DIY Cape Coat 2 – How to transform a Suit into a Cape Coat (Hindi)

DIY Cape Coat 2 – How to transform a Suit into a Cape Coat (Hindi)

Hey, Welcome to Peej Fashion. In the last video I made a video on a Coat which has a Cape coat kinda look But in this video I’ll be making a coat with a proper cape attached to it. For this I’ll be using an old Pant Suit to tranform it into a Cape Coat. We would need – a pant suit or skirt suit, scissor, cutter, inch tape, matching thread, needle, tailoring chalk, pins and newspaper and a pen. In the last video we told you how to open up the sleeves to make a cape please check that out for detailed info Link in the description box. This is attached from the shoulder. We need to take out the back side of the sleeve till the top point of the shoulder. Fold the sleeve in half, mark the center Cut it and take it out. You would end up with just a strip of fabric for sleeve. Measure coat length, which is 25″ in my case. Mark 2 to 3 inches extra on the pants and cut it so that we can get enough fabric to make a cape. Seam rip the leg and stitch both the legs together. Fold the coat in half and now we are going to make a cape pattern Fold the newspaper horizontally, so that we can get a bigger length Tape some extra paper incase the coat length is bigger Keep the fold of the coat on the fold of the newspaper Plz make sure the collar is outside of the paper Now mark the shoulder line tracing the coat’s shoulder. Draw a line from the shoulder to the full width of the paper. and cut. Fold the pant fabric from center Place the cape pattern on it. Plz match the fold from the pattern top. Ignore if the bottom fold is a little visible. You can stitch the bottom curve straight if you want. the important thing is to match the fold of the pattern to that fold of the fabric only from the neck part. Mark outline and then cut it. You can make this cape if you have a skirt as well. Now we need to stitch the cape on the coat. start with pinning the sleeves. and we will stitch it at sewing machine. We stitched the sleeves, and now we need to stitch the shoulders. Fold it inside and pin it. If you made a proper shoulder length pattern then you would not have any difficulty in setting it well. Now hand sew it with tiny stitches. Using a matching color thread so that the stitch is hardly visible. We stitched the cape as well. Mark a line and cut the extra. Leaving some fabric to fold the hem. Fold, secure with pins and hem it. I am folding the collar inside to give it a new look. Now just a few finishing touches. Hem the sleeves, the arm hole and the collar that I folded inside. Cape coat is ready. Share your DIY photographs with us at our FB page or at our Instagram

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  1. Beautiful idea . i liked it. God bless you. Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea . In returns to you 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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