Data Carddas Aikatsu on Parade! Dress introduction PV (English Sub)

Data Carddas Aikatsu on Parade! Dress introduction PV (English Sub)

Data carddas Aikatsu on Parade! Here are some of our new dresses from the first featured that you’ll be happy with! Breath Aurora coordinates that Aurora Kiss coord powers up, the latest work of my favorite brand, Angely Sugar! Appear in Legend Premium Rare that exceeds Premium Rare Lady pink crown coordinates that the crown is the point from Dreamy Crown! A very girly dress perfect for Akari Ozora Rainbow Sky Coord debuts at Nijino Yume-chan’s brand, Rainbow Berry Parfait! It ’s a dress inspired by a rainbow shining in the sky after the rain Every dress is gorgeous! New dresses still appears! Find your favorite dress too. Data carddas Aikatsu On Parade full of idols and dresses, starting Thursday, October 3! great! Get an Aurora kiss camikode Aikatsu card at the store! A set of Starlight Gakuen Designed Aikatsu Pass TV Anime Aikatsu on Parade starts every Saturday at 10:30 am!

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  1. please note this was poorly subbed since it was difficult to translate it.

    if you want to find out more about Aikatsu On Parade please sub right here to watch performances, previews etc that is related to AOP –

  2. 楽しみになってきた!前は、アイカツもスターズも夏に映画やってたけどフレンズはオンパレードの時にやるのかな?

  3. アイカツオンパレードにも映画やってほしいです。

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