Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com

Hey. This is Anthony, with RevZilla TV, where
you can watch, decide, and ride. Welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new Dianese
Super Speed Mesh Textile, available at RevZilla.com. Now out of the gates, the Super Speed is a
winner, in my opinion. This is something new from Dianese. This is a very aggressive take
on the mesh jacket. You could say that this is the big brother, the aggressive race-inspired
brother of the Shotgun, which is one of the most popular mesh jackets that we have at
RevZilla.com. Now if we look at it right out of the gates,
a few things are going to jump out at you. Aluminum shoulder sliders on a mesh jacket,
really, really nice, and really a race-bred chassis with a race articulation. Now just
to talk about sizing really quickly, I have Jason here on my left, 5’10, 175, 40-inch
chest, wearing a size 50 in this jacket. You can see that we have . . . It’s a . . . The
way it hangs on his body . . . He’s an athletic build, not as burly as I am, but he’s an athletic
cut. We have the textile material in the impact
areas, and then in the nonimpact areas, we’re going to have a double layer of the larger
gauge mesh, and then in the arms we have the boomerang mesh, which is a little bit tighter
weave, a different look to it, adds a nice style element, and also flows tons of air. Now if we also look down on it, you’re going
to see that we have more mesh that goes all the way down. The key thing early on in this
review that I want you to take away is that it’s a mesh, but it’s a three-season mesh.
I’m calling it a three-season mesh because what you can’t see until I open it up is there
is a removable windproof liner that’s now coming with that jacket. So you’ll notice that $300 range, but you
really have a jacket that, when it gets a little chilly, when you want to shut that
airflow off, you put in your windproof liner, and you’re good to go. If you want to beef
it up with a base layer or a mid layer, you always have the ability to stretch it even
further. Now before I have you spin for me, we’re going
to talk about some of the other features here. Double snap up here at the collar, basic stuff,
micro flexion darts, which are that reflective material that’s woven in. So it doesn’t create
that big taped area. It works with the style. Embroidered Dianese logo. Notice that we’re
using . . . I think we even have a light panel of Mugello fabric that comes down here. Mugello
is that really nice stretch material. Moving down, turn face away from me, Jase.
Talked about the aluminum shoulder sliders, but underneath that, we have CE-rated armor,
as well as in the elbow we have the CE-rated Dianese elbows that go all the way down to
your forearm as well. Notice our reflective panel. Another cool feature that Dianese is using
here in the Super Speed is this micro elastication. What it allows you to do . . . If you can
look at the way that looks and the amount of fabric, compared to this elasticated stretch
panel here at the shoulder, this accordion, you’re using dramatically less fabric, and
it’s actually stronger. So now, instead of having to have a panel
that looks like this everywhere, you have the ability . . . We’ve seen it in gloves.
We’ve seen it in race suits. It’s more expensive to do it, but it’s an upgrade in a technology.
It’s very cool that they’re incorporating the micro elastication here. Underneath Jason’s arm, you’re going to see
another panel of Mugello for stretch. See our elasticated panel that goes all the way
to the front, and then we have our basic stitching there. Now turn backwards for me, Jason. Now up top, from a style standpoint, you do
have this area, this patch, that has a soft hand to it. It’s a different material. I think
it’s meant to be a little bit more lightweight, knowing that you’re probably going to be potentially
in a tucked position, potentially aggressively riding, give you a little bit of a different
feel on the top of your back. Moving down from there, again, double mesh
in its construction, moving into a seat. That’s that full textile. Notice we do have another
band of micro flexion here as well, embroidered Dianese logo here at the bottom, and there’s
a 360 zip in this jacket as well. So you can always connect it to a pair of gnarly riding
pants. Come back around to the front for me. One of the things I also want to call out
is that this is the blacked out, murdered out version, which I totally dig, and we’ll
sell it for days. There’s also a black/white/red version. The other colors in this jacket have
a white chassis with red accents and black accents. They really look like that black/white/red
racing jacket. Phenomenal that they’ve made such an aggressive style here on really what’s
a textile mesh jacket. This is one of those jackets just makes Joe Rocket sad every day
that Joe Rocket wakes up. Opening this guy up, here’s my rip-stop windproof
liner, very lightweight, but it will block the wind. Notice our big red YKK zipped pocket
here. This will take the Dianese thorax protection. Moving it open on this side, I have the liner
unzipped so you can see sanitized lining, basic pocket from Dianese. Remember, using
upgraded snaps, upgraded zippers, and then we have that mesh lining that in the hotter
times of the year, against your body, it’s going to be comfortable. Remember, the Super Speed is going to flow
a ton of air, but the nice part is you can take it early spring. You can take it maybe
mid fall. Depending on how crazy you are, you could even stretch it further by sticking
one of your base layers or mid layers underneath it. Handful of colors available, just over
that $300 price point. I would love to hear your feedback. This is a new type of product
from Dianese. It’s an Apex mesh product with a very aggressive look. I want to know if
you like it as much as we do, because I think we really, really dig it. So leave us your comments on our YouTube channel,
any questions you might have, write in the comments. You can also click right here to
subscribe to us at RevZilla.com, also RevZilla TV on YouTube. Also, on the product detail
page, leave us your comments, your questions, or your reviews. You can leave them there
as well. If you want to talk to a gear geek, if you want to call and harass Jason, go for
it. 877-792-9455, or [email protected] As always, Jason, it is over $39. What does
that mean? Means we ship for free. We exchange for free. No restock fee if you need to send
it back to us, and you can earn Team Zilla cash on any order over $100 to be applied
to your next order. Save you some money in the long run. Thanks for watching our detailed
breakdown of the new aggressive mesh Super Speed jacket from Dionese, available at RevZilla.com/Dianese.
We like Dianese, and so should you. We’ll see you next time on RevZilla TV.

100 Replies to “Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket Review at RevZilla.com”

  1. I wear a dainese talos goretex 52 size with a g2 back protector. it is a bit large without the warm interior. a 50 on textile black will suit fine to me? i am 1.79 height tall, 85 kgr weight. I intend to use also a thorax in pocket. only with t-shirt. it has to be snuggy but dont want it to be short on sleeves.

  2. I just picked up one of these and I love it! What's the best way to wash these?
    Also, I wear a size 50; what size back protector should I use?

  3. These are a bit tough due to the shoulder sliders. Typically, you can take out the interior armor and put it through on a cold water wash, hang dry. However, I would wash this by hand with soap and water, rinse, and hang dry so that those Titanium sliders don't scratch up. -CK

  4. I find the G1 size to be the best option for jackets under 52. The G2 will still fit, but it is kind of bulky on a smaller build. -CK

  5. Personally, I find the G1 to be a better fit for jackets 52 and smaller. The G2 will still fit, but it feels more bulky. -CK

  6. Hi. I want to buy this jacket frome the enternet but i dont know what size i mast buy…. for exaple 55-60 size?? how i can found my size???

  7. ty for feedback, the question was rly about size 🙂 …
    My goretex talos is 52 and is a bit large without the interior. how is this jacket overall? tight form or normal dainese?
    thinking of picking one 50 for this since I will wear it only with tshirt for summer riding.
    I wonder cause I want to wear both protections, G1-2 for back and thorax for chest. I have a medium chest thorax, it will suit with a 50?

  8. Do you have a chest measurement to go with that? Let me know and I should be able to recommend a size. Thanks! -CK

  9. when are you guys going to have the white/black/grey available? man i have been waiting for like 3 months… :'(

  10. can I wear this jacket just for good weather or can I also weat it by bad weather?
    (I am from germany)

  11. Agreed, but the removable liner will allow you to push it into the Spring/Fall. The liner is water resistant, but won't be effective against a downpour. -CK

  12. This has to be the best summer mesh jacket for a sport bike rider! Picked one up from the Philly store just yesterday – did a run to NYC and got back today, it was around 90° and the jacket handled it perfectly. Great athletic fit with good articulation (those stretch panels really help) and it flows a ton of air in all riding positions; I expected less air flow from those relatively small front mesh areas. The amazing Dainese fit, finish and protection is where this jacket really shines though.

  13. You and about 300 others :-(. We are hoping for replenishment over the summer, but Dainese underestimated how big of a hit this jacket would be in the US so they are behind on inventory. -CK

  14. Very much looking for the Size 50, in Black/White/Grey! I can't find it anywhere. I'd really want to buy this from you guys since you've been great on orders in the past. I've got the email notification set up, but I don't think you guys can order enough of these!

  15. I'm looking for the same 🙁 as well! Unfortunately, Dainese didn't produce enough of these. It is a definitely a winner and I think they underestimated the demand in the US. -CK

  16. I would say, I too am looking for either white/black or white/black/red in size 50 or 52, prefer 52. Talk about terrible marketing on Dainese's part.. make a summer jacket… be out of stock entire summer. Makes sense mkay.

  17. Hi Anthony!

    I'm 5'10, 194lbs, 42" chest and mild-athletic build. At the moment I'm wearing Dainese Newsan (-09 version) Size 54. It fits nicely with the back protector. With this jacket I plan to use Dainese shield Air G2 + Dainese Thorax.

    What size would you recommed for the Super Speed Textile? I would be wearing it mostly without the sleeve liner as hot weather jacket only with tehcnical t-shirt under.

    Love you reviews! Keep up the excellent work!

  18. Dainese is quite consistent in regards to sizing. There are only a few exceptions and i wouldn't consider the Super Speed to be one of them. Go ahead and try size 54 first, the Shield Air G2 will fit nicely in the back. -CK

  19. Dainese New Drake Air Textile Pants are as mesh as Italy has to offer. They don't come in tall sizes, but they do run tall in general for the brand. They are meant to be tucked into race boots, instead of being an over-the-boot pant. -CK

  20. hi Antony
    i'm 5'9 and my chest size is 39.i'm athelete built. what size would you recommend for the super speed textile ? you do an excellent job.. thank you for the reviews. it helps us.

  21. Hey Tejas. You could potentially be a 48 or a size 50. If you plan on upgrading the back protection and wearing a layer under the jacket, you might want to go with the larger size. Don't forget our Gear Geeks are here to help and can size up Dainese jackets in their sleep. ~Ali

  22. I bought this jacket from Revzilla this last spring. Great customer service and the jacket is amazing. Been out in temps ranging from 45 with base layers up to 98. Works great and is super comfortable. Thanks Revzilla.

  23. I'm still deliberating over the above jacket and Dainese leather. I know I know… The textile is more versatile and can allow much more airflow and is better for more seasons. So why is it I still want leather?!

  24. So I guess I'm asking if anybody would like to weigh in and offer their 2 cents based on their own experience…?


  25. in comparison with the shotgun textile, super speed textile, and air2 textile which one is better in airflow, to keep you cool in high tempratures and why?
    i think super speed is very nice, beatifull look like racing leather jacket but im thinking its not so cool like air2 because mesh panels in air2 in the front are huge!
    your opinion please? thanks 🙂

  26. I'm not that big of fan of the color schemes and shoulder aluminum sliders. What other jackets would you suggest that look aggressive and vent well like this?

  27. Which Dainese pants you suggest for this jacket? I own it 54 size. (180cm 100kg Belly is a bit problem but I can always loose weight 😀 ) I ride with a kevlar motocycle jean but  I want to zip a pant to this jacket for touring. I also think about I will buy a winter, late fall, early spring jacket from Dainese but I dont want to buy another pant. I want to use the same pant with also super speed tex. I look for D-dry evo but I am not sure about its protection. 

  28. It's so hard to pick between this and the racing c2 perforated leather jacket 🙁 usually ride around 66-70s and some rare occasions low 80s and 60f° in the mornings. What would you guys recommend? Thanks

  29. I live in Michigan pothole state my question is should I get a sport bike or dual sport ? Any feedback would be appreciated

  30. I live in texas and im having a hard time deciding on a jacket that will keep me cool when it feels like high 90s/100°F outside. Would this jacket be ideal for these temperatures or should i look at something else?

  31. how does the chest/thorax protector (pocket) work? I see that there's only a pocket on the right side and none on the left. (Just got one today and was looking it over)

  32. 183 cm height (6 ft even), 79 kg (176 lb), chest about 101cm (39/40 in). Would a size 48 be snug but okay or would it be too small?

  33. Do you sell the jeans he is wearing in the video? I cannot find Dainese jeans with the logo on the back pockets.

  34. im really liking this jacket but is it possible to get a low profile back protector something like the icon d3o back protector to fit. Maybe even just the icon d3o armor ?

  35. the only thing holding me back from purchasing this jacket is sizing, I'm a fairly new rider and this will be my first jacket I'm 5'5" 150 lbs and I'm really not sure what size would fit me right any advice Revzilla?

  36. Hi – Could you tell me anything please about the abrasive resistance of this jacket for moderate speeds (no-highway) Thanks!

  37. This looks great for summer riding but I worry about the sleeve length. Im 6'4" with a 40" chest and nothing ever fits both my chest/waist and has long enough sleeves. Is this as close as I can get (with a size 50EU) while maintaining that sweet styling without getting a custom made jacket?

  38. Hey Zilla,
    Newbie question, but where can I try one of these on to get sizing right and walk out the door with it rather than ordering? I'm in Shreveport LA and there's nothing around here Dainese related at all.

  39. Just discovered the City Guard D1, and love it for around town. It's obviously near total mesh, and my Joe Rocket mesh jackets also flow a ton of air riding around down here in summertime Daytona Beach. Differences in crash protection notwithstanding, I'm just wondering how much airflow I'd sacrifice with the Super Speed Textile, as it just doesn't look quite as "open"? Thanks in advance for your time, Sparks

  40. i want this jacket i am going to start riding hopefully in the next few months and looking into gear and wanted to know would this be ok for florida's 90+ degree summers and what dainese pants would you recommend for these

  41. hi im planning to buy a riding jacket but im confused between two, dainese super speed textile or alpinestar t gp r air jacket, please suggest which one is better in comfort, safety and ventilation.

  42. compare to helmet, does jacket have a life span? or can i buy a brand new of it(sale price) or just buy the latest model?

  43. Anthony, what back protectors can I get for this jacket brother?? I just bought this jacket at the motorcycle show in my area.

  44. Why oh why can Dainese not make this jacket in short sizes?? How about you Revzilla guys talk to them about that? Same comment for the Super Speed D1 jacket.

  45. Hi! Does a 45cm x 23cm back protector fit in this 48 EU jacket? I already have the back protector and I would like to use it also for this jacket. Thanks a lot!

  46. Hey, this jacket looks really good to me! What are some good summer pants that could fit pants underneath it and go with the jacket?

  47. I have a couple questions..
    1- will these zip together with Astars missile leather pants?
    2- does this accept the "Forcefield K back insert for Dainese"?

  48. looks cool, but the main front zipper quit working after two rides 🙁
    never crashed or abused it, it zips up fine, but getting it off is almost impossible, as the zipper is almost impossible to get to unzip without a third or fourth hand assisting. about halfway down it feels like it has a flap of fabric stuck in it but it doesn't… its just poorly made.

    not too happy with Dainese quality… it's not good. it feels cheap compared to my Held and Astars gear, but it's more expensive. 🤔

  49. RevZilla , is there only 1 thorax pocket for 1 thorax protector ? I can find a place for the protector only on the right side

  50. This jacket or the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2? I am 6' 2" 190lbs 41in chest. I just got the New Drake Textile Pants. Love em so far.

  51. will this take the dainese pro armor chest protectors?, if not, what Dainese Mesh Jacket do you recommend that can take the Pro Armor Chest Protectors as Well as the Pro Armor Back protector? Looking for something for the hot summer days where my leather would be too warm. Thanks

  52. hey man, I know the video has been around for quite some time but I just recently got a brand new jacket (dainese super speed textile apparent is still in line in 2018) and I'm wondering why does the pocket for thorax chest protector is only available on the left chest only? I tried to ask the store manager and he had no idea as well LOL. any idea from the distributor or were you guys informed otherwise?

  53. How is the gut area compared to the chest? Based on the measurements I should be OK for the 64, but I carry a couple of spare lunches around the waist, which may or may not impede the closure of a more euro style jacket. Thanks!

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