29 Replies to “DIY Cloth Pads for "Wherever"”

  1. Wow,women still buttfucked over Hillary's loss … have nothing better to do than hallucinating? Poor things. You wish Trump would grab you,since no one else would or ever will go near you diseased crustations ❤ Do the world a favor, grow the fuck up ❤❤

  2. Wish I would have found you guys sooner! I started using a cup two months ago, and your videos have been super helpful!

  3. Thank you for the video💗What is th reason for cutting the hole and sewing it back up? Was it only to turn it inside out because the inside of the fabric is the more absorbent side?

  4. Fun watching someone try to figure out their own rendition of someone else's pad pattern. The shape and construction are identical to JesWith3 pads– it isn't fully figured out here as it's not as clean around the edges. Nice attempt, though and hey, making a buck on it, too! Go You!

  5. Really??? Justifying using the president of the United States face as a pad because "Disney princesses" are on little girls underwear?? Your real classy aren't ya? Nah. Your sick.

  6. I don't really want Trump staring directly into my vagina. Well, at least I get to bleed all over his horrible face and ego.

  7. You said the web page for the pattern to fast. Can I have it please, anyone has a good page for a pattern ?

  8. Really? Using the presidents face for the soaker cloth? How disrespectful, immature and shows a real lack of class.

  9. why cant you just wash them with your towels? also, i think using prints would not be as sanitary as using white cotton like what underwear his in the crotch. i would just bleach them in hot water with my towels. i dont have my period anymore but have a little urine dribble. i think this would save alot of money! i was told a long time ago to only wear white panties because i was getting yeast infections from colored ones.

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