David from Lady Lake, FL reviews The Last Coat™ (TLC) – Product Review

David from Lady Lake, FL reviews The Last Coat™ (TLC) – Product Review

– Hey, good morning everybody. My name is David from Lady Lake, Florida, other known as Grandpa Florida. I just tried to show you something here. This product right here, The
Last Coat, is just fabulous. I just came back from a
cruise on the Caribbean, and I had to park my
car outside for a week. And in that week, being outside
with the rain and everything that happens here in Florida,
and that hot sun that just beats on a car– I haven’t touched it since I
got back, this is how it looks. There’s not a mark on it,
there’s not a water mark, there’s nothing. Everything is clean and
great on it like that. So today I’m gonna wash it and
it’s even gonna shine more. This is one great product. Highly recommend it. And it stays, I use it
on my windows, I use it all over the car. I even use it on my
refrigerator, stainless steel. It just makes it shine. Just wanted to show ya and
tell ya that this product, is what it says it is. It is the last coat that you put on. I’m in my garage right now
and right back there on the back wall, that’s all my
waxes and polishes and shines like that. I don’t even have to use it anymore. Las Coat seems to work for me. This is a Denali. GMC, 2017. But you can see how it
still shines after a week of sitting out in the sun
in a hotel parking lot. Great product, highly
recommend it, thanks a lot.

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  1. Thank you David from Lady Lake, Florida for this excellent review of our product! We love every comment as we are so proud of what we do.

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