DAVE CHAPPELLE – 3am In the Ghetto, Bill Burr – Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem | Reaction

DAVE CHAPPELLE – 3am In the Ghetto, Bill Burr – Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem | Reaction

what's good TMG family boy L I'm back with another reaction video man was good man and you know what it is you see the title man we back it's comedy hour man I know y'all been asking for a minute y'all be like man where has Comedy Hour been so I'm bringing it back man this is Comedy Hour and I got two good ones I think we're gonna have fun with man this is gonna be Bill burr you know bill burr always has the funny joints and Dave Chappelle I mean what can I say about the goat he's the goat so we're gonna be reacting to bill burr black friends clothes in Harlem and Dave Chappelle three a.m. in the ghetto let's start with 3:00 a.m. in the ghetto man here we go man make sure y'all spam a Comedy Hour [Applause] that's my problem I can't I can't handle pressure sometimes pressure make me talk different so young serious like that social pressure talk to somebody who's fake and they make you think right thank you like that I can sing that shit I'll do it this makes me sick sometimes I'll talk crazy just to make myself feel better he'll do that they stop talking like crazy like everybody's voice man that's how bad guys here to talk in the 40s you know old days see I I talk like that now all the time with some I put the pressure on me fuckin I gotta cut loose police talk crazy son son do you know why we pulled you over every day stop talking like that stop hammer time I can't see you gotta make life interesting like that because flimsy night was flimsy it's dangerous out here we know what's going on I travel man you know I just think DC had the roughest ghettos in the country no no I have seen some shit man outside of DC yeah everybody should go together I wasn't taking it again at one time that's the word we can get taking it you're not expect me to go hey you want to know what you're going to get her like I'm gonna see some loud shit I got propane one-seven-one see some crazy when you're taking is different I had a limousine driver it was answer shows late at night it's like 3:00 in the morning and then was a driver he's a nice guy talking to me she a friend down DC were that's a rough city man and it cellphones not a hold on one second hello Oh [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] he didn't say shit just pulled up in front of old rickety building that looked like a project ma'am I never been there before I'm not sure if it was a project but it certainly had all the familial symptoms of a project fucking crackhead ran this week and then another one jump down a tree and shit right back took the keys with me just left me at 3 o'clock in the morning and from the project and a fucking limousine this was not good I'm like man I gotta look around see if I can see some landmarks and figure out where I'm at I have to escape on foot that is what I know I was in a bad neighborhood you only see this in the worst neighborhoods remember it's three o'clock in the morning it's three o'clock in the morning I look out the window it was a fucking baby standing on the corner [Laughter] [Applause] and the baby the baby didn't even look scared [Applause] look at I want to help it baby I don't trust you either I'm sorry what the old baby on the corner trick I'm gonna fall for that shit where's this limousine driving I stopped going too bad it's time goes by stop feeling worse I'm scared of a baby baby trouble you might need my help I got to do something but I was serious me an ice pack the window a little bit there's a whole limousine I can roll it down hey baby [Applause] babies [Applause] [Laughter] I'm sorry I had to buy two bags from the car to come back in the collar rolled me a joint will come up to the car and look in the windows like Jurassic Park that's not bad again yeah we make you feel guilty surprise man what is wrong me man I have just bought weed from from infant I can't condone this kind of behavior what am I thinking I can't let the fear ruin my morals got to do something hey baby stop silently don't hurt you got your whole life ahead e is it booked you think I can to be [Laughter] [Applause] so yeah yeah and isn't that very moment when the crack hit across the street and got hit by a car I know it was a hit-and-run the police did it that's all right nice bringing some crack on we got back up yo baby feathers we go eat it go oh that's cute be pushing though we gotta keep it pushing this is bill burr black friends clothes and Harlem actually I got a couple of friends of African persuasion and I gotta get rid of a man I gotta meet to you I'm fine I'm spending too much money on clothes hanging out with them cuz I gonna like fucking trying to keep up with their wardrobe it's like every time they go out they got all brand-new shit on all brand-new shit so when I show up with my white version of brand new which is nothing you know I basically I iron the shit right they just start trashing me I can't keep up with the man they got like fucking 58 pairs of sneakers a virus that shit like every color fucking Timberland I don't give a shit what fucked up pulling their shirt is they got a pair of shoes the matching and a hat it's like a rule or something [Applause] they're the worst even when you wear some new shit there's like some sort of rule that you gotta like space out the amount of time within which like that you wear it because God forbid you wear the same shirt within a 10 day period what I was gonna notice don't son just look at you funny like this motherfuckers got the same shit everybody discuss making fun of you fucking close first thing do the math like who's like five days ago five days this motherfucker got five shirts they start breaking it down yo it's for sure the same Monday next ship the same Tuesday no no we can't be wearing no shirt okay that's actually funny you know what that's actually how I judge black guys now when I first came to the city like all black people scared me typical white dude from like the suburbs you know I mean it had no frame of reference you know my only friend reference with black people's like the rebels early 90s gangster rap videos throw the fucking LA riots in their mouths fucking horrible Peter I watched the video so he's got nice cars got all the women and he's still fucking mad dudes I'm never happy after ten years of living in the seat is how I narrow it down when the black dude scares me a black dudes with dirty sneakers scare the fucking sneakers a fucked up that means his life is fucked up every time he leaves his building the whole neighborhood everyone starts making fun of them he's on the train in a bad mood I can't have this Howdy Doody kind of mug me kind of face paying attention so I've been seeing this girl recently uh it's black oh right she lives up in Harlem you know going on like three four times you know first time we hung out we hung out like the Village area in New York you know which is sort of like a racially mixed area so shit was cool you know I mean second time we hung out was more like Midtown you know then the third time she called me like 3:30 in the morning and she wanted me to come up to her apartment right so it's 3:30 in the morning she lives in Harlem I look how I look so it's a fuckin situation [Applause] because you know the tale right basically a white dude feels comfortable up to about like 98 99th Street and I'm saying the second the screws dark in it's like triple digits like a hundred 101st Street suck it like a little as [Laughter] 106 Street you like leaning on shit like dude where'd all the cats go she's gonna tell me to take the subway get off at like 115 I'm 31 which is like the first stop in Harlem where I can still look over my shoulder do you think all the white people like disappearing over the horizon she goes nah man you want to get in the Uptown 2 3 train you want to get off in a hundred and twenty fifty at this point I'm really trying to hide like the bitchy tone that's starting to creep into my voice you know and I'm trying to ask for really specific directions for when I get out there cuz I want to know exactly what I'm going so she starts naming the streets have to go down and every other Street up there's named F like a black leader you know and she's like make a left on Adam Clayton take a right on Frederick Douglass oh my gosh so at this point I'm really having a battle with myself yeah cuz I'm thinking I can't do this right I'm like I can't do this for my dicks girl no come on man we can do this all right just relax pull yourself together and get on the goddamn train right so as always I listen to my dick oh yeah I get on the train by the time they get up there it's like five before in the morning right I'm staying on like Malcolm X and like Danny Glover or something I want to go on Saint Nick I can literally see her apartment building but there's like five or six black dudes standing right on the corner right where I want to walk by so much fuck thought I was on like some reality show at that point like some sort of like white guy survivor even ridiculous so I'm thinking I gotta walk right by these guys right you know it's funny I think that they were actually more surprised to see me that I was scared you know and that was really really scared you know but I'm also really really what you know like shockingly Caucasian you know like if you're not ready for me I can like surprise you well especially if you live up there you've probably seen a white person for hours possibly days so when I show up it's almost like magical like a leprechaun came out of nowhere you know I should have a little pot of gold like a rainbow behind me top of the morning to you liked it I'm gonna dance my way past what it's been going on right you know once I get in her apartment I'm fine you know I relax sit down you know watch your hip-hop countdown you like I know the group's you know it's just getting there that's a fucking pain in the ass but you know I don't get mad at it cuz I figure you know black dudes gotta go through the same shit though right you go to the suburbs go fuck a white girl right it's that same awful feeling but just leaving your people behind you know just less and less of you is you fucking driving out there probably start off lean and you know fucking cool twenty minutes in you're driving like ten into the babies up I do not like this shit I don't like this shit at all it's too much brats I don't see any rims none of the windows are tinted I can clearly see white people in every product [Applause] yo bill boy is crazy bro oh man that might be the best one yet I don't do eyes I've done four bills where where that happen it rates at the top y'all gonna have me in the conversation let me know what y'all think man is comedy out we back with it it's where we come and we leave all the other BS behind man and just come to have fun and kick it with each other man TMG stuff she boy out man til the next reaction video man I'm out peace y'all stay silent man hey what we do here just go back back back

46 Replies to “DAVE CHAPPELLE – 3am In the Ghetto, Bill Burr – Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem | Reaction”

  1. I know this is an old video but you should really do Comedy Hour with Rodney Carrington there's nobody funnier

  2. Whenever someone is driving and they say they got to make a stop real quick you now you're not going home for a while.

  3. Kind of funny and ironic you put those two on at the same time. Bill Burr was Dave chappelle's writer… Lil fun fact

  4. so when did youtube show the sidebar with stats on the page of the channel your watching? and also there is the cc settings miniplayer theater and a different button before the full screen.

  5. YES! all three are some of my favorite bits… BTW love your Titans chair; lived in TN for 16 years… that's my team too 😀

  6. Don't know what part of the country you're in, but your Reaction to his skit only made it that Much More funny👍
    From my Perspective…lol…😂

  7. The 90's up through the 2000's when Comedy was still Funny. Before this PC Culture of SJW's started Attacking & ruining comedy & everything else🙁

  8. You NEED to React to some More Bill Burr. The way you have your channel setup, you could do the 3or4 Skits of his that have been Animated Perfectly👍

  9. Titans and the Angels. That is a unique combination. I think I got you beat though. Titans and the San Jose Sharks. That's called loyalty. Mostly pain and very rare gain.

    Back on point. Really good combination of clips. No punches pulled. Chappelle and Burr. So good.

  10. Fun fact: Bill Burr thinks Chapelle is the best comedian in the world. They were coming up together and when Chapelle blew up Bill thought Chapelle was just going to get big and act like he didn’t know him but he never did.

  11. "I was standing at Malcolm X, and Danny Glover" LOL! That Dave Chappelle stand-up is classic. I've got that one on DVD.

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