“Damsel in this Dress Corsets” $50 Grab Bag!!!

“Damsel in this Dress Corsets” $50 Grab Bag!!!

Hello everyone! Kat here and I’ve got… a bag, again. I did have a box, but I needed it to ship a Poshmark order and I like to reuse packing materials as much as possible, be a little more
eco-friendly, so I took this out of the box and now I just have the bag. So, sorry it’s a bag again. But it is an order from Damsel in this Dress Corsets, which is a wonderful company that makes handmade corsets and they are absolutely beautiful. I already own one. And they had a wonderful, crazy crazy sale. They had a bunch of left over, what they call Grab Bags, which I believe they did around Black Friday I want to say, I’m not a hundred percent sure on that. But they run this sale once a year I believe and they have a bunch of Grab Bags where they have mystery items. So you pick a size but you don’t know what you’re going to get and they have different levels. So. I say so a lot. The sale they had was on the leftover Grab Bags. I got a Level Three Underbust Grab Bag,
so what that means is the Level Three was one underbust corset plus two
mystery other accessory items. Those could be anything from like skirts to sleeves to a hood to you know whatever other accessory items they had. And this sale was every Grab Bag was fifty dollars no matter the level, no matter the size, fifty dollars, which is insane because the lowest priced underbust corset on their website as of right now is $79, so that already makes it worth it
because you’re getting an underbust plus two other items. And I really– like I said, I already have one. I love the quality, the materials, the
fact that it’s handmade by women. It’s just, it’s really wonderful, and supporting a small business, so I was really happy to take advantage of this insane offer. So I did take a little peek when I took it out of the box, but I haven’t tried anything on or really pulled anything out just yet, so
let’s get into it, I’m so excited. So we’ve got a little pamphlet. “Customer Photo Contest Lookbook 2017.” Oh that’s cool. So it’s a bunch of customer photos, that’s really neat. And it looks like
there’s a coupon in here. It is $20 off a purchase of $100 or more from the
website, that is awesome. Okay, we’ve got a couple of little bags
here, let’s see what those are. “Tenacity Powder. Transform your visage. Snake Oil Beauty.” So this is a– Snake Oil Beauty is the sister company to Damsel in this Dress, I believe. Looks like there’s a sticker. “Tenacity Powder $30 large jar year
supply premium mineral foundation. “Give skin a more luminous look.” This is a very light color foundation. I don’t know if it’s gonna work for me, but I’ll give it a try. If anything, I can use it as like an under eye setting powder or something if it does end up being too light, but that’s cute, a nice little bonus item. Oh and then this is the strings for, the ties, what do you call them? The lace-up part. (chuckles) I dunno what they’re called. There’s a black and a brown, which is great. And… There’s a button that says Damsel in this
Dress. So on to the actual items here. I’m so excited. So it looks like, all right here is and oh
wow that’s beautiful. Oh okay, so here is the corset and I’ll
try it on for you and insert a little snippet. So I should have explained in
the beginning if you don’t know, underbust versus overbust corsets.
It’s pretty self-explanatory. Underbust goes under the boobs and overbust goes over them. So this is the Underbust Grab Bag as I mentioned. They did not have any overbusts left in stock after their regular Grab Bag sale. These were the leftover ones. And this is really interesting because it’s got two different patterns, if you can see. It feels really nice, it’s got like a crisscross pattern and then it’s got a floral pattern on the other side, which is really interesting, that’s kind of neat. Here’s the back. It’s really beautiful. I actually, I wonder if you could reverse these and wear them the other way if you just like cut the tag or something, because I actually really like this side too. It’s a really pretty color. I might try that. Alright, so that was the first item and
it looks like I am really lucky because one of my extra items is another
corset, which is so great. That’s so gorgeous. It’s this beautiful iridescent purple. That’s so pretty. With this some like paisley kind of floral
and, ooh, it’s got this top part here. I believe it’s called a Vixen– I’m gonna have to, I’ll put it on the screen. I think it might be called a Vixen where it has like this collar part to it. That’s so gorgeous.
I am in love with this fabric. So some of the Level 3 Grab Bags, the underbust ones had two underbust corsets in them, which was stated during the sale,
but I didn’t think that there would be any left over because I’m sure some people requested to get the one with two underbusts in it. So that’s kind of flipping amazing. So it’s already an insane value. And here is my third item here. And it is a skirt. This is a really nice color too. This beautiful like tan skirt here and it’s nice– (gasps) It’s not a skirt! It’s pants! That’s even cooler. Look at these, it’s like flowy pant legs. You know what’s funny? I actually almost bought one of these
when they were on their regular price. That is so cool. All right I’m so excited to try it on. So that was my just quick, fun little Damsel in this Dress Corsets Grab Bag and I am blown away by the value. I’m not sure what the original cost was on these Grab Bags. I’ll try and list it if I can find
it, but yeah for $50 this was just an insane value and I love them. So I’m so happy. So thank you guys for watching. This was just a really quick haul slash
unboxing video for you, but I hope you enjoyed and I hope you will give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe if you enjoy watching these kinds of videos, hauls and unboxings and that sort of thing. Stay tuned for more because I’m
Kat and I love boxes. Bye! (upbeat music)

4 Replies to ““Damsel in this Dress Corsets” $50 Grab Bag!!!”

  1. Thanks for sharing, I adore seeing what treasures people get! I love that you almost bought the pants!! I've seen that happen before, with Damsel grab bags, like some magical mystery =) The Voyager is my new fav underbust, sooo versatile. remove the straps and tuck the tabs into the front if you want to wear your purple paisley with a vest =D

  2. I love Damsel in this Dress corsets! She comes to our local Medieval Faire and I love seeing her and her lovely items each year. I got one of the grab bags too.

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