Dance Moms: Pressley RISKS IT ALL by Changing Her Costume (Season 8) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Pressley RISKS IT ALL by Changing Her Costume (Season 8) | Lifetime

ASHLEY: Can I talk
to you real quick? ABBY LEE MILLER: Yes.
ASHLEY: OK. So Press came home with
the costume yesterday. I’m a little bit worried,
because it’s super-long. I get it, but I don’t
want to hide her legs. I feel like it’s also
hiding the choreography. PRESSLEY: Last night Miss
Abby gave me my costume. And I did not like my costume,
because it didn’t fit me right, it was ugly, and I
looked like Ursula, OK? I just feel like it hides her. I think her arms look,
like, long with it. And I feel like she
looks longer in it. This solo is my chance
to dance at Nationals, and I think if I did
wear that costume, I would look like a complete
mess on stage with that skirt. And I cannot blow this solo. ASHLEY: I don’t know. I just don’t feel like it
does anything for her body. Well, you’re always,
like, hanging out. We’re not like that. I know. ABBY LEE MILLER:
We’re trying to– ASHLEY: She doesn’t need hiding.
– –put her best foot forward. She’s wearing what
she’s wearing. I think Ashley needs to wake up. I mean, this is about
the choreography. And the choreography was
designed for the costume. And I’m very good at costuming. I pride myself on
flattering a dancer’s body. Pressley. She’s dressed. Can I see her? What is going on now? I am about to lose my mind. All right. So you’re not wearing the
costume that we had for you. Correct. ABBY LEE MILLER: I talked
to you as an adult, and I told you what
needs to be covered. Which is everything. ABBY LEE MILLER: No,
it’s not everything. I didn’t put a mask on
her face, like Hannah. Come on, babe, let’s go.
ASHLEY: All right. Let’s run your
dance, because that’s the most important thing. Did you change the dance, too? Nope. ABBY LEE MILLER: This
is not about your body. This is not about
anybody’s body. This is about the choreography. We knew what you were
going to look like, what the steps were going to be,
and how the skirt would flow. Now– not happening. Corrections, Ashley? Nope. You’re not going to
give her a correction? I’m not claiming to
know anything other than I have a beautiful kid that
doesn’t need to be covered up. This is nothing
about her body. This is about her feet. What about your boobs? Were you happy with them? You went and bought new ones.
– Right. And guess what?
You can do that. Can she buy new legs? Can she buy new feet? No. Pressley, you got a jacket
because, A, you are a te– were a team player. B, you can count. You have great musicality. That’s why you got a jacket. Not because you have good feet,
not because you have great legs or great flexibility. Everybody’s trying to make
this about what you don’t have, and I’m trying to make it
about what you do have, so that when we step
out on that stage, nobody would know
you had bad feet. But your mother wants to display
it in front of the whole world. I want her to be proud
of herself and her body. ABBY LEE MILLER: Stupid.
Well– Call me stupid all you want. PRESSLEY: I just
think it’s ridiculous that Miss Abby thinks that
she has to cover me up for me to be able to win. But I think that it’s
the complete opposite. When things like
this happen, I just think that you should let it go,
look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself, that’s
not true, because you know that it’s not true. So this is her dance to
prove that she is the dancer that you think she is. That I know she is. OK then. Wear whatever you want. OK. ABBY LEE MILLER: You know what? Let them wear
whatever they want. When they don’t
win, it’s on them.

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  1. Oh my gosh it was a costume with a skirt, she wasn’t trying to body shame her or say she has a bad figure, it was a nice costume.

  2. Is the old Abby, because anytime a dancer would it change the costume or try to alter the dance she would tell them they’re not dancing. This is totally not fair. The other outfit was better by the way.

  3. The white costume was awful and Abby should of pulled her number just because she was given a jacket does not mean her mother can under mind Abby's rules. Her mom keeps this up she won't have that jacket for long.

  4. If pressley wants to be like her mum were everything is hanging out then let her. Because presley will be the one who will go home crying like a two year old

  5. She got the jacket and thinks she can now do whatever she likes. Im surprised abby didn’t go absolutely nuts at her for pulling this stunt. Considering that she pulled gianinas solo because she didn’t want to wear literal slippers on stage

  6. Pressley changed her whole costume and Abby let her dance, but didn’t let Gia dance even though she was willing to dance in ugly giant slippers on stage! So unfair.

  7. when gia said she didn’t want to wear slippers her dance was cut. presley changes her whole costume, crud int he dressing room, basically throws a fit and abby’s just like okay do what you want like what

  8. I dont think its the costume. I think its the reason behind it. That is her costume because their hiding her body. I wouldnt support it either

  9. I don’t understand how they (dedicating life to dance) mistook it as body shaming while most of us viewers (amateurs) can assume that Abby was just trying to hide her bad technique

  10. sis if you complain about the costume , makeup or ANYTHNG, you will not make it as a professional because every director and everybody WILL know you will not wear what they want you to wear

  11. Abby should’ve taken away her solo like she did to Gianina when she didn’t want to wear the Snookie Slippers 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. For everybody saying that her original costume wasn’t even that bad but try putting yourself in her shoes. It was making her feel bad because it made her think that Abby wanted her covered up and hidden. If she wore the original she probably would have been really insecure and uncomfortable and no one should have to feel like that!

  13. That original purple dress DID make her look longer and taller, Abby and Gianna know what they’re doing, the moms can be such control freaks

  14. I don’t think the costume was meant to cover her body up, I agree with Abby as the costume Abby chose was meant for the dance and helped her to look like a better dancer than she already is

  15. Idk I thought the other costume looked better on her, it was flowy and very pretty. Also it’s the same in ballet, the hard truth. A lot of people try to cover their legs with skirts to make them look the best they can and although it’s sad it’s the truth

  16. What’s wrong with Abby’s costume like and it’s not what you want to wear it’s about what fit’s in with your dance

  17. Omg, Ashley your so lucky, no matter what studio your at, if you didn't wear the costume, you would not dance and if you was team member you would of been removed until you prove yourself again. Everyone slates Abby however how many people actually realise this is what most studios do and act, if not worse. Well these mums are certainly pushing buttons aren't they. Kids well done your all doing amazingly, however listen to your Teacher.

  18. Gia’s mom: My kid i perfect
    Also Pressley’s mom: My kid does not need correction!

  19. If Gia did that everyone who watched would have called her bratty and Worse thing.

    If Sarah did that all the moms would have atached Ashley.

    But when Pressley and Ashley do something wrong NO ONE says anything?!

  20. I quite like the costume Abby got! I thought it was like flowy and elegant, and I mean I understand that BEFORE she was being really rude about Presley’s body and stuff, but in this instance I don’t think that was the case at all, it’s not her feet PHYSICALLY that’s the problem, I think Abby is just saying that like they’re sickled.