Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

Hey, this is Anthony with RevZilla TV and
welcome to our detailed breakdown of the Dainese Air Frame Textile Mesh Jacket. This is one
of the larger air flow jackets in the Dainese line. It’s going to flow some of the most
air in that hot weather specific riding condition. It’s another nice pairing option for the Drake
Air Textile Pants. So, what you’re going to see is the main construction,
that in the impact areas has a textile, but in the chassis it’s going to be a mix of standard
mesh as well as boomerang, mesh, which is a tighter weave. It offsets the style a little
bit, it’s got a really nice line to it. It has the leather Dainese logo across the front.
The beauty of this jacket is that you can really stretch it two, to and a half seasons.
Hot weather riding? You’re perfect. Early to mid-fall, early spring, there’s a wind-proof
liner that zips in very quickly to this guy that you can quickly pull out. So, what you
have the ability to do, is turn that air flow down a notch, and maybe even add a thermal
liner on those colder morning, and you can really stretch this guy. It has all the same features that you see
from Dainese, from it’s style perspective, the embossed logo buttons, you have a nice
leather roll comfort collar here. If we open it up, I’m going to show you it’s a two snap
at the top. Open this guy up, you can see this internal liner here is rib stopped and
behind it’s going to be that basic mesh. There is a 360 zip, but really this wind-proof liner
is going to be that air blocking feature to allow you to stretch this into other seasons
of the year. Turn and face the side for me, Jason. You
saw a double snap across the bicep. You have a slight stretch panel here under the arm,
and then you have the microflection across the bicep here too, to be seen riding at night.
Turn backwards for me Jason. The coolest thing, I think, in my opinion about this guy from
a style perspective, you have the two big Dainese Demon Eyes here on the back. You see
the logo? It’s reflective batch, but you have a main construction of boomerang mesh with
a standard mesh, which is a wider weave that makes up the mirroring of the Dainese logo
that flows down the back here. So, it’s just a nice touch there. It’s a style omit. You’re
looking in the $200-$300 range. Turn back around for me Jason. Jason is 5’1”,
175 lbs, 40 inch chest. He’s wearing a size 50, this would be his size. Step down here,
it’s going to be maybe a Zyntecs or Air 2 Mesh Jacket, a step up is going to be the
Shotgun or the Portland 2, which have a little bit less mesh, start to have a little bit
more protective elements, slightly different styles. And remember; the match for this guy
is going to be the Drake Air Pants. Other colors available, this is black. There are
a few other colors, they all have black chassis and they have some different colors, some
accent colors. So, those, are red and there’s some other colors as well. If you have any questions about the Dainese
Air Frame Mesh Jacket, shoot us a line. See us at RevZilla.com or 877-792-9455. You can
find it at revzila.com/dainese. If it’s over $35, we’re going to ship it for free. If you
get the wrong size, send it back, we’ll exchange it for free. You can earn TeamZilla cash to
be applied to your next order as part of our loyalty program. And as always, if you just
don’t like it, send it back in brand new condition, and we will give you 100% back to your card.
There’s never a re-stock fee here at revzilla.com as long as you send it back in new condition.
Thanks for watching our detailed breakdown of the Dainese Air Frame Mesh Jacket available
at RevZilla.com/dainese. I’m Anthony, we’ll see you next time.

31 Replies to “Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com”

  1. Hey Anthony, you forgot to mention the adjustable snaps in the forearm area. I find that adjustability in the biceps and forearms are a huge help for people who get bigger sizes because of their gut and chest but have small arms in general. There are also people with big biceps but thinner forearms and it REALLY helps customize the fit so that the armour will always be in the perfect place.All jackets should come standard with these adjusters for safety reasons and to fit a wide range of people.

  2. @MAREMthenME Thanks for pointing that out. Definitely a gaffe on our part as we know how important adjustability is!

  3. what kind of elbow and shoulder protection (if any) does this jacket have? Does it have a pocket for g2 back protector?

  4. This jacket comes with the standard composite Dainese CE protectors in the shoulders and elbows. The back protector can be upgraded with a G1 or a G2, depending on jacket size. ~Ali

  5. My favorite summer jacket it really lets the air flow without the windbreaker on those scorcher days and when dipping a bit cooler leave it in. Many back pads work with it (my Klim D3O fit nicely) but be sure to use Revzilla's sizing guide which is SPOT ON as this is a euro-cut which is perfect. Also to note, other liners, such as from my Dainese Tundra, will also work in here so I can use this into late fall early winter in Minnesota weather (40-55 degrees) or layer up. Highly recommended!

  6. Hi i have this jacket and it excellent… I have a question… For the back protector its has two pocket(inner pocket & outer pocket) .. In which pocket i must put the back protector…???

  7. Thank you for the feedback. One pocket is for the Shield Air back protector, the other pocket is for the Wave back protector. ~Ali

  8. Thanks for nice review! One question about protection level – if I need more protection and I have Dainese Jacket Wave Pro (JWP), does it make any sense to remove all protectors from Air-Frame and put it on top of the JWP? Thanks

  9. Hi there. I have the Dainese Greyhound Leather Jacket and I want to ask you if the removable thermal liner from the Greyhound can be attached to this one (same size). Thanks!

  10. Is the liner waterproof at all? I understand you can "turn down" the air flow a bit, but here in Texas we occasionally get stuck out in a thunderstorm and protecting your digital gadgets on a sport bike with no luggage…well, nobody wants to carry around a zip top bag. 🙂

  11. I am stuck between the Alpinestars T-GP-R Air Jacket. What do you guys think? Im looking for the one that flows the most air for those 100+ days in cali

  12. Was pretty curious about the abrasion resistance and wrote to Dainese direct. They replied stating that while it provides pretty good impact protection, in terms of abrasion resistance – it's pretty much non-existent. For the mesh they quoted around 0.5 second abrasion resistance as compared to ~5 or more seconds for leather.

    Is there really much of a point of wearing this over a tshirt with some under armor then?

  13. Hello Anthony, thanks for your great reviews. I live and ride in Cambodia – most days are 33c ++ to 37c – it's hot.
    I ride a Ducati for my fun and pleasure – weekend trips here and there – stuff like that. Not wanna be racer – but i really like sports bikes.
    From your review i think the Air Frame could be a good choice for me, i like the classic Euro subtle looks.
    Any comment or alternative suggestion?

  14. Hi, I just bought a Air-Frame. What kind of back protector woulg fit the jacket? The Manis or the Wave?

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