Dance Moms: Peyton’s Costume Is Trash (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Peyton’s Costume Is Trash (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

[music playing] Smile! Stop. Stop. Did she forget it? Peyton doesn’t know the routine. All right, you come with me. Honey, get your costume on. Where are the bags so she
can practice with those? – In the back.
– Can you get ’em? – Yeah.
– Thank you. Hello. Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. She’s not dancing with
a maxi pad on her. Are you serious? I am so pissed that Abby
has physical trash glued to my daughter’s costume. There we go. See if you can get in here. I’m worried about the tricks,
and the tucks, and the rolls. This can get
tucked, right here. Do you want her
to get made fun of? I mean, I think the costume
could have been cute. I’m not answering that.
I’m not validating that. Why does she have to
like this for the routine? Why does Big Bird
wear a bird suit? I don’t know. I get the whole trash bag. I get the whole prop thing. But I don’t want my daughter
looking like garbage on stage. This is a gimmick. It’s– but she’s seven. This is the first
solo of her whole– I know. And we’re so
concerned with this, so sweetheart, what
your mother is saying is you’re not doing a solo. That’s your mom’s wishes.
– No. Sorry. No. She doesn’t know
it, anyway, so– This isn’t fair. Goodbye. Go. And she’s out of the
group dance, too. Let’s go. We’re going. No, you’re not. Kerri. Kerri, Kerri, Kerri, Kerri, no. Kerri– Take it off. Take it off. This is exactly
what we did not want to see happen with Abby. I just feel like everything
is falling apart, and this is really scary. I didn’t do anything
disrespectful. I just questioned a costume. Goodbye. All right, girls. Let’s go. You know, Abby,
the elite team left, so I just don’t understand why– I mean, I had the garbage bags. She’s been practicing with them. I didn’t do anything remotely
close to what the juniors did to you. Terri– is her name Terri? The minute you walked
out of the room, and you said about
shelving the costume, it sounded exactly like
another mother and I had, that said something like that. [bleep] you, Abby. So I’ve learned from that
mistake, you nip it in the bud. You find the cancer, you
go in, you cut it out, you get rid of it. For my entire life, I have
put somebody else’s child before me. I’m not doing it anymore. The mini moms said
they would stand up, and if Peyton didn’t
dance, they wouldn’t dance. But nobody’s saying a word. You guys have no
loyalty to anybody. Every one of you said yesterday
that if Peyton doesn’t dance, you guys aren’t dancing, either. This is a team, and they
should be dancing together. Uh-oh. What’s going on? Why are you crying? There’s no loyalty with
me and the moms in there. It’s what? They didn’t stand
up for me and Peyton. – I could have told you that.
– I’m sorry. We saw it. Don’t cry. Well, I want her
to still do it, but Abby doesn’t want
it under her name. Well, if you compete with
us, you can change her costume, and do you it how
you want to do it. It’s mommy’s dancing school. We know what it’s like
to be discarded by Abby. And we know the kind of support
you need when that happens, so we’re definitely there to
help them at this time of need, and get Peyton where
she needs to be, so she can compete on stage. All right, judges. Next up, number 76. “I Love Trash.” [applause] [MUSIC – BROADWAY PUPPIES, “LIFE
feel like it’s over, brush it off of your shoulder
and smile at tragedy. When you’ve lost your composure,
and your luck’s getting lower, just scoff at travesty. ‘Cause life ain’t easy. [applause] So we have small modern solo. Second place– entry
number 76, “I Love Trash.” [applause] I have never been more proud
of my child than this moment. This has been a tough week. But Peyton is a strong dancer,
and she has proved that she deserves to be on this team.

100 Replies to “Dance Moms: Peyton’s Costume Is Trash (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime”

  1. It's a gimmick if they were dancing about dinosaurs they would dance in a dinosaur costume like Abby had a reason for this

  2. Maybe she should have kept the red dress on with a headband that has fake trash cans on it or have a trash collector costume with gloves on

  3. the solo makes no hecking sense without the trash. it’s just a „funny“ song and a pretty costume. it doesn’t work together and makes z e r o sense.

  4. It’s called I love trash so why not wear a trash costume? Her new costume didn’t even match. In the business world you won’t complain about what you wear. You’ll wear it because it’s your job.

  5. It’s ironic that Abby said “find the cancer, and nip it in the bud” because Abby couldn’t nip hers in the bud cause she was in jail

  6. Abby: Why does big bird wear a bird suit
    Me: Wait i- is big bird not real?!
    Also why is this girl upset because because the mini moms aren’t being loyal like has she ever seen dance moms

  7. I really love the junior moms for doing what they did and helping peyton and her mom the way they did. Thought it was really sweet.

  8. But fr Kerri was right she didn’t want to see her daughter on stage wearing literal garbage!
    The junior moms have more loyalty then the mini moms

  9. When I saw the title”Peyton’s costume is trash” I thought it would just be bad but it’s LITERALLY TRASH…… also anyone think a pad is a LITTLE to far??

  10. Abby literally said I used to put over peoples child before me but I learned from that mistake. so that means she doesn’t care about her students only about herself

  11. That, costume is just disgusting That, is Just Unfair I just love Her the Other Mom, Helping Peyton The mom Are just Lovely 💕💕.Peyton Deverse Better 😭😭, Those Mini's Mom Are Just Rude and Fake Friend I Can't Bealive Those Others Moms Lied About Defiding Kerry and Peyton just wow wow 💗💗 💜💜

  12. At first when I read the title I thought the costume just didn’t look that good but NO IT IS LITERAL TRASH.

  13. abby is always the one to dish it out and never able to take it, she may seem like she doesnt care but she runs out cuz she knows if she stays longer she'll start crying

  14. Idk why they couldn’t have at least had the trash bags onstage. It definitely would’ve made more sense.

  15. the title didn’t make sense without the trash, but the costume kinda looked trashy? like cheap, i know it’s trash so it’s not gonna be glamorous or anything, but seriously? they could’ve done something black to represent a trashbag. or even if the trash was just like candy wrappers or whatever…

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