I'm gonna start to color correct for that I just go under my eyes under my brow and any dark spots I have not that many it's really just this one right here so this is just gonna help brighten any areas that you want to come forward and it helps to support your highlighter and the reason why this is important is because like sometimes if you do a highlighter and there's dark spots underneath that's just gonna look great it's not gonna pop long-term the way you want it to especially on camera so you want to make sure that we give our highlighter all the support that we can um and I also like to highlight around my mouth for really dramatic looks not highlight sorry we're color correcting now I'm gonna do highlighter under the foundation I never really do this but I feel like for this look I want to just take that glow to the next level I'm using my iconic London illuminator and this is in the shade original I think this one I've heard amazing things about I have not used it in a video yet so I'm just taking a little bit not that much and I'm going with my finger and sort of tapping that where I would put highlighter so on the cheekbone you can see that glow blend it out make sure there are no harsh lines so you can see we're just building that glow up this is my Clinique stay matte oil-free foundation in the shade amber I feel like with bombshell looks people assume you're gonna go really heavy with the makeup but I think the best bombshell looks are those looks that could kind of pass for Supernatural where you just look really hot you know then I'm gonna add this Becca skin love glow elixir it's kind of like a glow serum or a nectar it's called a nectar it's again great for a glow so I'm gonna add a couple drops and this is how I've been using this foundation for the last couple months and they really really like it so it makes the foundation a little less matte and it makes it a little more more like light to medium coverage rather than medium to full coverage so I'm lending it like this I see this dark spot wants to hate so I'm gonna use I found like it a concealer to cover that up you don't have to like go full coverage like I said I just feel like that spots a little distracting next we're gonna do brows for a bombshell brows I like it to look crisp and polished but I don't want it to look like Instagram brows like I don't want it to look dip brow in the front end of the brow I'm going to use my tinted brow gel in espresso and this is by a BH you can also bring it to the tail end for hold so you can see all underneath my brows I'm using my next HD studio photogenic concealer in eighth I just use a little bit again this will just make the brow bone very clean especially if you know you could use a good plucking or something soon so I like to set my eyelid before I go in with any shadows this will just prevent drag in that area so that you get a smooth shadow application that's even and you're not going to get blotches or like patches of color there's a glistening from this palette and just use my finger to like rub it all over the lid and this is just gonna give me a nice highlighted look to the lid area I'm gonna blend that into the crease I'm taking just very little on the brush because these colors are really pigmented so I'm just putting it in the outer corner then I'm gonna like take whatever is left on a brush again I took very little color to begin with so I'm just putting in the outer corner and then carrying whatever is left into the crease and that's what you end up with again you don't need too much a little goes a long way with this recently I've been green contouring underneath my powder again I just feel like it's more natural in the end and a duo fiber brush is perfect for this because it's got that light touch that you want for a really blown out look let me blend upwards I mean I like to bake underneath that so just go ahead and then using the same brush and just focusing more on the outer corner I'm going to use Cypress number so I'm gonna do a little bit of a wing and for this it looks like a shadow but you just add water and it gives you this amazing black line just take your time and then I'm just gonna add the black liner to my waterline I should have been done this to be honnest I'm gonna set my under eye concealer with my buttercup powder not baking just setting it I'd also like to set this area and then brush off where I was baking now I'm just applying my Sun power on the cheek bone and I use this kind of like a blush applying blush on your cheek bone rather than on the apple of your cheeks will just elongate and thin the face out for a more angular look which is very bombshell and then I'm gonna go in with film noir by Mac on this little brush and just in the contour area I like using this color because I feel like it highlights the blush really nicely and then just blend it out for highlighter I'm going to use the shade that I've been using non-stop for the past like month and a half since I got it look at that like it's gorgeous I love it look at that it's just so pretty and it doesn't do too much you know you can build it if you want it to do a little bit more for you but she's not gonna steal this show just you know willy-nilly she's gonna wait for permission she's gonna she's gonna do softly softly you know so I'm just gonna then blend this down my nose glow is what the bombshell look is all about and we're also going on the brow bone I'm also going to highlight my collarbone which is something I like doing I don't want to be too exposed but you just kind of pop it and then highlight see see it just gives a nice little touch of shine I'm all about the glow you know just let's just do it everywhere obsessed okay so now it's time to sort of like work on my hair for my hair I just want to do big bombshell curls it shouldn't take too long it's just going to give the look like what it's missing so I'm going to break each half into sections of two so we're just doing four portions on this bottom half so we're curling away from the face so you release the curl but one of it like try to not have it all which I'm never quite able to do and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna pin it and it's especially important to pin these bottom curls because these are the ones that tend to fall so I'm using this big pin okay that's what it looks like you can't see it but I pinned it okay so I sectioned off the top because I want to do this section together there aren't that many curls in this look because it's not like a curly look curls are more for that like big bombshell effect that's what I'm doing maybe it'll be six sections yeah maybe six okay so now I'm separating like my leave out because the curler is way hotter than what I would use on my natural hair separating it out we'll just make sure that I don't scorch my real hair typically you want like if you don't want the curls to stick together and like clump up you curl in opposite directions but honestly I feel like that just elongate or prolongs the entire process and I have a lot of stuff to do today if you are in a rush and you don't have time like it takes you longer to sort of um curl your hair in opposite directions like me what you can do is just use a dry shampoo afterwards which is what I'm going to do okay so um now I'm going to start to like press this out with a flat iron and this is how I curl my hair in general so when I wear my hair this long this is how I curl it and I can show you like how I set it at night and another video but the hairspray I use is by joy Co it's the power spray hold level like eight to ten and as you can see my leave out is just cooperating like so yes girl love it what I like to use my friend actually gave this to me when I visited her in New York it's the caviar anti-aging Omega and anti-frizz dry oil mist I just spray a little in my hand rub my hands together and just smooth that over my leave out and like really focus on like getting it on the ends too and this is a great job of preventing frizz like a great job I like to tuck my hair behind my ears just to help it kind of lay flat for a second that just helps it lay better long run so that's what I'm gonna do now and I'm just gonna go put on my outfit so that you guys can see sort of what look I came up with


  1. “Take that glow to the next level” umMmMmm your natural skin is already lighthouse level ✨🤩✨ love the look!!🙌🏿

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