Detail Talk: Is It Possible To Correct Flaking Clear Coat? – Chemical Guys

Detail Talk: Is It Possible To Correct Flaking Clear Coat? – Chemical Guys

What’s up everybody, welcome back to another
episode of Chemical Guys Detail Garage. I’m Nick, this is Hector, and after that little
danger ride, you’ve seen that Hector has brought in his new-to-him 2003 Toyota Corolla S. In the
case of this vehicle, the S stands for sh… sport! It stands for sport. Sport, I guess. But you can see that this vehicle was subjected
to a lot of harsh elements. It was left outside and the paint has suffered
from it. The paint on the hood, roof, and also the
truck has become beyond repair. The clear coat has flaked off and now we’re
left with just bare paint here and eventually that is going to go straight down to the substrate. You can see all this kind of cataract looking
mess. That’s just the clear coat flaking off. We wanted to show you guys how well this car
can look and also we wanted to show you guys what can and can’t be fixed. So, Hector already polished the headlights,
which look brand new essentially. Now, this stands out against the rest of the
car. The whole car needs a little bit of love
and attention, but that’s why we brought it today into the Detail Garage. So, Hector, we polished a little section over
there, we can talk about that. We did. Nick, a lot of the questions we get is: can
we polish something that’s really really jacked? Something like this? And the answer is: You bet you can’t. You can’t guys. You can’t polish something like this because
it’s beyond repair. As Nick said, it’s got a lot of the clear
coat coming off. There’s a little bit left just in this little
island of clear. Right in this area, you see that Nick? It’s the island of happiness. This looks like the map of Alaska and there’s
a small little… It’s snowing over here. Anyway, yeah, so you can’t. You’re going to be going to the paint and
eventually, it’s going to come off. If you go a little too harsh and you’re going
to get to the metal. Exactly. Or in this case, carbon fiber. It’s still metal. It’s metal. So, on a vehicle like this, you can either
sand it down and repaint it, I think you’re going to wrap it… a little racing stripes. Something to keep it from getting any worse. Polishing is going to remove that last remaining
bit of clear coat. It will look shiny for a little while, but
eventually, it will just go straight back to it because the clear coat is that extra
layer of protection, but it also enhances the shine. So you can see the difference that the clear
shines more than just the substrate and metal by itself being polished. Having the clear coat on there is what gives
it the gloss, but if you want to help prevent it from getting any worse, you can always
add a sealant, you can add a wax, or you can put a coating on there, but it’s not really
a feasible or good idea because you’re just wasting that coating because it’s still going
to come off as well. What else we got here? We took a little polisher to the fender. It looks really, really good. Come on in. The clear is still here, you got a really
good shine out of it, actually. It looks like it did back in 2003. Probably. Probably not. It probably looked a little better back then,
but anyway… 2010ish. Oh-10 is that a thing? I think so, yeah. Can I say oh-ten? Eleventy, twelve, sure. Sure, let’s do it. Yeah, it looks really, really well. So, again, the hood, the roof, it’s kind of
a little too far gone, but you can polish of the stuff on the side here. It hasn’t taken too much of a beating from
the sun. This car was in Mexico, it’s not the Mexico
you guys think. I mean, the real Mexico. Like south of the border. Not the other Mexico, like Hoonigan Mexico. It took a harsh beating, it was sitting outside,
it was never really washed. Sandstorms, all that good stuff. It just sat there for a long time and then
I purchased this puppy and now it’s here in its new home. It’s in good hands. It won’t look factory fresh, but it will look
a lot better than this. I only washed it once. It doesn’t even look it. I wouldn’t touch that. So let’s go over the interior. I sat in there for all of 20 minutes and it
was disgusting. It wasn’t the best, Nick, no. It’s pretty jacked. I haven’t touched the interior since I got
it. It came like that. It was an option, when it squeaks like that,
it’s a safety thing. It’s got a light to light-heavy coat of dirt. I wouldn’t even call this dust. It’s dirt. It’s like mud. There’s all kinds of stuff, yeah. What about Chewbacca Jones, right where Chewbacca
Jones is sitting is pretty gross. I don’t think anyone has sat back here in
12 – 14 years. Yeah, poor guy. Sorry buddy, ok. Sorry about earlier too. Look at him, scared stiff. I know… I’m sorry. He didn’t use his turn signal, Nick. You saw that. I did. I was riding shotgun. Everybody else saw that. Yeah, so we’re going to give a nice deep clean
and it makes ok for my kids to sit back here, finally, because they’re scared when they
sit back here. They don’t want to sit back here. At least it smells nice. It does smell delicious. It’s got a cross between overbearing perfume
and maybe something that’s rotting? So, yeah Nick, if someone were to come to
you and be like: Hey, can you please polish this? What would you tell them? You’re wasting your time, essentially, polishing
this. Why? Because you can get a little bit of shine
out of this, but you’re just pulling off whatever’s remaining on the surface. Whatever paint’s left, whatever protective
coating, you’re pulling all that off. I’ve seen people kind of cheat it where they’re
spray a clear coat over this. You can rattle can it, or just fresh clear,
and then cut and buff that, but essentially, this is exposed paint now. Oh, a little rust right here. See, exactly. You’ve already got the problems coming out. There’s no fixing that without actually sanding
it, priming it. Cool, man. Hey, $800, it’s a diamond in the rough. Old Betsy here just needs to get me to work
and back. Let’s hope so. You’ve got quite a commute. Speaking of commute, your car has some interesting
noises and what not. Yeah, it came from the factory like that. It was an option with the Sport. It’s like an anti theft device. People hear your car driving by and they go:
I don’t think I want to mess with that one. Yeah, so… oh geez. That brings up another point. That’s just a rubber coating over the trim
pieces on the side there, right? That’s exposed to harsh elements as well,
so it starts to flake and peel off. For some reason, though, this side is in tact
still and that side’s not. Yeah, I think it’s just the way it sat in
Mexico. The sun only shines on the west side. So, we can’t polish this and bring it back. We can, but we’re just wasting time. At this point, you would recommend just shooting
some clear on it, repainting it , or wrapping it. You can do whatever you want essentially. There are a lot of guys out there with cars
similar to this. Maybe you just got a car that wasn’t routinely
detailed or taken care of but you wanted a beater.Something so you could have your racecar
in the garage and take your commuter during the week and this is exactly what it looks
like. But being a car enthusiast and detailer, you
want your car look its best. So, you can clean this up but adding a polish
to it, you can wax it, but essentially, you’re going to need to repaint this, wrap it, but
this is about as good as it’s going to get. That small section there makes a huge difference,
but it’s still not worth it because we took more of that paint off, so it’s less paint
here now. How does this compare to your Charger, though. Oh, this beast right here whewww. All that power, it’s like 16 and a quarter
horse, I think, right to the wheels. It’s got 200,000 miles on it probably had
120 horsepower brand new, who knows how many have escaped now. Somebody left the stable door open, those
horses are gone. Alright, so let’s get to it, Nick. We need to definitely clean it because the
more I touch it, the more anxiety I’m getting. Yeah, so we’ll do a basic wash, maybe. Would you clay this? It sounds terrible. Even the painted side sounded pretty bad. It’s got a lot of contamination because like
Hector was saying the original owner probably didn’t clay this car. They probably didn’t wash it. Yeah, you’re right. It was an older lady and she did not really
wash it. Every once it a while when it rained it would
get a wash by Mother nature. But it was never really washed. It just kind of sat there. So, yeah, it’s never really seen a lot of
love and that’s why I took her in. It’s time to show here some love, Nick. That’s ok. Not a lot of people have the ability to wash
their car or the desire to. Not everybody’s a car enthusiast or detailer
because that takes a different kind of mindset to want to put the effort into your vehicle. So we’ll give it the love, the appreciation,
I guess. this is your car, so we’ll definitely do our
best. In the meantime, you guys can head over to
our website,, to get all the products you need for your vehicle. Also, if you like this car or like this video,
be sure to give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to drop a comment down below
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Detail Garage Los Angeles, he’ll help you out. Give you some trips and tricks and as always,
we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

55 Replies to “Detail Talk: Is It Possible To Correct Flaking Clear Coat? – Chemical Guys”

  1. Love the video! Keep it up! And, would you recommend polishing a car with a few flake size rust? What can I do to remove the small rust spots??

  2. Lets be honest the factory sprays paint with very accurate computerized thin thin thin coatings.Designed for a brilliant shine to sell it.
    A hand spray gun ( not rattle can) will impart a thicker coat of paint.
    Options are clean and paint , clean and wrap , clean and plasti dip
    Summit racing has a straight non metalic urethane paint kit , thinner/ and hardener/catalist for 100 dollars a gallon you can not beat that.
    Plasti dip kit comes with a spray gun outfit and plasti dip designed to spray plastidip.
    Wrap isnt done easy with one person till you get used to it its a buddy system fix.
    All have plenty of youtube tutorials.
    Then the Chemical Guys have products for inside and outside car to keep it looking good and "SMELLING GOOD" Says the Hot Detailer Car girl Sarah-n-Tune she loves Chemical Guys Products.!

  3. For anyone wondering:

    1:22 Bang 1
    1:55 Bang 2
    3:10 Tap
    3:24 Slap
    5:43 Tickle
    5:56 Double Slap 1
    6:06 Clap
    7:38 Double Tap 1
    8:02 Double Tap 2
    8:25 Double Slap 2
    9:01 Double Tap 3

  4. Great video, guys. I appreciate your speaking the truth about delaminated clear coat paint. What would be cool is to polish the good paint and do a vinyl wrap on the bad paint. Maybe even do the roof in black? Just a thought.

  5. I deal with a vehicle like this on a regular basis….but thats just for a basic wash and interior clean ……….the most I can do it just apply a spray wax.

  6. Yo Corporate Chemical Guys; Pay these guys a decent wage or share some of that YouTube ad revenue so they can have nice whips like Jeremy or that no-neck guy with the Yellow mustang

  7. How to save it
    Step 1 determin how long u want to keep the car if for a few yrs see step 2
    Step 2 save money
    Step3 take it to a body shop to get re painted

  8. Still have my Corolla S it's my baby and still going Strong!! But I heard that Toyota during manufacturing they used a cheap clear coat system That's why this happens if it's Not maintained properly! I think Toyota needs to use better paint schemes and clear coatings!

  9. Enjoyed this video…I'm a day late in seeing it….however today is my Birthday so I view your awesome video as a birthday gift….thanks so much, awe you shouldn't have…. lol

  10. My wrx had this happen to the hood scoop and roof. It was a northern Cali car. Polishing and waxing helped for a few weeks but then turned back. It just needed to be wrapped or repainted.

  11. Do you have any tips for detailing in the hot California sun? It seems like I’m so limited on times when I can actually detail my car because it’s impossible to find a time with enough light where the car is cool enough!😂

  12. Perfect beater car. I just sold my corolla s. Bought it new in 2012 put 150k miles on it in 6 yrs. Never had a problem just routine maint. Oil, tires, brakes.. still had original batt. By far the best car I've ever owned. Upgraded to new camry hope I have the same luck.

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