David R Hawkins ~ Wear The World As A Loose Garment

David R Hawkins ~ Wear The World As A Loose Garment

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  1. This is beautiful. But Jesus never said that quote. It is from St. Francis. Jesus did say to "be passers-by" in the world…which I interpret in very much the same way.

  2. Hello to all other Spiritual Aspirants,

    Thanks to great karmic merit I have been given the gift of a wise spiritual teacher, one of Dr. Hawkin's students, who goes by the name of Robert Smalley. His calibrated level of consciousness is the one Dr. Hawkin's was referring to in Transcending the Levels of Consciousness as the great sage who calibrates over 990! I must implore to you that if you are truly devoted to raising your level of consciousness in wide leaps and bounds in order to find enlightenment that this man should be of great interest to you and be contacted. I myself have tried his full calibration surveys and even spoken with him on the phone. Let me tell you that he is not at all intimidating and a pleasure to talk to. Please take my word and visit yourspiritualreportcard_DOT_com to see for yourself.

    Thank you and have a blessed day.

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