hi loves for this tutorial you need two yards or meaner of the Shiki fabric fold the double and when you do you’ll see that the fabric already shows how to cut it what I did is use a sweater I recently created to know the width for the sleeves then I cut it larger as I wanted it to be an oversized dashiki dress pin the sides so it and then hem the neckline arm openings bottom and you’re done you if you enjoy this easy-peasy tutorial click like and subscribe for more videos and I would be very grateful if you share this tutorial with all your friends thanks for watching listen up Saturday November 15 I will be organizing my second Harlem fabric store and it’s absolutely free I will also show you the shop where I gather dashiki fabric from to sign up go to my Facebook page and click the participate hope to see there you can also follow me on Instagram Facebook and Pinterest

68 Replies to “DIY DASHIKI DRESS IN 7MIN + 10% DISCOUNT CODE DASHIKI FABRIC 🌍 African Harlem Culture Couture”

  1. Wow tengo uno y no lo usaba porque esta super ancho y no lo había querido regalar tenia la esperanza de usarlo algún día y esta idea me encanto muy practica . Felicidades!

  2. Hola !!! 🙂 Felicidades por todos tus videos creo que tienen mucho exito, especialmente ayudan a principiantes como yo que no saben mucho de costura, esperamos ver más!

    Te puedo pedir un tutorial de esos short pollera, parecen ese tipo de falda plato pero no lo son son short. De todos modos Gracias te deseo muchos exitos para que puedas seguir ayudando 🙂

  3. This is so freakin cool….how can i make the sleeves longer or add a hood?…even if you cant answer these questions….you've showed me a great deal. Thanks

  4. You look so cute in this! I've watched a few of your videos and you make it all look so easy. You're really good at this. Thanks!

  5. I need help, when I fold my two yards it doesn't look like yours did, it has two big prints side by side not like yours is only one

  6. Hi! I would like to know where you buy the fabric from. I am having a hard time finding more. Please let me know! Thanks and great work 🙂

  7. I have a question: My chest size that i normally where in T-shirts loose fitting is 4-5x roughly 62" – 64"
    being a I am a larger man im seeing that making a Dashiki shirt myself might be a little bit cheaper.

    Your tutorial here is excellent but Im wondering about size, even though this would be a dress, as a shirt I dont think this would fit me.

    Would it?

    Im see that you use 2 yards of fabric here, but when folded in half that comes out to 36" width wise. I know need at least double that or maybe more with wise for my chest and stomach 72" to get that loose Dashiki fit but then Im wondering how does that effect the set up here.

    As you can tell, I dont sew so im looking for easy. Thank you in advance for any advice.

  8. So I just consulted a friend of mine and they said that two yards of fabric should be entirely more than I need but to be sure, I should go to the fabric store

  9. The store must have cut my fabric wrong because when folded in that direction it is opposite. I'll still try to make a shirt tho 🤔

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