DIY BRAIDED RUG // make a rug from old clothing + fabric scraps!

DIY BRAIDED RUG // make a rug from old clothing + fabric scraps!

hi I'm Megan Nielsen and today I'm going to teach you how to take your old worn-out clothing and leftover fabric scraps from old sewing projects and turn them into a beautiful braided rug I absolutely hate waste and this is a great way to take some things that would otherwise end up in the landfill and turn them into something useful and unique that's really beautiful before we get started I would love it if you would hit subscribe if you want to make sure you get my future updates and let's get started the first thing you need to do is gather up your fabric scraps or ruined clothing and cut them into 1 inch wide strips it doesn't matter if they're stretchy or woven fabrics but personally I like to make each braid out of a mix of both for this rug I've decided to stick to a theme of pink white and gray to begin take three strips layering them on top of each other and sew along the edge to secure tape the sewn edge to a table or chess that doesn't move while you're braiding you could also pin it to a fabric couch or bed but obviously don't put into anything leather begin braiding not too loose and not too tight let's speed this up so I can show you how to join your pieces to your braid breeding enough to make a rug can take a while so I like to do it while watching TV I estimate an episode of Gilmore Girls is probably enough time to braid enough for a small rug the original series not the Netflix reboot which I like to pretend it doesn't exist when you come to the end of your braid there are a few ways you can add on more fabric you can simply take a new piece of fabric place it over the piece that's ending and wrap the outer one around it tightly then begin braiding again carefully this is my favorite method as it's the fastest and it really doesn't take a lot of time as you can see you just kind of keep braiding and that tightens everything together and holds it securely okay while you're watching me add that piece in I'm just going to tell you quickly about my least favorite method of adding fabric to a braid but it's still perfectly legitimate and that's to take your new strip and sew it to the piece that's run out you can do this by hand or you can do on the sewing machine I don't particularly like it because I feel like it just wastes a lot of time and it's not as fast okay so we've had another piece run out now so I can show you my second favorite way of adding fabric you'll need a pair of scissors for this one so go grab them is to cut a slit into a new piece that you're going to add on omni's as you can see I'm just folding in half and giving a little snip with my scissors it's a small hole maybe only two centimetres long then you would fold the piece that needs to be added to and make it a little slit in that one as well now this bit is really important always push the piece that has run out through the hole in the piece that you're adding that has to happen first then take the long remaining end of the PC you're adding and put it through the slit in the piece that you're adding to give it a little tug pull all the way through and the two pieces will be joined like magic now that you know three different ways to add new fabric to your braid you can keep braiding until you have enough for your rug don't worry if some of the edges of your braid would look a little messy as you're adding things this won't be noticeable all when we saw the rug together at the end once you've braided all of your scraps enough for a rug then we can get sewing set your sewing machine to a wide zig-zag stitch and make sure you're using a sturdy needle like leather or denim needle as you'll be sewing through thick layers place all of your braids on the right side of your sewing machine make a small coil like this and sew them together make sure you always pull your braid into your coil from the right hand side as your coil will be growing on the left okay let's get started sewing fold under the end of your braid by about an inch and sew it together once you've done this you can start turning more brighter on the first coil and zigzagging to attach them go slowly the first few turns are the hardest it feels a bit fiddly but it gets much easier after you've done the first few turns keep going adding more braids around the outside edge and be careful that you don't stretch your braid as you go or your rug will end up warped once you have a placemat size piece you'll need to stabilize it as you sew to make sure it stays flat and doesn't want I didn't show in this video but I stacked up a few magazines on my table that were the same height as my quilting plate and this helped me to make sure that my rug stayed flat as I sewed when you get to the end of your rug you can simply tuck under the remaining edge of the braid and zigzag closed for this rug I wanted to keep adding to it over time so I left the ends loose now whenever I get new scraps that are in the same color palette I add it to the braid and sew it straight to the rug it's a constantly growing scrap rug I hope you enjoyed this tutorial don't forget to subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below if you have any questions

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  1. Looks great and going to give it a try! I have a lot of fabric that I need to use and do not want to just throw them away. Thank You!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the instructions! What am I doing wrong when my carpet bulges inward? I made a bag out of my first project because it was not smooth. To sew together I use the largest zigzag stitch. Sorry the translation – google!

  3. Wow, when I saw this was such a short video I was wondering if it would really show me what to do. I’m fired up now to make a braided rug for my new house! I’ve downsized all my old stuff away, but I sure don’t mind a trip to the fabric store to dig through the sale bins for some fun fabric. Thanks!

  4. If we dont have a sewing machine that would handle the braid that we have made, what do we use to make sure it stays together ,?

  5. Great instructions but I am doing something wrong—–as I started sewing my rug would not lay flat, after about 8 inches round it look more like a bowl, what am I doing wrong?

  6. Thank you, I have made scrap rugs by knotting them, which works, but your ideas make something you can be much more sure of the end result.

  7. Hi Megan! I understand that you advised to use a heavy duty sewing needle, do you advise to use a upholstery/ heavy duty thread as well? I love your channel and appreciate all your informative and inspiring videos! Thanks!

  8. Oooh lady, you saved me $1000 usd. Thank you so much. Now I know what project to do with my daughters while we wait out our raining spring season.

  9. Exactly the kind of tutorial I love! Amazing use of old belongings without adding to our ever growing garbage !! Do you crotchet ??

  10. Thanks for this great idea and tutorial! I am part way through making my first rug. Problem is it started warping even though I was really careful not to stretch the braid. I tried pushing the braid into the foot when I noticed it to give it a bit of ease but it didn't work. I also tried changing from my beloved walking foot to the normal zigzag foot to no avail. Any idea what I could be doing wrong, please?

  11. Beautiful – thank you for a wonderful and very clear instructional video. Only thing was I couldn't really see how you were sewing it but I assume you simply overlapped the two rows. Thanks again.

  12. Hi – does this work well with all types of fabric, and do you advice not mixing different types of fabric in one project? TY!

  13. WOAH!!! Thats AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the info! I always wanted to know how to do that!! I do have a few additional questions tho…???

  14. OH My Gosh…
    You have no idea how much this video made me
    Years ago my grandmother was going to show me
    how to do this… but she passed away before she could.
    I have seen other videos on YouTube but they crochet it…
    Judi doesn't do that… LOL…
    THANK YOU so much for sharing this great video.
    question: do you do a zig zag stitch? It was a little hard to
    SEE what you where doing…

  15. I too REALLY appreciated your use of time, you provided all the instructions clearly and concisely, managed to throw in personal tips and tricks and WHY, spared us any extra or repetitive info and kept a perfect pace. All this sounds as if you were "all Business " but yet you came across very personable even letting us know about a possible obsession for GILMORE GILRS which also exposed your sarcastic side when bashing the Netflix remake. Anyway, sounds super easy, gunna start mine now. Thank you for taking the time to share this

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