100 Replies to “Dan Coats: Russia continuing to interfere”

  1. When the true enemy of the people are their leaders, how can voting truly be safe and fair? Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the electoral college prevent the "one vote one voice" electoral ideology.

  2. When will Poor Dan have to resign? I know ppl stay in the admin to save our butts as a country, but this man’s gonna have a massive coronary.

  3. But when the CIA overthrew Allende's democratically elected government and installed Pinochet, a fascist dictator, that was totally fine. Remember kids, everything is justifiable as long as the Imperial States of America does it.

  4. The cognitive dissonance of the Republican Party is inexplicable. How can you agree with Dan Coates about Russia interfering with our elections but let Trump time and again spew in public and on Twitter that election interference by Russia is a hoax or could be someone else?!? You can’t be silent in the face of this on-going threat by Russia and allow Trump to continue to lie.

  5. What is he rambling about, doesn't he know that Drumpf is convinced that Russia did not interfered! And Ms Nielsen is just as oblivious of this fact!

  6. This is ridiculous, who shall we believe at this moment in time Drumpf or the intelligence community??? Can't the White House make up its mind and speak with one voice??

  7. Who cares. Prove it!!!!! What do you have? Where’s the evidence? GO TRUMP. I DONT CARE IF PUTIN COMES AND VOTES FOR TRUMP HIMSELF.

  8. Why don't we just go back to the old fashioned way of voting? So what if it will take longer to count the ballots.

  9. I wonder how much Manafort would pay Dan to hang off of his shoulders? Manafort has a thing for expensive  Coats.

  10. Interfere? Posting on facebook is interference? Does no other country post and youtube? Where do these jokers get off? Everyone interferes if interference is dumbed down to an email.

  11. And yet your boss still questions that meddling in our elections actually happened or will happen again. Have you had a summit about that?

  12. You see Sarah, this is how it works. A press conference where the directors of our securiy agencies telling us how 'bad actors' have attempted or are attempting to interfere in our election system and the related threats to our security. They told us the truth and treated the press and the American people with respect, despite the fact that their boss (your boss too) continues to deny that meddling took place. Try to be more like them Sarah, and your adversarial relationship with the press may improve. And grow up, not everyone has to like you and tell you how cool you are.

  13. What a laugh. The Plumbers run rampant drugging election officials with enflurane. Republicans will never win a fair election, so why should they make voting fair? There will be a revolution in America over this. Nobody wants to live under election cheat John Birch Society nutcases. I hope I'm dead when it happens. Filthy cheat Republicans. Vote Democratic forever.

  14. Values matter. So does freedom.
    That's all great steps taken by all our intelligence agencies to protect our elections, people and country, but this should have been done long time ago. How come the Obama administration failed to take necessary steps to prevent Russia and/or other countries from doing so???

  15. America still crying about the election with russia and the tariff with china and I dont know what else they will complain about next

  16. imagine kgb wetting there diaper and having a "press confrence" that america doesnt play nice and steals elections ….

  17. "The President has specifically directed us…."
    I want to see that written memo or publicly stated order.
    Let's remember, despite this show of intent to protect our country, Congressional Republicans have refused to provide urgently requested funding to the states for protection.

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  19. lol, for all you idiots who think CNN is "fake news"…. they're simply posting what the Trump adminstration officials are saying. Yet, know doubt all these downvotes are Trump supporters who think it's biased information

  20. So the republicans voted against upgrading our technology in defense of cyber warfare but now Trump is making it a top priority?? Doesn't sound right to me.

  21. you know what i have not heard any more ? is state governments not closing down due to bad policies set forth by obama .since Trump pretty much abolished obama's policies state governments seem to be doing better if not growing

  22. LEFT WING Communist Russia colluded with USA by choosing RIGHT WING Trump instead of LEFT WING Socialists/Communists Democrats, makes sense yes?!? No. People don't get much dumber. Left Wing Antifa terrorists funded by NAZI sympathizer George Soros, the irony hey? What's next on the pile of disastrous ideas…..How about open borders letting the Globalists FLOOD the USA with mass illegal immigrants that overwhelm National resources and infrastructure and collapses the country, also causing culture clash, violence, attacks, drug influx, murders, and finally…..Civil War. This is why you have front doors and fences, to keep bad things out. What's next, how about Satanic homosexual, transexual, queer, anti-Bible policies pushing disgusting unnatural aberrations to even young children? All under the banner of 'love', dressing boys in skirts and girls in mens clothes in gender confusion propaganda across the nation….that's a good one! Genius.
    And finally my favorite, inciting people of all ages to violently attack ANYONE that doesn't share your disgusting, immoral, and historically crushing ideas. That's great, a real winner:) Double thumbs up for that one.

    Historical Protestant Bible believing America now on course to be like historical Protestant Sweden etc, to become the 'rape capital of the world' (fact) due to a massive influx of barbaric muslim 'refugees'. No surprise, Mohammed was a 50 year old pedophile that married a 6 year old baby named Aisha, he also screwed his adopted sons wife (all facts, please check yourselves, before it's too late).

    But of course the left LOVE islam, with open arms, this is why if the islamists ever get the majority the first thing they will do will be to throw every homosexual off a building as seen in Syria, it's part of their evil Koran doctrine, the heterosexual girls will be taken for 'taharrush' (islamic rape game, as seen on NYE in Cologne Germany etc), but of course they'll never tell you that because of 'taqqiyah' (islamic lieing, allowed in islam, to cover yourself).

    Oh noooooo, Trump & Putin trying to make friends again! Remember 'love' refers to queerism, NOT actual friendship. We don't want them talking together, and we complain when they war too so, oh well, I guess we can still complain, even if it has no point, right?…

  23. Well at least the government itself still is doing its job.

    Trump may not do his job, but at least his advisers do theirs.

  24. Just like the #walkaway movement are Russian bots! Hahaaahaaaaa! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 MAGA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. He didnt say it was Russia –he said a outside party —then the media start talking about Russia.

    they said the same thing about Hilarys server –it was an outside party –the media said it was Russia.

  26. Yet Kirstjen Nielsen does not take back that she was wrong, only making this statement cause everyone around had voiced their proof !!! She is still not admitting she was wrongly stated and informed

  27. So the examples of meddling proposed here are extremely vague. I don't think bots, actors, and proxies turned the tide in the 2016 as much as the dnc hacks did. But russian meddling is really trending right now so they have to put this out there ahead of the mid terms so if things go bad they can invoke Russia ad infinitum

  28. Putin told the world he did mess with our ELECTIONS. A few minutes later trump said Russia didn't. Lift sanctions on Russia for ATTACKING us, and getting the commie in office. Power and money is all trump and the gopee care about. Not if the country was under ATTACK. Sad

  29. have heard that the BCF (Bozo the Clown Foundation) has threatened a lawsuit against CNN, specifically Crying Jim Acosta, for giving clowns a bad name. The BCF contends that it has taken years for clowns all over the world to break the bonds of court jester and become full fledged clowns. With Mister Crying Acosta taking on the role of CNN clown he has degraded the image of clown and set them back over 500 years. Unofficially a high ranking member of the BCF has stated, off the books, that if Crying Jim Acosta starts wearing a red nose there will be violence. It is also rumored that (FOLD) Friends of the Living Dead has also put in motion a lawsuit against Sleepy Wolf Blitzer, reputed to be a member of the living dead.

  30. Obama should have stopped it since it began on his watch. But he is just community organizer. Didn’t know how🤪

  31. If they shutdown David Brock and Media Matters and declare it Russian propaganda, I'll instantly and unreservedly declare Trump the greatest President in the History of the world, get naked, put on an adult diapers and run out into the middle of the street to giggle myself poopless!

  32. More fear mongering from this bafoon. Blah blah. Go watch Jimmy Dore for real news


  33. CNN producer caught on tape admitting the Trump/Russia narrative is being pushed for RATINGS:

  34. America interferes with countries on a daily basis and now they are crying because Russia does it better than them? I'm happy.

  35. Dan Coats is a swamp monster he wants all Americans chipped like cats and dogs and to say the voters will is in danger is BS $100k in facebook ads is the extent of Russia's meddling .

  36. If that's true trump cant be president. No more . Anyway he is totally fake any way. Im surprice our smart politicians can do what ever is necessary to stop a fake president. America democracy needs to be protected .country first . A bad men last ,untill that good men wants to stopped

  37. I understand what Americans think.
    Great United States and Americans will never go wrong,
    If we really going wrong.That must be because of Russia interference,
    or China,
    Maybe Iran,
    Even some aliens!!

  38. War Criminal USA !!!I have never heart so many Bullshit hahhaha. Usa Gouverment is a Joke. Warland and lies . Better Trump than Killery Clinton. Usa gouverment always lies. In the 50 in iran , 60 's Kuba and Vaitnam, Guetemala, 80' afganistan gives waepons to al qaida, 99 juguslawia, 2001 Afghanistan 2003 Irak and now Ukraine and Syria. All of them was a Illegal Wars. Obama is a War Criminal, Bush, Clinton. Nato , Israel , USA and Saudi arabia the most war criminal of the world.

  39. Соси ка ты Русский хуй американский лошадемордый долбоёб Дэн! Я твой рот ебал, твои семейные альбомы топтал, твою маму на трамвае катал и твой белый дом труба шатал. Ебанное чмо из разведки. Американцы – вы пидорасы и гандоны бу. Америка – гавно и сборище моральных уродов. Идите все на хуй.

  40. Now , I hear the piece of shit trump wants to fire Dan Coats , better be careful stupid moron , our intelligence agancies can make you disappear in a flash and no one will ever know who did it !

  41. LOL… classic Hitler move, once in office,  slowly remove all officials that hold critical positions and put your parties goonies into them.  And eventually, there will be no one left to oppose the will of President moron Trump and his Hitler party GOP.  I don't know if anyone else notice this, but history recorded for Germany is that once all critical branches of government was hindered by Hitler, Judges bodies slowly end up in local rivers and forest and then eventually private citizens that oppose their parties agenda too.  Not to mention, how Hitler's party also got elected too, by using hatred, racism and divisionary, painted as patriotic propaganda and make the country great again. EMmmm…. ring the bell anyone?

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