Denver Fabric and Pattern haul

Denver Fabric and Pattern haul

all right hello again everybody Andrea
here with Sew-To-Fit. today we’re going to talk about my Denver Colorado Haul,
fabric as well as patterns. Okay, so I’m gonna get started with the first order of business. …”Put those patterns to the side… is the fabric… my
Denver Colorado fabrics it’s called Colorado fabrics or is it
yeah it’s called Colorado fabrics okay so I got quite a few things okay make
sure I don’t drop anything cuz I don’t know when you do a fabric haul do you
always try to tell somebody what you’re gonna make it with make from it we’re
not even gonna talk about my fabric stash and I’m not even gonna lie to
y’all and tell you that I’m gonna stand here and tell you what I’m gonna make
with each one of these fabrics all I know is they gonna be on my body when
I’m done okay that’s all I got to say because my
sewing I can’t have anybody lock me into what I’m gonna do with a particular
fabric that I feel like that’s cruel and unusual punishment stay focused it is a
border slash well panel print and this is definitely going to be a duster I
know that’s what it’s gonna be I don’t know what type of pattern is gonna be
but I know it’s gonna hang nice and long and it’s gonna go over stuff a
turtleneck oh I can’t wait I can see it with flare sleeves not flounce but
flared more like just flared not you know no exaggeration just enough so that
your hand can move and it can look dainty that is what I see with this and
I got three yards see this is this was on sale you can tell his hair too yellow
no it came with two yards, but is sixty two inches wide it almost looks like a
tablecloth though but that’s okay I’m okay with that
alright okay now here’s an another one this here is called now this
one is from Denver Colorado fabrics… now it looks kind of
like a denim but it’s more of a twill or a denim like fabric but it is a hemp a
HEMP hemp and look how shiny it is that’s really pretty
that’s really pretty how shiny that is anyway this one is 60 inches wide and I’m really feeling now and that is
definitely gonna be a jean jacket or something like that because it is very
very very stiff I mean you can see it does not recover very well it is worse
than when it comes to wrinkles it is worse than probably linen so keep that
in mind but it’s heavier okay this one I’m really surprised how how well this
feel how nice this feel this is a stretch crepe look at that can y’all
just ah I got three yards it’s 60 60 inches wide and it’s a mixture of
polyester other stuff it’s not a whole lot of polyester but I could feel it’s a
little bit warm but that’s okay I’m alright with that
this one is from Joanns up there I’ve never seen it, it is a like a Ponte knit
but it’s an interesting design it’s interesting it’s white on the back but
look at that uh what is that Oh glad that’s not a hole all right here we go
that would make a nice dress and it is a knit it’s a Ponte look at that it looks
like a suiting but it’s a printed Ponte I am I know what this is go look at that
stretch lengthwise as well as widthwise this came and of course they said it was
made for Joanns it’s printed exclusively designed for
them no big deal because it still was overpriced I had to use a discount code
or coupon code now the next thing in that haul at Colorado fabrics was look
I’m just gonna put it in there let’s just take a look at that look at that oh
my goodness can we can we just read the comic books right now let’s just read
the comic books look at this modern sewing “I didn’t know sewing helps
me to forget everything”. I do forget a lot of stuff when I’m worried about sewing…
oh no I ripped it that is pretty I’d like that
so let’s go ahead and look at the whole piece I can’t wait see you it doesn’t
even do it any justice on here cuz you’re looking from afar you’re looking
from too far and that just looks like it looks busy let’s get closer there we go
that’s what I like looking at but if you were standing next to me you wouldn’t
notice any of that if you were standing next to me you would be like reading my
clothes definitely a serger is absolutely a
serger now I can say that much about what I’m gonna do with this one now I
want to show you more information about where I went over here to fancy tiger so
I had to go down the list of all the places I could possibly go to in the
small amount of time I had to myself to see some of the sites… and to see some
of the sites… the sites as well as the sites the sites are the fabric stores
fancy tiger gave me this bag from this bag I had a special gift and that
includes one of my patterns but first let’s look at the fabric now I only got
two fabrics from them I’m gonna start with this hemp they had all sorts of
fabrics that were natural a soy knit soy knit Jersey Wow of course bamboo Jersey
I love bamboo Jersey I have a lot of bamboo Jersey wax canvas
pure cotton batiste I’ve never seen that such fine then they had raw silk let’s
talk about the what I did get I got a French terry hemp
this is some beautiful fabric let me give you a close-up view of it here look
at how nice that looks that’s the wrong side and this is the
right side okay then the next one is my cotton I call it the faces really nice
honest is pima cotton and I don’t even know how to get y’all to understand how
nice this feels the three account is so fine isn’t it so anyway that is it on
the fabrics and give you one more close-up shot of it that’s the fabric
now let’s look at these patterns okay so the patterns are from fancy tiger as
well I forgot to tell you that three yards I think of that black and white
I’m not real sure and I got two yards of the hemp and of course I don’t know what
I’m gonna make what either one but I do know that they’re gonna be items that I
could put my arms into I know that this hemp is gonna be nice and warm for cool
night so I kind of want to have a hoodie or something like that and you got to
see it as time goes on just follow my blog and you’ll see what I make are my
Instagram okay uh here we go now I take a look at these pictures of all the
patterns that they have from the inde pattern designers I was really surprised
about that I had never really seen so many of them because being online you
just it’s it’s a it’s a chase looking for this stuff there’s no one place to
see all the independent designers I don’t know I guess they have people like
that I watch a couple of YouTube videos companies to YouTube channels to be able
to see but I really had no idea to be honest with you let’s go ahead and talk
about the gift I got after I tell you about the ones I bought now I bought
this one okay this is Leisl & Co. classic shirt it goes to US size 20 this
pattern the only reason I got it is because it has every single element of a
man’s shirt including the placket I hope that placket is sewn on we’ll find out I
know they have the grain Granville shirt I the other company but about this one I
think it was on 50% probably not anyway uh I didn’t open this one okay
yeah yeah it’s separate all everything is separate and its own tissue paper
okay okay now I got these I got this ginger jean all right let me tell you
why I got the ginger gene is because I wanted to be like everybody else why why
did I want to be like everybody else cuz I already have a jean pattern because I
wanted to be like everybody else that’s why no sense in that!! because I have a
jean pattern a 100% customized jean pattern that is meant and made for my
body style my body type I didn’t need to buy anything else and this one has hand
pictures of the complete thing being sewn by the designer of these jeans and I
looked at it and it’s like they are exactly the same jeans and I guess all
jeans are the same… I’m not trying to call out anybody’s pattern company I’m
just saying this pattern I didn’t have to buy it but either way I got it, so I’m
going on to make it that’s what it is it’s the
ginger jeans, they have stovepipe pant legs and high waist skinny legs.
I like the stovepipe more than I like skinny and I actually have gotten into
to where I like the boyfriend jeans now I was I pulled this out also to show you
that I’ve only had one other closet case file and this is Netti, it’s called Netti
bodysuit and I printed this out back in 2014 or whenever he came out I think it
came out; I don’t know it doesn’t have it on here when it came out but it really
doesn’t matter because I hadn’t made it yet.. I guess since I’m telling you guys I
need to go ahead and make it right so those are the ones the ones I got were
the Leizl & Co., the ginger jeans and I know I’m gonna make this Kelly Anorak jacket
know I’m gonna make that one this is from closet Case Files too. now heard this
was a pretty good pattern so I’m looking forward to this one it’s got a little
booklet also on the inside too so I can’t really go into details about this
because I don’t really read directions until I’m ready to sew.. I study the pattern but I don’t read the directions until I’m ready to sew because I can’t
understand the instructions unless I understand how the pattern looks that
way I’ll look at it like a puzzle okay next one this here is why I wish I had
waited and got in the pattern y’all see that container look at that look at that
this is my gift ah I got a free gift now the reason I wish I had to waited, is
because I bought a papercut pattern already. it is the sappora coat about this
because WinMichelle mentioned it she’s on Instagram as winMichelle and her
YouTube channel is winMichelle anyway Michelle mentioned it and so she
made it she finished making it and I still haven’t even cut it. I ran and got
it though I ran out got it printed and everything and spent my money having it
printed here it is spent my money having it printed and everything and then I go
to Denver and I could have just got it in the box with no shipping but this is
my free gift from papercut them at fancy tiger this is why I like it check
this out in there nice look at that it’s on brown paper that’s why I like this
and as far as the instructions are concerned like these are the
instructions that you print out these are the instructions you get on the
paper you have to cut it and create your own booklet
isn’t that awesome and then you have the pattern down below I like this so you
print it out you make it into a booklet and then you can start sewing it and
that’s what I thought was really nice so now this is a flutter sleeve flutter
flutter blouse and tunic and the reason I like it is because it
was free I don’t know it was great because it was free and yeah because it
was free that’s it that’s the only reason I got it cuz I look at some of
these pictures this is a tunic she doesn’t need to be standing there with
those pants with this thing on with nothing else on but hey this is how they
advertise on the runway so they have their little monitor models standing
there with their clothes just straight like that so yeah that’s what I’m gonna
do that’s it that is young

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  2. That faces fabric, is that Supima Cotton? If so, YES that stuff is luxurious, I'm making my husband 2 shirts out of Supima this month. I don't own a Papercut Pattern, but I've always like their packaging. Great haul!

  3. Very nice fabric haul Andrea! I don’t always say what I am making with my fabric, because I don’t always know right away! LOL!

  4. Been to Colorado Fabrics. You can tell by the drool marks all around the isles. And the clerks were fabulous!!

  5. great video! I love the comic strip fabric. I'd use that to make curtains in my sewing studio….or decorative throw pillows.

  6. Been to Colorado fabric stores and came away much poorer.
    Remember collecting fabric for your stash is not the same as sewing as a hobby. I like that.

  7. I have four yards of comic strip sewing fabric I bought online from My intent was to make valances for my sewing room

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