Dating Tips for Men : How to Dress to Impress Girls

Dating Tips for Men : How to Dress to Impress Girls

Hi, my name is Jessica Claire and I’m a professional
dating coach here in New York City for New York Dating Coach. In this clip, we’re going
to talk about how to dress to impress girls. First and foremost, this topic if you don’t
feel good about what you’re wearing or how you look, they’ll notice. It might not even
be as much as what you’re wearing as how you wear it so keep that in mind as you start
to pick out a wardrobe to make yourself feel good about yourself. Rule number one, I see
men do this all of the time. They have two pairs of slacks, they have two buttoned up
shirts and two ties and they interchange them on a day to day basis. Now women will notice
this, so my suggestion is to have more than one sort of style of outfit. You can’t always
wear a polo shirt and jeans even if they’re different polo shirts and different jeans,
so you have to be able to dress for the moment. If you’re going somewhere fancy, you need
to have an outfit to do so and that will impress a girl. If you’re going somewhere casual,
have something casual to wear. This has been Jessica Claire with New York Dating Coach.

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  1. ill wear my thong like party boy!!!later m8 only having a buzz m8/ take care see u round markey jessica clare respect m8 i had a laugh listening to u ps. why does your hair keep gettin messed up?u nipping out 4 one 4 a buzz?

  2. Her hair is jacked up. Most women would get their hair done before shooting a series of videos. Especially, when one is about grooming.

  3. Dude, are you crazy? Jessica: your hair looks so good. I love it. I wasn't crazy about her hair in her other videos where she is sitting on a couch, but I absolutely love her hairstyle here.

  4. Jessica thanks for the adivse! But I think you are stating the obvious, noone in their right mind would want to date someone who wears the same pattern every day. Tell us something we don't know please! Thanks.

  5. what about going out in rubber ducky pajama pants. my roommate thinks its acceptable since you say its how you wear not what you wear?

  6. excellent advice jessica clare, I can't stop laughing because first, your really cute, and second can't believe you have the job that you do..! amazing, these are all good tips, dressing to the occasion, not calling too much, there are a lot of things that I wish women would just tell me instead of expecting me to understand, ahhh well…'s o.k. mon ami, I'm still looking for the right 1, your a good one girl….. hope you've found happiness too, all good things…… you and yours….

  7. @bobbytmathew You missed my point. Usually females prefer to use the term "women" instead of the condescending "girls," which, strictly speaking, refers to minors.

  8. I like dressing like a chicken. l Does girls notice that? I mean, it's a different chicken suit everyday. or I have like 4 that I rotate between.

  9. I recently sparked a conversation with a charming young woman at a Demo derby.. I was wearing orange "Husqvarna" suspenders, blue jeans with a cut off shirt that read "wreck this" on the front and on the back it read In memory of "cara halbur 1993 to 2010" with white loafers. hahaha I guess I wore it well!!!! Maybe she like my bashed up and spray painted 1992 New Yorker? Gotta love those Country Girls!

  10. My threads of choice are simple(not too flamboyant) Hawaiian pattern buttoned shirts worn over a solid color tee, with khaki slacks. Black dress shoes with a black leather dress belt. I also wear a blue topaz socketed silver ring. In the winter time, I wear a black, smooth leather jacket. If I'm wearing dark blue jeans, I swap out the Hawaiian shirt and dress shoes.

    Guys bicker about my clothes a lot, but I don't hear such complaints from the girls, so yeah.

  11. I love this Jessica lady……..she not only knows what she is saying but she is also beautiful too which complements the dating advice……..Wish i could meet her somewhere xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. @VdViral agreed, nothing she said was really revolutionary…pretty much just common sense. i guess this is for the guys who wear socks with sandals, or sweater vests. 🙂

  13. @kathryn120 what you said it true. but i'm sure she is not insecure.. as many woman are picky on there men… just may happen that your a real woman that's down to earth … something this world lacks

  14. @kathryn120 your welcome 🙂 awww thanks 🙂 yes my rabbits passing away was a big supse.. thanks awww sorry to hear 🙁 did u get another cat after ?

  15. These video's are next to useless if you really want to know how to get women definately check out videos by mystery/neil srauss aswell as ross jeffries. They tell you what you actually need to know.

  16. @DimebagVision you will make a lovely partner for someone someday hahahaha
    some girls love guys who can't take criticism…
    and to all the other guys in the world:
    Trying to look good for your lady doesnt mean your whipped–that's a weak man's thinking
    Strong men can swallow their pride just to show their lady that they care for her 🙂
    women like the Giving and Getting, both together, not seperate….

  17. "If you go somewhere fancy – wear fancy clothes, if you are planing to do somethin casual wear casual clothes" – People actually pay you for that kind of advice? Anyone not knowing that will be better off visiting a psych consult in a hospital near him/her

  18. I stopped watching as soon as she said, "not so much what you're wearing as how you wear it."
    Not to be chauvinistic but honestly, who takes advice from a woman? They say what "sounds right" but think something else entirely.

  19. @udolipixie Sooo… basically what you're saying is that it's men's fault that women can't talk straight.

    Typical woman logic. Take no responsibility for your own actions. Rationalize and justify irrational and unseemly behavior.

    Well, at least you did it here in front of witnesses for posterity to see your foolishness.

  20. here's some advice:
    Dress how you want. Fuck the rules or regulations society has created. Show your own style and not for the occasion.

    Be yourself, and fuck what anyone else thinks.
    I will wear anything that says I'm a computer geek such as: AMD shirts, Intel shirts, D link hoodies, Western Digital. Adding to that, I like wearing skateboarding shoes(DC mostly) shorts or jeans.

    I don't care what any girl has to say about me.

  21. Feeling good and being authentic comes from INSIDE. work on YOURSELF and you can wear a dirty white t shirt and gym shorts and do better than you have dreamed. because the shiny new clothes may fool her on the first date, but i promise she'll know who you really are by the second.

  22. As long as you look clean and your individual style suits you, it doesn't matter what you wear.
    It's about your qualities and characteristics rather than what brand names you're wearing.
    If you're alpha, confident and comfortable in your own skin, you'll be able to pull broads.
    It's not about style or looks, it's about your game!
    If anything, just read that guide on MackMethods. com and you'll be able get laid no matter what you wear. I learned everything I know about girls from that.

  23. LOL
    yes guys, don't wear the same stuff over and over
    you know most women are buying new outfits every week or at least every payday so they pay attention to clothes

    Remember you're not dressing for you, you're dressing for women if you're trying to attract one or some, if not don't worry about it LOL

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