DIY Clothes Hacks That Actually Work – Restoring Adidas – Donating Clothes

DIY Clothes Hacks That Actually Work – Restoring Adidas – Donating Clothes

in today's video I'll be showing you guys how to properly organize all of your clothes donate what you don't need to charity and restoring a fairly old pair of Adidas plus more DIY clothes hacks that I'm sure somebody dared me to do in the comment section in the last video I asked you guys to tell me something nice you plan on doing for someone else and here's what you said and they are all really nice things and I hope this motivates you or reminds you to actually go out and do it and since you guys came up with so many comments I thought I'd ask another question what is something you are planning on letting go of it could be anything from a pair of jeans you want to donate to charity a grudge you've been carrying against somebody else or maybe you're just literally carrying something really heavy and you'd like to set it down be creative with your answers and put whatever you can come up with in the comments section I'll be picking 10 of my favorite to be featured in the next video now let's get this thing going now for the first part of this video I'm gonna be sorting through all of my old clothes and arranging them a recon doe style but instead of putting the clothes on my bed I'm gonna be putting them on the floor so that I can have more room for video purposes but I didn't want you guys to think that I was putting all these clean clothes on a dirty floor so I took a quick time-lapse of my mopping robot cleaning up the floor just so that way you know that none of the clothes are getting dirty and by the way I love this little robot a lot and that's probably because I really hate mopping and this robot is pretty quiet while it works and I think that it actually does a really good job so this is it this is all of my clothing this is every stitch of clothing I own except for one load of clothes that's actually still in the dryer all these clothes are cleaned and my floor has just been cleaned so I'm ready to start sorting through all this stuff to find out how much of this do I actually even need my guess is probably not much and whatever I don't need I'm gonna be giving away to charity but the way I'm gonna be determining what I need and what I don't need is simply by what sparks my joy that's right I'm gonna be Marique on doing my entire closet that'll be honest it seems like I probably only we're about five shirts but I bet you I have about a hundred or more I have no idea I really need to go through this this is going to be quite a process but it needs to get done and I didn't used to have this much clothes it just sort of all accumulated over a very long period of time and I definitely feel like this is going to be something very good to do not only for the people that will be donating clothes too but for myself as well carrying around this much stuff that you don't need is actually carrying around a lot of baggage having all this extra stuff just occupies more space that could be used for other things and I hear that having so much clutter in your life can be very stressful and obviously all this stuff is cleaned but it is also obviously not organized and I think by just simply organizing everything that might also clear up a lot of free space as well and I have several different types of baskets right here so what would it be doing is I'm going to be picking up each item of clothing one by one and either deciding if it sparks me joy or if not then I'll be thanking it and putting it in a bag that I'll be later giving away the stuff that I am gonna keep I'm gonna roll up and stick into each one of these little bins we've got several here although they're all stuck together but I might need more bins but I do have some hangers and other things that are gonna help me out with this but it should be a pretty satisfying process to watch actually seeing all this clutter turn into something that hopefully ends up being pretty neat so ensure I feel like doing this is going to be something that I could do that would be good for everybody and I think it's gonna be pretty fun to watch I really do that being said let's get started now folding clothes is not my favorite thing in the world to do but as you can see I've gotten way behind on doing that so this needed to be done anyways but for some reason watching these big giant piles of clothes turn into nice neat little stacks was oddly satisfying okay so here are the clothes that I'm gonna be donating to charity I'm not sure exactly how much it is but it's a good little bit I'm definitely keeping a lot more than what I'm giving away because frankly I don't want to have to walk around the house but naked all the time matter of fact I don't think anybody wants that I also have this little basket which is all basically shorts and underwear and I got a few pairs of socks in there I think I'm not really sure what all else but hopefully these clothes can go to good use I mean that right there looks like about a full closet worth of clothes I'll show you guys what I'm gonna be keeping just so you can kind of look at it by comparison but I'm gonna say right up front that I am gonna be keeping more than what I'm gonna be giving away but eventually everything is gonna get given away but I felt like there's a good sort of clothes in here I got a few jeans over there got a few different shirts I've got some long-sleeve shirts over here some button-down some collared shirts it's just a good assortment of different things so hopefully all of this can go to some good use but the real question is are they gonna actually accept all these clothes they might have some very high criteria for what kind of clothes you can donate and what you can't donate and all of these clothes are used so I wouldn't be too surprised if they actually turn some of these clothes away and say that they are not eligible for donation but I guess we're just gonna have to take it there and find out once we get there and here's all the clothes that I'm gonna be keeping this is a whole bunch of shirts on the top row and those are all of my pants on the bottom row that's it that's everything that I'm gonna be keeping that goes in the closet although I do have those baskets that are also full of a lot of different things mostly just like boxers and shorts and socks and things like that but I'll show you that now here's all of my shorts I got all the shorts that I wear in two bins I got socks and boxers actually here's the socks here's all my boxers nobody wants to see that got more underwear here and on the bottom row we've got more socks please excuse all the dust that's in my room I know it's disgusting and this is me finally getting rid of all of my unneeded stuff and also me realizing who the real hero of the story is [Applause] okay I got a donation receipt and they did not want to even check any of the stuff that I was dropping off I guess they were just cool with me giving them whatever which is I guess probably the way to do it just accept everything sort through it later one thing I wanted to say though is that I definitely admired this woman that is out here in the blistering heat sorting through all these people's old stuff I mean that takes dedication and I hope that they're paying her a lot but they're probably not she may be even just donating her time I actually have no idea but um she's doing the hard work this video is not about me this video is about her she is out here in the heat I only had to sort through my crap she's sorting through everybody's stuff so Wow kudos to her and hopefully that all goes to good use now we will be on to the next thing so I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking well I'd like to donate some clothes but I can't always just go out and buy a new clothes and the trick to this is just making the clothes that you have last a little bit longer and that includes your shoes now on camera these shoes probably still look pretty good because I have a really bright light on it right now but what I'm gonna do is dim down the light for just a second and now you can start to see a little bit more of the darkness that has kind of soaked into the boost part of these adidas nmd runners and that's the first part that's kind of noticeably worn on these type of shoes this boost material really just soaks up any sort of dirt or anything and believe it or not I've actually cleaned these somewhat recently all right let me turn the light back up but there's a trick that I found online they'll actually make this white part of the shoe brand new again and that is masking tape and an oil-based white sharpie pen I don't know if this is going to work or not just found this on the internet and well things on the internet are a little shaky you never know how real or fake any of that stuff can be but I do see a ton of people using this and the results they get are pretty good so I'm gonna give it a shot we'll see what happens you know what I'm not even gonna take these up I'm just gonna try to be really really careful [Applause] [Applause] when I dim the lights you can really tell which one is which I mean that is no comparison whatsoever one of these looks brand-new and the other one does not that's kind of crazy I mean it's not that crazy I mean I did paint the shoes but still that's that's a pretty good comparison right there I'm gonna turn the light back up just a bit but even here you can still tell that the difference is night and day that's pretty cool and I definitely think I'm gonna get a lot more use out of these adidas and MP runners they just look brand new now and this is really the first part you're gonna notice if something is worn on it and like I said they look brand new to me that being said we'll be on to the next thing I'm not gonna take you guys through the whole process of me whitening this one because well you see that it works it definitely does make it look better it's really just a matter of does it hold up or not and if it doesn't I will let you guys know in a future video but in the meantime I'm always up for a good suggestion so make sure to leave me your ideas in the comments section feel free to be as creative as you'd like and if you're down there anyways maybe you could like the video subscribe if you get to have done that and as always I'll be seeing you guys in just a few days with a new video all right thanks guys bye

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  1. I’ve been trying to let go of how others perceive me and to open up to people. Hasn’t been going too well but I’m sure it’ll get better eventually.

  2. It seems like the break was really good for you man. I can tell that it’s helped make you a better and more positive person. Keep it going!!

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