Diseño de estampados textiles – Curso online de La Casita de Wendy – Domestika

Diseño de estampados textiles – Curso online de La Casita de Wendy – Domestika

Hi, I’m Inés Aguilar. I’m a fashion designer
and creative director at La Casita de Wendy. We created La Casita de Wendy
over 17 years ago. Everything changed when Björk
chose some of our dresses to appear on magazine covers
and for some of her albums. Today, we sell worldwide. I like to create clothes
that convey emotions, I’m passionate about storytelling, and we want our pieces to be
a kind of refuge. We use references to art, literature, dreams, nature, and geometry. Fabric design is essential to us. Apart from the patterns
and shapes of our clothes, we emphasize the graphic design
of our prints. This goes beyond fashion
and has many practical uses, as we also put them on objects. In this Domestika course, we will discover the process
of designing a print from the most frequent
drawing techniques, to the materials
and actual printing of the fabric. We will explain how rapport refers to a unit of repetition. We will analyze fabric selection and how to match prints
with what clothes. First, I will present my work and talk about La Casita de Wendy. Then I will show you our influences and where we draw inspiration. Then we’ll look
at basic illustration techniques and use them to create our prints. Then we’ll consider the techniques used to take prints to fabrics. Then we’ll explain the materials you’ll need for the course. I will teach you the basic structure
of a rapport through a little fun exercise. We will make two prints. The first one will have texture
and we’ll use stamping. The second one will be with markers. We will scan and work them
with Photoshop. Once we have both rapports, we’ll make variations to choose
the most adequate one. We will see how colors and textures
vary depending on the fabric. Finally, we will look at pieces from La Casita de Wendy
featuring prints, and some composition tricks
and effects. We will finish with this
so you can carry out your project and practice everything you learned. To take this course,
you will only need basic knowledge of Photoshop. You will also need markers,
a notebook, a print block, a carving tool, stamp ink,
wet towels, a scanner, a computer with Photoshop,
and a printer. This course is aimed at anyone with an imagination, a creative mind, and a will
to make their own prints. It’s also for graphic designers
looking to try new materials. Fabric prints are another way
to communicate ideas. The clothes we wear
say a lot about us. With this course, you will be able
to create narrative prints that you can apply
to different materials. Design of Textile Prints
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  1. donde puedo enviar mi diseño a imprenta, alguna pagina web donde puedas enviar tu diseño de tela y que te las envien a cualquier parte del mundo? En mi caso a Canadá

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