Hello my pretty people welcome to my channel this is the first time for me to make a video tutorial in English please don’t judge me If you are an African fabric lover like me you are on the right channel if you see me for the first time My name is Irene, but you can call me Iro. I have a french Channel and I’m a French speaking. I’m going to speak slowly and please don’t judge my accent I’m doing my best as I said to you. This is my first video I come from Cameroon there We speak two languages, but I am more a French speaking So I already have a youtube channel pretty iro it is a French channel where I do DIYs video and Recently, I made this video on how to make your own belt bag and I received a comment from Someone who asked me if I can make the same tutorial but in English so I thought okay English Am NOT very good in English, but I Say to myself if I can help someone with what I do. Why not? Try it’s a little bit challenging But I’m going to try to do this and I will improve along the way I thought I will open another channel So I can upload the video only in English there Because I already have a lot of videos in French and I didn’t want to mix that all Together it can be a little bit confusing for everyone. I thought I will open a new YouTube channel and With English version for my videos, there will be the same Videos. I hope I will stick with this but this is my first video Don’t forget to subscribe on this channel. And if you want you can also support my French channel. You’re welcome I will be glad I will let the link in the description box below so you can find it easily You can also follow me on my social media on my Instagram and on Facebook where I usually share my DIYs and the one of my subscribers On this video today. I’m going to Teach you how you can make your own belt bag. I’m going to show you step-by-step how to Make your own Bag Properly I was inspired by The one from Gucci I will Put the picture there. I really like the shape of the bag, but you can make it your own you can make The shape you want, but I really like this shape. It’s not too big and it’s not too Too small and I made a lot of them I made this one with these details here faux leather and I also made This one, this one is a little bit is Round shape, I made this one also and I also made this one and I like them all what I like about this bag is You don’t need a lot of fabric You just need a little bit of fabric But you need to be focused to sew it properly Because when size is small you need to make it you need a lot of attention You need a belt like this a long one and I will leave centimeters of the belt you need in the description box Below so you can wear the bag like so ”crossbody” But you also need a belt. You also need a spray like this. I always use a spray like this When I sew bags And Can find Everywhere, I think But I will let the link in the description below so it would be easy for you to find it so when you are done with the bag, you can spray it on the bag and that we prevent the water and you name it.. Please don’t forget to subscribe on this channel You can share the video with your loved ones family friends on whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram And share it to everyone so I can help more people I’m done with talking and I hope you will enjoy the tutorial Let’s get started To see all the materials are used. Please go to the description box. I list them there For this part you need a paper a ruler and a pen So I take a piece of paper with a pen and a ruler and a trace like this. I I mark 20 centimeters here and 11 centimeters there and I trace a rectangle When I’m done I’m going to find the middle between those lines Then I draw something like this When I’m done I’m going to take something with the round shape round the corner like this You can also do it by hand. I’ve tried but I failed then I cut this out This was a good one, the other one was not good because I did it by hand Then I fold it in two I Cut this part out this was a good shape then I fold it again in two And I cut out the rest Now we are going to measure like this This will be the bottom side of the bag Is 27 centimeters Trace it like this and 5 centimeters And this will be also a rectangle. We are going to cut two of each one Then I pin my patterns on the wrong side from the fabric and then I add one centimeter For seam allowance, then I cut it out This will be the bottom of the bag I add also one centimeter seam allowance all around and then I cut it out When I’m done, I take the same portion and I cut it again, but I just add one centimeter in each side on the longer side of this fabric Why because that will be the part when we are going to sew the zipper and I add a seam allowance to each side, then I will always have enough fabric to deal with And I also cut two pieces like this 7 centimeters by 10 centimeters That will be the straps of the bag Then we have all our pieces So I take my fleece and then I take my pattern and then I cut all the way around without adding seam allowance And then I applied an interfacing on the wrong side of this fabric This will be for the zipper Then I divide it by two and the other one will be the straps Now we are going to cut the lining the same way we did with the African fabric So I take my cording like this and I Measure how much I need? When I’m done, I take a strips of fabric Mine is faux leather, I Place the cording on the fabric and then I fold the fabric over I sew like this next to the cording. I Fold like this about one centimeter each side and then I fold it again Then make a straight stitch there and there Now we are going to apply those straps To the backside of the bag so fold it like this pin it and Just make sure that your belt can go through That’s why what I’m doing here, and then you can fold The other part and you pin it And you sew there? Now the straps are done And Then I place The fleece like this Make sure that the right side of the lining is facing you and then you can stitch all around like this Now we are going to apply the piping place it like this and Pin it all around Please make sure to use the zipper foot to sew the piping all around That will be easier for you Let’s move on to the zipper first of all, this part is optional I take my strips and I fold it in two I sew it and then I place it like this The right side of African fabrics facing you and then I take my zipper I turn it like this I place it there and then I take the lining and I place it on top make sure that the wrong side of the lining facing you and then I sew there When I’m done, I make a straight stitch here Now I take the other strips of African fabric I Take the zipper and I turn it Like this I place it on the top Then I take the lining and I place it on the top make sure that the wrong side facing you And then I make a straight stitch here Then I sew here and cut the extra fabric Now I place the fleece on the bottom rectangle of the bag Stitch all around it and I Make sure that the African print fabric facing each other. Sew on both sides and when I’m done if I have an extra fabric so I cut this out Then I take a bias tape to apply to these edges to have a nice finish Then I sew it Now we have all the pieces together I make a stitch here and there also I’m going to mark every middle of this On this one, too Now we are going to put all the pieces together so Make sure that this part facing Down, I don’t know how I can call it and then attach the other part to the front side of our bag You pin it all around Then you can sew it You do the same for the back side of the bag And don’t forget to take your bias And sew it all around to have a clean bag on the inside When you do that you are done voilà we are done I hope you enjoyed the DIY if you do please let me know thoughts in the comment section below and If you didn’t understand something because maybe I runed out of Vocabulary, I suggest you to let me know I am glad I’m done with this video and I am glad I did it and I want to Tutorial in English so I can improve myself along the way you can join me on this journey so you can see how Your French speaking girl girl trying to make tutorial videos in English you are welcome. Don’t forget to share the video subscribe Hit the like button if you liked it And I see you to my next one and thank you so much. Stay healthy creative Until then I see you take care of you and god bless you bisous Bye. Bye I’m done You


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    If you have questions about this tutorial, let your questions bellow and i will answer you.
    thank you, your french girlfriend💋

  2. Weldone sis, your English is actually good, keep them coming i love it. Indeed you're so talented sis thumbs up 👌👍💖

  3. Je t’avoue que je connais rien en anglais 😅 mais c’est une très bonne idée j’apprendrais qlq mot 😍 courage

  4. Thank you very very much, you're such a wounderful person and don't worry about ur english it's perfect, may God bless you more sweetie🙏💋💋😘😘😘😘

  5. You are a Beautiful Woman and your English Sounds Great to me!
    I Love your Accent!
    I just found your channel today so I'm a New Subscriber!!!
    Great Tutorial….
    If Anyone has Anything Negative to say Please Ignore them! Your English Sounds Amazing to me!
    I wish that I could Learn French {Which is my Heritage I'm French Creole' but I Don't Speak French😊😂😊} I also want to learn Spanish…InshaAllah
    Thanks for Sharing….. 💗💖💗

  6. Iro you are awesome i love your videos so easy to follow. Well done expecting more from you. Im your major fan

  7. So beautiful thank you. I appreciate you being uncomfortable to teach your talent. I understood you perfectly

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