Daily Dig Log # 5 Confederate Frock Coat.

Daily Dig Log # 5 Confederate Frock Coat.

Hey guys I hope you are Out having a great day getting ready to do some kind of adventure. there has been a big rainstorm to come through here. [I] wanted to share a relic today that I can only share with you outside Cassie lee won’t let me share this inside, but before I do wanted to do a little bit of quick [housekeeping] I wanted to say a big thank you to everybody first for all the support with these videos these daily videos have been tough It’s taken a lot [from] me mentally to Let myself release these to you guys, so thank you very much for the support also Wanted to say thank you some people have been sending me some stuff in the mail [I] got this great book here about Morgan’s raid From Gary, I want to say thank you gary, and this book right here And it is a diary of a confederate [artillerymen], so this is a great book. I got this from Jason Thank you so much guys, and I appreciate [it]. I may start opening [some] of these packages On camera so that you guys can see them as well So with that said let’s get [into] today’s dig So for today’s video. I want to talk about this item right here It’s an item that [cassy] lee will not let me bring inside with good reason I’ll show you out in just a second But if you watch them any of my videos this is an item that I talked about briefly in One of my videos. I think it was entitled chasing lieutenant McCamey I’ll put the link right up here If you didn’t see it, but I was sifting relics in a barn and [I] saw this jacket And I said something like that kind of looks like a civil war jacket or something along those lines and several friends Commented it does look like a civil war jacket go get it So I went back and I got it and I had Several Civil war experts look at it and I had some people at the university textile experts look at it and in fact this fabric and the stitching and The patterns used are all very consistent with Civil war Era clothing and as I [begin] to look a little closer I found some more clues that led me to believe that this is in fact Lieutenant McKameys frock coat from the Civil war so let’s take a little bit closer. Look and tell me what you guys think As we come in here to the jacket first thing that I noticed Was this trim border? Around the collar here this black piping now That’s something that’s pretty irregular for a civilian jacket And it kind of caught my eye as unusual, the second thing that caught my eye was the overall shape of this jacket Now it’s a long sort of Trench coat And it just looked reminiscent of what Civil war soldier might have worn to me, so I got in here And I began to look at all the stitching as you can see this sleeve is tearing off There’s this white stitching here And you can see how this was all hand done and the pattern used is very very consistent with the Civil War era so I started looking closer at the collar and Inside I Noticed this black stitching right here, and it was only right on the front part of the collar right in here And it’s very irregular, and I was thinking what is that? I wonder if there’s anything on the other side, and I got to this other side And I started looking and there’s white stitching in a very irregular pattern almost like they ran out of thread [on] this side But I believe that is where there was insignia stitched on the outside of this collar So it just seemed to get thicker and thicker the plot [and] as you can see this thing is [ate] up with moths Mud Dobbers have gotten this jacket. It’s been hanging in a barn probably a hundred and fifty years But with that said I thought oh my gosh, this could be Civil War jacket, then I found out That lieutenant McKamey in fact had lived right in the house where I was hunting Could this be [lieutenant] McKameys jacket. I’m feeling pretty confident that it is All the pieces seem to line up, and if you watch the video you’ll know that I also found Several other Civil War relics in This barn as I was sifting Including this veterans Id tag with lieutenant McKameys name and regiment on it the snake buckle from an infield rifle and many many other Civil War-era relics So could this be lieutenant McKameys jacket? Alright guys, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed [that] little look at the jacket What do you think you think it’s lieutenant McKameys, let me know and if you guys have any questions or requests or anything like that Make sure and leave them below. Maybe we’ll start doing question-and-answer time maybe I’ll start doing mail time and opening some of the mail I’m getting on camera too because that’s kind of fun. [I] love getting mail. Nothing like mail anyway Thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you did share subscribe if you didn’t stay tuned, they’ll be a new one tomorrow See you then

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  1. Jessica Hack Textiles in New Orleans is currently restoring/conserving a Confederate Frock Coat.  Give them a call when you are ready to take care of it.  http://textile-restoration.com/

  2. I hope this frock is no longer hanging up. Gravity will damage the remaining stitches and it will soon fall apart (even more so).

  3. put it in a black bin liner, and put it in a freezer,that will kill all the bugs and eggs,and the rest of the crap thats living rent free

  4. The ID tag alone is amazing. There's no doubt that's his coat. The cut/style screams military. I never handled Civ, but I've owned tons of WWI and Span Am war militaria. A challenge to preserve one that rough but hopefully you did!

  5. How does a 150 yo civil war jacket just hang on a barn for that long with nobody taking it or the barn being torn down/burned. Someone else wpuldve discovered that years ago

  6. Clean it up. Its worth doing, scrape off the mud, carefully brush it down, sew up a few places, and keep it dry. Buttons are always interesting and tell a lot even if they've been replaced, and inside pockets they put labels sometimes. The black piping and lapels that button up are kind of military, look for insignia holes on the shoulders too. It looks old enough.

  7. Yes , I do believe it is, and I believe everyone else feels the same. I am a Yankee, and if
    You can find great things like that still now, well Good Hunting to you, and that Coat should be repaired if possible, way and put into a museum, for generations can see it and enjoy it!

  8. I love your lawn jockey. My Gran had one on the dock in the front of her home that my Grandad used to tie his boat to during the day. Every now and then Coloreds would be boating on the river and you could hear them either cursing or laughing. She and Grndad had that thing through the 60's and until the 90's when someone stole it. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

  9. Cool find and research.
    When I was 8-10 years old in the 60's , my aunt regularly went to flea markets in her area ( piedmont region of NC ). I remember going into one that was in a barn. They were selling confederate buttons in a coffee can . I think they were a nickel apiece. I dont remember if we bought any but wish I had them now. They were all sizes . Some had remnants of cloth both gray and butternut. Some just bare.

  10. dose it have pocket on the sides (looks lie to me ) my opinion is that it is a over coat seems much
    too long to be a frock coat

  11. This is such a great video. I was surprised to see the jacket in that good of condition, considering it was hanging in a barn for 150 years. Too bad the insignia on the collar wasn't there. Again, this is a great video!

  12. I hate to sound like Indiana Jones, but that belongs in a museum. It will be preserved properly if you donate it to the right place.

  13. First I read wrongly that you dug it up and I was about to call you a fraud. Would have deteriorated to nothing if buried since 1860's.

  14. I have a G r eat Great Great grand father that did fought in the Cilvil war and i presently do have a photo of his son =)

  15. I see a lot of comments of folks saying give it to a Museum. If you have ever been to a Civil war museum you are only seeing a very very small fraction of things. The rest is never to be seen again, put in storage.

  16. I'm more impressed with the monkey in the background,I'm surprised the damn liberals are not demanding you take it down and hide it. He's missing his lamp tho.lol

  17. its nice of you to share your findings on youtube for the rest of the world but for fucks sake mate…

    preserve the fucking thing in a glass case or something.. jesus.. O.o

  18. Yes I think it's his jacket, why would it be someone else's, since he did live in the House. I loved the video. Please do more. I'm a historian and the Civil war is my favorite topic. And yes I'm confederate.

  19. Get that coat preserved by a professional, the fact it survives is amazing. One can contact Civil War museums and learn what to do.

  20. looks like a piece of trash that someone?? is trying to create a story behind, so they can sell it for more than it will ever be worth. why don't you send pictures to museums and places like the NC dept. of natural resources. places where they have original frock coats. and ask them what they think of your find. leave out the story… just ask them what period they think it comes from? that's my 2 cents later

  21. certainly get it preserved, that's a must. I have an original Lancers flag from the Napoleonic war and, it was bought by me in a barn on the French fleeing retreat from Waterloo. It will never be sold as the flag that was there, but would be likely like that coat, but wow what a find, well done. And please please keep it in a warm humidity free place until restoration, regards Tom.

  22. Seek the advice of a competent conservator,  I would brush this jacket VERY Carefully to remove the debris from insects, put it in an air tight bag and FREEZE it to kill off any critters that might remain (The Smithsonian does this as do other museums).

  23. Nice find! But i think it is a overcoat. And the trimming on the collar is actually on the underside of the ‘fold down’ collar. The remnant on the right side of the collar is actually the outside of the collar. ( or what’s left of it.)

  24. I hope you can get it restored?. That needs to be saved as is. Get someone to fix it up. Repair the sleeve and maybe get it cleaned up also you could get some buttons and Stars to put back on the collar?. They can be found. If you can find one or two just to show what it once looked like would be great. You don’t have to make it perfect but get some items to make it look better then it does but leave it to show it’s age.

  25. Could you please give the name of the two books you received? I’d like to read them! I’d like to order them from amazon or someplace like that. Thanks

  26. Please do not leave that jacket on a hanger. It needs to be stored flat in an acid free box with acid free tissue paper if you plan to keep it. I would recommend donating it to a museum so they can conserve it.

  27. I'm all for preserving history. Even confederate and even Nazi history. I just don't agree with having confederate flags and monuments on state/federal property. A state is supposed to protect and represent ALL of its citizens and its a FACT that the main cause for the war was slavery. We can do knit picky arguments about states rights but the first state to secede was South Carolina and its opening line in its declaration of independence specifically cited slavery.

    This was a quote from Alfred Aldrich, a South Carolina politician.
    If the Republican party with its platform of principles, the main feature of which is the abolition of slavery and, therefore, the destruction of the South, carries the country at the next Presidential election, shall we remain in the Union, or form a separate Confederacy? This is the great, grave issue. It is not who shall be President, it is not which party shall rule – it is a question of political and social existence.

    — Alfred P. Aldrich,

  28. Man please handle this thing with a hell of a lot more care and delicately . Gently lay it down in a large box . Keep it dry and safe. Take care of it better.

  29. GOD, that coat is creepy as. It's as if you've taken it out of someone's coffin. I keep half expecting to see a skeletal arm coming out the end of the sleeve.

  30. As an archaeologist- please #1 take it down from the hanger, #2 get it out of the sunlight, #3 donate it to a museum where they have professional textile experts who can properly stabilize it and store it.

  31. Why the hell would you leave such a amazing piece of history outside? This shows me you don’t give a fuck about history. Fuck you dude I’ll spread the word to kill your shithole channel.

  32. It very well could be. I wonder if you could have it professionally restored. Then put it in a air tight display. It is amazing what restorers can do. With all the other clues it sure points to it. Take it to a relic show and have them look at it. Just read the description. Maybe you could start a fund to have it restored. Lots a people care about this stuff, and if everyone donated a few bucks it could be possible. To let it continue to deteriorate seems a shame.

  33. Might be his jacket but not one he wore during the war. The stitching on the inside is called a basting stitch which would be to hold the padding of the collar pieces together. The cut of the collar looks more to be of the late 1870.Cool find but not likely his war coat. The snake buckle is actually from a belt that was from a British import.

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