it? It’s from Kim Saengmin. This is from Sunmi. These are earrings. (I like the coat from Kim Saengmin.) Does it look good? (It’s the coat from Jung Woosung.) He gave me this coat to thank me. (It’s from Jung Woosung and Kim Saengmin.) The coat with good energy is purchased. (This family came to see the stroller.) – How much is it? / – 150 dollars. The strollers need to be folded easily. It’s easy if you keep the parts together. This model is over 700 dollars. It’s a bargain. Mom, let’s buy this. This one too. I am a fan. (Thank you for the purchase.) You must be tired. What is that toy? (It’s a toy from Seungjae.) It pushes the dirt like this. Seungjae’s toy is purchased. (Sarang’s backpack and Donggook’s signed ball) Thank you. (The Return of Superman offers a bargain.) – It’s very cheap. / – Yes. We are selling the items at a cheap price. (The profit will go to a good cause.) My wife is a fan of Sechs Kies. (I am sorry that I look this way.) May I take a picture with you? Okay. Like this? (It’s a look he wants to remember.) – Thank you. / – All right. (The customers line up.) It’s very busy at the Super Market. Jiyong, hang in there. The cashier is the busiest. 2 dollars and 50 cents. Thank you. Bye. – Bye. / – Thank you. (Jiyong is about to lose his mind.) Sian and Seungjae come back to the store. – Sian and Seungjae. / – Seungjae. How will Seungjae react upon seeing Jiyong? (Do you know who I am?) (Why is there a ghost?) Seungjae, come here. Come here. (That ghost looks familiar.) – Did you eat something? / – No. Then why is there sugar on your top? Seungjae, come here. Did you eat something? – No, I didn’t. / – If you didn’t… Look, why is there sugar on your top? I ate this. (Maybe I shouldn’t have.) I wanted to share this. You ate it first. (I did, didn’t I?) – I ate it. / – Who ate it? – Both of us did. / – Both of you did. You have sugar here. You said you didn’t eat, but look. What is this? What is this? – Both of us ate. / – Both of you ate? The female ghost approaches. (He checks himself before presenting.) He approaches Seungjae. – Should you have eaten? / – Can he recognize Dad? No, you’re not supposed to. Apologize. (Why are you doing this to me?) – You’re Seungjae’s dad. / – That’s Seungjae’s dad. It’s me, Seungjae. It’s me. Hey, it’s me. It’s Daddy. – We all put on makeup. / – No, you’re not! (You’re not my dad!) – He’s your dad. / – It’s Dad. – No. / – It’s me. Why did you make your son cry? No, don’t do this to me. You’re flustering me now. I’m your dad. It’s me. – It’s Daddy, Seungjae. / – No, you’re not! (My gosh, did I scare you?) (Seungjae pushes him back.) You guys should go and rest. – No, you’re not. / – It’s me. (Jiyong takes off his wig.) – It’s me. See? / – Look. – Come to Daddy. / – Jiyong. Get rid of your makeup! Okay, I will. I’ll remove it. – Do you want to come? / – Go with your dad. Dad, I thought you were a ghost. Look. (Jiyong transforms back to himself.) – Do I look okay now? / – Yes. Dad, your hair is short. That’s right, but this wig isn’t short. Now that Seungjae has calmed down, he gives snacks to others for their hard work. – Here you go. / – Here. What about mine? – Choose one. / – Take a look. (Please take a look.) (He’s tapping on beat.) – Please buy a lot! / – Please buy a lot! – Buy a lot of my stuff. / – Buy a lot of our stuff. How much is this bandage? This is a good one. What’s so good about it? This one looks cool. This is mine. There’s a robot. – That’s good. Sit down. / – Sit. (Falling down) (His bottom misses the target.) That’s all right. Take a seat right here. Sit next to Sua. This is Sua. (Pick anything you want.) (His smile gives customers the urge to buy.) I want to eat more. – Pick anything / – Pick anything (You’re not going to buy something?) Can I have everyone’s attention? This is the coat that Lee Dongwook wore on “Goblin”. – This is the coat. / – No way. Dads, pay close attention. (A customer with a similar build tries it on.) This coat might look good on him regardless of the day and the weather. My gosh, the coat looks great on him. (He gives the customer a thumbs-up.) That’s made for you. (He wins Dongwook’s coat.) Everyone, we will give you 50-percent discount on the remaining items. This is your last chance. You can’t buy them anywhere else. Everything gets a 50-percent discount. 50-percent on everything. (Customers are busy buying.) The robot is sold. – Really? / – Someone bought it. That was intense. (Let us explain about this robot.) (This one is really expensive.) (It’s 300 dollars, making it the highest-priced item.) (That one is the most expensive one.) (Even the dads were eyeing the robot.) (He snatched the robot for half price.) They sold the triplets’ robot, which was the most expensive item.

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  1. Someone yelled at jiyong saying “ why did you make your son cry ?! “ while seungjae was crying and it’s pretty much my favorite part of the vid lol

  2. How could anyone not fall in love with these ADORABLE innocent little kids seeing them so excited & happy…(except Seungjae… : ) They're just so cute…

  3. Just saw a lady in khaki colour coat. I think she did not do her make up completely. Her face and neck is two different colours.😆😆😆

  4. It's amazing how the kids can seel their self, normally people especially kids are so attach to there belongs and dont want to give it up

  5. The difference between jiyong and others dad. Lmfao. They immediately explained that its makeup. And then we have jiyong appa. Scaring seungjae 😹

  6. Im crying first of all ALL OF THEM ARE TOGETHER AND SECOND OF ALL THEY PLAYED MONSTA X im fucking crying

  7. 😂😂😂👏👏👏 daddy yong's costume is very funny yet very effective to seungjae. It really scares him badly. 😂😂✌

  8. I could not stop laughing 10:42

    Rohui's dad is trying to make sales and shes singing like theres no tomorrow 😂😍

  9. Gom se mari ka han se bai so oma gum apa gum aegi gum apa gum muksuk hea oma gum ni awe ki ya wu hue suk hue suk cha lan da

  10. The background music about the triplets! 😭 everytime I hear that song Daehan, Minguk and Manse always comes to my mind 😭😭❤

  11. gosh if I lived in Korea I'll go straight right there and buy anything in everyone's items ;((( and take pictures with the ros omfg

  12. Jiyong made an excellent job on disguising in this episode. I remember his first time he disguised when they went on a flea market to sell some toys. But Seungjae went to him and pull off his mask, saying that he is his dad. But in this episode, Seungjae said that he is not his dad 😂

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