Deadly Waters. Citarum: Indonesian river keeps textile industry’s dirty secrets

Deadly Waters. Citarum: Indonesian river keeps textile industry’s dirty secrets

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  1. I am so sad, 😭 what had been happen on my country since 2003 until now, Thank you for RT Documentary for sharing this. May my government will watch this and bans whoever do this to our earth 🌎

  2. Think about it next time you buy another useless piece of cheap fast-fashion clothing. Most probably it was produced in Indonesia. The entire world pollutes this river.

  3. Maybe average Indonesian citizen could help by stop dump their trash into river. Start from small thing

  4. Nice video RT, I do rafting in citarum river (26 km from bandung city) the river still dirty and smell not good. the textile factories and corupt govermant is true evil.

  5. aside from the obvious cleaning up of the river – both the gov't officials and industry owners – should be made to only drink and use this water for their exclusive use… let's see how long they last

  6. This is sheer negligence of government coupled with greed and disrespect of environment both by textile companies and its people.

  7. yeah, that's true n really saddenin. but currently, the local governmemt, the governour of West Java, decides to prioritize normalization of Citarum River currently. dk when this can be dome, but at least the local gov has taken this seriously n hav initiative to take steps

  8. btw not too strange to say london where the thames river was a dump in sherlock holmes times. And the closer an area was to the thames the poorer and shittier. When it was cleaned up, everything changed and now the former slums have those £30k per sq m prices for apartments..

    But it took a long time. Filtihed around 1850s.. and staid so until 1970s. 120 years as a dump.

  9. hmm.. looks like acidic damage, could be caustic too tho. Some hydroxide treatments for the textiles? Rather than heavy metals which shouldn't often cause problem outwards and instead be a cause for having all the crops destroyed on sight as heavy metals usually only get bad inside the body…or via wounds… like those open bleeding sores. .

  10. Well there’s a little bit improvement on this river

    You can find the updates of this river on this channel:

    But as a citizen in Bandung i still can’t trust the authorities and the textile industries

  11. Many cries out "Climate change" is man made (caused/influenced) natural disaster issue…
    I would say, this is the example of the real "man made caused/influenced natural disaster."


  12. How can those owners of those factories make a living like that knowing it's killing those around them? Smh…

  13. This is fucking disgusting…not only messing with their health but destroying one of the few ways they are able to survive and feed their families. Greed is a hell of a drug.

  14. This Son of a Bitch Joke Widodo is so Incompentent that he only cares about Modernization than Protecting it's Environment.

  15. No sympathy for these Mohammadans…most important issue in the recent presidential election was who was the most "Islamic" candidate and they've spent billions of dollars over the past couple decades building new mosques. Maybe they should care less about the afterlife and more about the here and now.

  16. I'm sure it's a shot in the dark, but is there a reliable way to donate to the family (father/son) featured here who collect garbage from the river? Or the farmer and his daughter? The little boy sadly saying he hoped he found a pair of shoes absolutely broke my heart. I spent a year living in Indonesia and it's a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. I'd love to help.

  17. I had to stop at 12 min bc its making me feel sick and i want to cry.. those poor ppl forced in this shit so we can buy cheap t-shirts, im going to look at where my clothes come from now. Thank you RT for showing me this

  18. being POOR is a fatal excuse, you cant afford to allow this to happen, gather up, talk amongst yourselves and devise a plan.

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