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Today we will learn how to make a big flower from fabric. It is very light and the magic of a beautiful
flower! There are three sizes of petals in the flower.
Make templates of them from two A4 sheets and one A3 sheet. One sheet of A4 cut into 4 parts. One part
is folded in half and draw half a petal. The small petal template is ready. The second sheet of A4 folded in half. Draw
half of the petal. The third sheet of A3 folded in half. Cut
off the excess part – 3 – 4 inches. Draw half of the petal. The biggest template is ready. Petals can be made from light fabric. Voile,
organdy, nylon. You can combine two different fabrics. Fantasize. Number of petals. For flower needs 6 small,
6 medium-size, 6 big petals. The petals of the flower will be double. To do this, I cut
out 12 small, medium, large petals. I use fabric glue in my work. When dried,
it becomes transparent and can not be seen on the fabric. The glue is called UHU. Need a wire thickness of 1 mm. and a length
of 16 inches. Buy straight wire, not twisted . The little petals are formed with one wire. The main thing that was not from the glue
marks on the petals. I cut the corners at the base and form a petal. On average the petals glue the three wire.
The main lobe kept the form and did not fall at the edges. I cut the corners at the base and form a petal. With big petals are doing the same thing,
but they are two different fabrics. One is yellow organza, the other is pink organza
with texture. These petals get a colored effect. The fabric can be treated with fire, so it
does not bloom.But I didn’t process my flower. I will form a flower on a thick wire. Three
pieces of wire wrapped with floral tape. I cut out the middle of the flower from the
fabric and glued it to the wire. The first petals form at the middle of the
flower and fasten the wire. The ends of the petals secured at the base of floral tape. Medium and large the petals shape and secured
with floral tape. The flower is ready! Subscribe to the channel,
put likes, ask questions in the comments. Every week there is one new video! With you
was Anja Kovaleva and canal Happy Decoration. Bye.

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  1. Anna I love your DIY'S, this flower is #BEAUTIFUL💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏, for your first time WOW, I want to see more with different types of cloth thanks for the tutorial it was wonderful 😘

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the flower and first time making an English video . You did awesome on both . Bravo 👏🏻

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