Dilimli Kız Çocuk Yeleği

Dilimli Kız Çocuk Yeleği

Hello everyone
Today we’ll do a cardigan for baby girls in our video The hemline of our cardigan will have diamond edgings in diagonal direction and also we have curves around edges It looks a little complicated to knit also to demonstorate it Hope I can manage to illustrate to guys I’ve 75 loops on my needle I’ve already stitched 5 rows in garter stitch 10 rows if you count as normal stitches The cardigan we’ll start from the left-front to rigth-front We don’t start from the yoke knit Start from one side and end it other side Let me explain a little bit We have curves around the edges We’ll have a curve after 6 loops on collar Then curve it again after 20 loops We’ll have also diamond around the edge on hemline Now, after 5 rows in garter stitch we start Now, we’ll stitch in knitwise Okay We have 2 4 6 loops on the collar We don’t stitch that Turn back There are different techniques for curving I’ll show you how I knit them Later, I’ll show the other method so that you can see both Now stitch in purlwise, Left 6 loops Our diamonds consist of 5 loops Stitch our last 5 loops on the hemline in garter 5.. By the way my needle is number 3.5 Forget to tell you I guess Now we’re starting doing diamonds 1..2..3..4..5 loops is done I’m wrapping my yarn After wrapping I decrease the 6. and 7. loops Again wrapping 1..2..3..4.. I’ve stitched 4 loops Decreasing the 5th loop Again wrapping 1..2..3..4.. Decreasing my 5th loop Wrap the yarn over Let’s continue knitting for a while We have 1 row in knitwise between them This is our row in garetr stitch I2ve made the garter stitch on frontside So I continue in knitwise for this row We’ve left 6 loops on collar Now we’ll leave 20 loops Okay Left 6 loops on collar Also left 20 loops here 2 4 6 8 10 1 2 14 16 18 20… Turning again I take my yarn frontside And stitch in garter Now we’ve come to the loop we increased before I stitch it in garter I take this decreased loop and Stitch in purlwise Turn my yarn again and knit in garter 3..4.. I stitched 5 garter stitches including the decreased loop Turn my yarn again Take one loop, the decreased loop before Stitch in purlwise with the one decreased before together 1..2..3..4.. I2ve stitched 5 in garter I stitch one purlwise between these Turning my yarn And stitch 6 loops in garter We’ve come to frontside again This is our hemline Now 1..2..3.. 4..5 I’ve stitched 5 in garter Increasing This is the decreased loop from previous row Take this loop and the increased one And decrease them together Wrapping again 1..2..3.. 4.. 5 I’ve stitched 5 in garter Sorry I2ve stitch 4 in garter, decreasing the 5th one Increasing 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Take 2 loops together Increasing With the leftover loops Knit them until the end of the row on collar And stitch all of our loops Okay… Now we came to our first second turning point here The 20 loops part If we stitch that part directly, a hole will appear there To avoid that Okay… I take the loop from bottom Hook on my needle Then knit them together We come to turning point on collar
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I’m doing the same thing Take the loop from bottom row, Hook and stitch them together Turning back Continue in garter stitch Now we’ll take the increased loop One in garter stitch Turning my yarn over The decreased loop will be seen as knitwise stitch So I stitched it in purlwise I stitch 5 loops between them in garter I2ve stitch one loop in purlwise Turning 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Garter One purl There are 6 loops left 1..2..3..4..5.. 6.. Come to frontside again 1..2..3..4.. 5 in garter stitch Increasing Again decreasing Increasing 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Increasing 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Increasing Stitch in garter until only 6 loops are left at end There are 6 loops left on collar Let me show the other method here Any method you choose as easy You can use that Last loop There are 6 loops left The last loop on body Before we stitch I take my yarn front Hook the last loop And turn my yarn Turning back Pass this loop again Turning my yarn And continuing in garter stitch We came to hemline again There are 3 holes here We’ll continue until there are 5 of them 1..2..3..4..5 stitch in garter Increasing Decreasing Again increasing 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Increasing 1..2..3..4.. I’m decreasing the 5th one And increasing Now until there are 20 loops left We’ve left 6 loops on collar as well We’ll leave 20 loops on body and turn back again Let’s do it again here Take my yarn front Take the last loop There are 20 loops here Turning Pass my last loop again Turn my yarn And stitch in garter Okay now we’ll do our 5th hole Again 5 holes Same process will continue until the 5th hole 2..3..4..5 stitched in garter Increasing Decreasing Increasing Stitching 5 loops… sorry 4 loops 3..4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Increasing again 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. I’m decreasing the 5th one Increasing We left 6loops, 20 loops Again we’ll knit until the end of the collar We came to loop where we have our curve Again that.. loop we pass through knitting Take them to my left needle Also taking the loop I2ve passed before Stitch them together See.. there are no holes in parts we knitted Again we come to turning point I take the one we turn previously To my left needle Take the loop and stitch them together Okay 1 2 3 4 5 holes are made here We have our first diamond edge There were 75 loops when we started now increased to 80 loops Now from our first diamond We’ll decrease the 5 loops… that were increased Okay 1 2 3 4 And 5 We came to knitwise row after garter stitch We previously stitched We’ll turn from our collar And leave 6 loops Stitch them in knitwise Decrease this 5th loop too Now we won’t do any increasing or decreasing here We came to collar again 2 4 …. 6 We’ll start our new diamond I left 6 loops Turning I’ve shown you 2 methods for turning points You can choose whichever you want while doing this Now I stitch this row in purlwise It’ll look as knitwise on frontside Stitch last 5 loops in garter My yarn tangled here Let’s start our 2nd diamond 1..2..3.. 4.. I stitched 5 in garter Decreasing … sorry Increasing Decreasing Again increasing 1..2..3.. 4… 5., decreasing this loop, Increasing 1..2..3.. 4… 5., decreasing this loop, Increasing Now until there are 20 loops left Also 6 loops on collar So there are 26 loops on our left needle We’ll stitch till there There are 20 loops remaining. Turning back again We’ll do in garter. Turning my yarn over. Starting garter stitches I’m stitching in garter also the loop we increased before Please be careful with the decreased loops They2ll appear as knitwise stitches on frontside Stitching in purlwise 1..2..3.. 4..5.. turning my yarn over One purl.. again turning back 1..2..3.. 4.. 5, stitch in garter One purl Again turning over 1..2..3.. 4..5..6.. 6 loops are stitched in garter Ladies when say stitch in garter, I say it because I’m on frontside Normally it will be knitted in knitwise Some of you may stitch the garter on backside so I don’t want mislead them 6 in knitwise There is one purlwise here We’ll do our second hole of our diamond These diamonds do not change Stitch the 5 loops in garter 4..5.. Increasing Decrease these two This is the increased loop previously Decreasing Again increasing 1..2..3.. 4..5.. decreasing the 5th Increasing 1..2..3.. 4..5.. decreasing the 5th Increasing Now I’ll stitch the collar, until the end of the row When we are moving backwards on needle We’ll stitch in garter stitches We made our second pattern as well 1..2 holes we have here Our diamonds consist of 5 holes on each When there are 5 holes Decrease the first 5 loops after that Then stitch one row in knitwise stitch After knitwise stitching, curve from the last 6 loops Then we come to next row 5 in garter; increase decrease increase 4 in garter, one decrease increase 4 in garter, one decrease increase Moving forward and turning back from the 20 loops at end So first curving from collar, then from 20 loops And stitch them until the end Again from collar Then from 20 loops, and stitch them until the end We’ll have our diamond at the edge afterwards Like this 5 or 6 diamonds you can make, as you wish Let me show you how to separate the arm I hope I was able to explain you all

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It looks complicated but Once you start knitting it I’m sure you’ll manage it I’ve made 1 2 3 4 5 diamonds edge on frontside You can make 6 diamonds as well if you want Now we’ll separate the arm from body I’ve decreased the last 5th diamond Come to knitwise row Stitched them Again I left on collar 2 4 6 loops Take… stitching… 2 4 6 loops are left Now we’ll make our arm Turning back again Stitching 18 loops 1..2..3.. 4..5..6..7.. 8..9..10 11..12..13..14.. 15..16..17..18, stitch them in purlwise Turning my yarn over 5 in garter stitch 1..2..3.. 4…5… I don’t move forward to hemline We2ll stitch the arm Turning back We’ll do diamonds on the edges again 1..2..3.. 4…5, stitched 5 in garter Increasing.. stitching.. Increasing.. Sorry Increasing.. Decreasing Increasing.. 1..2..3.. 4…5. decreasing the 5th loop We’ll make 2 hemstitch pattern on arms Third one does not fit here Increasing.. 1.. 2 loops are stitched 2 4 6 8 loops are remaining 20 loops should remain on hemline Turning back This is our garter row 2..3..this is the decreased loop, stitch in purl Turning my yarn over 1..2..3.. 4.. 5 in garter One purl 1..2..3.. 4..5..6.. Kolumuzu ayırdık artık Dilimlerimizi burada yapacağız Turning my yarn over 1..2..3.. 4.. 5, stitched in garter Increasing.. Decreasing Increasing.. 1..2..3.. 4.. 5., decreasing 5th loop Increasing Now we’ll move forward till collar This our turning point I’ve made one purl 1..2..3.. 4.. 5. Made another purl between 1..2..3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. Turning back 1..2..3.. 4.. 5 in garter stitch Increasing Decreasing Again increasing We’re making our 3rd hole 1..2..3.. 4.. 5, made in garter stitch Now I’m increasing from collar, we’ll curve from here 1..2..3.. 4..5..6.. 7..8..9.. 10..11..12 and turning back We came to 4th hole 1..2..3.. 4.. 5 Increasing Decreasing Increasing 1..2..3.. 4.. decreased the 5th loop Increasing 1..2 stitching them I don’t move forward to collar Turning back 1..2.. Stitch in purlwise 1..2..3.. 4.. 5 Stitching my one purl between them 1..2..3..4..5..6.. We’ve come to our last hole, 5th hole 1.. we’ll knit till the end this time This cardigan is a little hard to knit for beginners But it is achievable if you don’t miss counting on turning points Our diamond is over, on our arm We’re turning from first 6 loops, collar Then from the 20 loops parts On arm, we turn from 6 loops, then turn after stitching 8 loops Then until there are 6 diamonds on arm We’ll knit Now we have 5th hole here Decreasing the 5th loop 1..2..3.. 4.. and 5 Let me take this We have our first diamond on the arm Just like we did on hemline, stitch in knitwise one row And turn from last 6 loops Leave 8 loops and turn again Our diamonds on the arm will form like this When we have 6 diamonds on arm Arm length is enough I’ll finish this but as I said If you made the front with 6 diamonds, make arm with 7 On the arm 1 2 3 4 5 6 diamond we have Now After 6 diamonds After 6th diamonds, we’ll decrease 5 loops Take the 5th loop.. and decrease 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. and 5.. Decreasing Taking the loop to our left needle Arm is finished I’m putting here for now Cut your yarn Our body and arm is completed Now under the arm We’ll make a diamond Take your yarn We’ll tie that later We made our first row in knitwise Now stitch in purlwise while moving backwards On our body we knitted as in purlwise sorry knitwise Now we’re stitching in purlwise And we’ll make under the arm A diamond also These last 5 diamonds… 5 loops will be in garter stitch 1..2..3..4..5.. Turning back Again starting with our diamond 1..2..3..4..5 loops are stitched Increasing Decreasing Increasing 1..2..3..4..5., decreasing the 5th loop Increasing 1..2..3..4.. Decreasing 5th loop Increasing Then I stitch all my loops We don’t have curves under arm Stitch in a straight line here Then we’ll fix our yarn here Continue stitching in garter stitch A diamond will appear here Here, again, until there are 5 rows in garter stitches We’ll continue knitting We have a diamond under the arm Decreased the 5th loop, on knitwise row I stitched all loops under the arm Now we’re moving forward to our arm Merging them together at last We merged the arm with body now Now knit loops until 6 loops are remaining And turning back Knitting last 5 loops in garter stitches 1..2..3..4..5 Now I’ll start the diamonds on the backside Se.. our cardigan is almost over Now on backside Turn from 6 loops Leave 20 loops and turn back again And move forward On backside, we have 5 diamonds on front 10 diamonds will be on backside After finishing those diamonds On this knitwise row We’ll make our 2nd arm Let me explain you from start here There were 75 loops on needle Stitch 5 rows in garter stitch Then 5 loops in garter, increase decrease increase 4 in garter, decrease the 5th loop Increasing, 4 loops in garter stitches Decreasing the 5th one and increasing again And between them on body there are 5 in garter stitches Until there are 3 rows in garter on collar On collar, after 6 loops, after leaving 20 loops,
00:53:21,722 –>00:53:23,937
We are turning back then start again We’ll do this on each diamond for 2 times Between them knit a row in knitwise forward and backwards, There is knitwise stitch, 2 rows in knitwise We have 5 diamonds on front 10 diamonds on backside Another 5 on the other side One under each arm 6 on the arms We’ll make our 2nd arm and other side While we’re completing in garter stitches We’ll make our button holes These 4 or 5 6 your buttonhole numbers You can make as many as buttonholes you want This is a complicated pattern, for beginners It may be a little hard So I recommend them to count on each step. Our cardigan is over Backside… 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 diamonds on edge
00:54:29,100 –>00:54:30,589
Again we’re doing our arm One diamond under the arm We’re completing our cardigan after doing 5 diamonds on front as well I’ve stitched my buttons Little buttons looks better on this. Because we have a lacey look on our cardigan I made my buttonhole after every 12 13 loops I have 6 buttons Okay, let me show you the backside This is our backside If you want to make a larger size of it, I had one skein, One skein won’t be enough for larger sizes Remember that Thank you

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