39 Replies to “Dashcam video shows New Jersey cops shooting black man | Mashable”

  1. Why is skin color always mentioned except for when victims are white? That type of racism and hypocrisy is incredible in 2019.

  2. Not very controversial. The consequence is quite predictabe when you move whie the officer's shouting "Don't move."

  3. Why is this video titled like that, should have just been asshole gets killed by police, justified…..

  4. I bet you the extreme liberal left would say that the black man was shot by a white officer with black man's accent.

  5. People just need to listen. He got out of the car, and should have not. No respect to our authority.

  6. The guy gets out the car with BOTH his hands up and gets shot for his troubles.
    Cops always say stop struggling, stop reaching when in fact no one is it's all acting for the dash cams. They are trying to set the scene that you will believe when the only criminal here is the COP.

  7. That Cop was scary my God he took the Gun and was still scared. I hope he went to jail that's ridiculous I can see from here the man had his hands up. He clearly had much better vantage point so I know he had to see his hands were empty. WTH! Department is this Yikes. Last time I checked having a gun in the car with the appropriate License is not a death penalty. Yikes

  8. It’s basic knowledge to draw when you’re already at gun point will create a negative outcome.

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