"Decoding The Dress Code" Chad Vader Training #3

"Decoding The Dress Code" Chad Vader Training #3

46 Replies to “"Decoding The Dress Code" Chad Vader Training #3”

  1. This is a pretty good representation of most of the employee training videos I've had to watch. Better acting in this, though, and much more fun!

  2. @SirCrapsAlotTheThird Yeah well commander windstrum or whatever his name is to chad vader killed weird jimmy lol

  3. is anyone else catching the satanic connection/ pro paganism/ pro demon worship and dark side of the force, whatever that may be. is there a deeper many. the injuries to our soul projected upon us by the media, corporate society.? maybe im just goin on about nothin.

  4. Jeremy has to be my all time favourite character Weird Jimmy coming second Randy and Hal are somewhere in there the first 4 are centered around each of them RAD

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