DEM UNIFORMS DOE (SF9 crack pt. 5) [CC for Eng Sub]

DEM UNIFORMS DOE (SF9 crack pt. 5) [CC for Eng Sub]

Hello, everyone! I am SF9’s Dawon! First, we had uhh We had made a deal with you guys If we got in the top 10 in a music broadcast, then we would wear our school uniforms and perform our choreography on stage Truthfully, we didn’t have time to perform on stage- Let’s start now *so done with Dawon* *finds it funny cuz CUTIE ugh* Since we didn’t have a lot of free time we decided to change it into a dance practice video I hope you forgive us and watch it nicely and cutely I hope you forgive us and watch it nicely and cutely
*Rowoon checking to see if his ear still works after Dawon talked his ears off* Then, we will begin now! *half hearted leader clap* *singing school’s song* *kitty finds it funny* I’m a celebrity now *Inseong’s beautiful vOIce ugH* Sunbaenim
*Rowoon why interrupt his singing* Please buy my lunch He’s my hoobae
(they attented the same school) *super confused Rowoon* *oml Taeyang my hEARt STop* *no Stop Your smile I can’t seNd HelP* *Rowoon stop YOU TOO noo* *awkard exit* *kitty swag time* *how is his voice so SExy WHat is THiS* Hey, Woojin I became a singer Taeyong, are you watching? Minji I became a singer *Stop NO Rude ROwoonStoP* Our school has a deep tradition *Chani is done with your non-stop talking, Dawon* *Sweet voice of Dawon has appeared* Yes, we’re finished The son of Busan has come out, everyone Thank you My school uniform changed! What happened!? My school uniform changed! Hanlim high school is the best, fighting! *death by Inseong’s amazing vocals* *stop* Sinseong high school I’m old, so…. the uniforms have changed *He’s SO CUte UgIajsd* *I TOLD YOU TO STOP* *BOTH OF YOU* My school uniform is the nicest. Like… seriously. Friends, let’s go! *uhm…Rowoon…Chani…uhmmmm* *what are you…* *my biases ARe DOing SOMething WEird HElp*

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  1. Death by Inseongs vocals…same honestly! And cutie Youngbin is also killing me!!

    I have made an SF9 things you didn't notice/fangirl video but I'm not sure about uploading it, it's probably not even any good and I made it with Windows Movie Maker so the editing is awful 😂

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