DIY Deadpool Fabric Mask Part 1 – Template & Sewing | DIY

DIY Deadpool Fabric Mask Part 1 – Template & Sewing | DIY

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  1. oh hello, share this with all your friends & family, also go watch the movie! maximum effort – dp 🙂
    help me to translate this video:

  2. Oh man I made a deadpool mask recently and my ass was sweating lol. Then u post this with all the blueprint and stuff…
    Also, u can use cardboard for eye pieces, then cover them with fake leather, mine turned out good that way

  3. Can't wait to see how this turns out. Finally someone attempted the movie mask! I'm in the middle of an Iron Man helmet and plan on doing my own DP mask soon.

  4. I can't believe that hand powered sewing machine exist…. Could've known that wayyyyyyy earlier when I'm sewing torn clothes

  5. Is there any chance that you can also upload a pepakura template for the face plate as well as the 3D printer file?

  6. Any chance you can do an iron fist mask? Perhaps one that wouldn’t look silly when translated to real life

  7. awesome! can't wait for part 2. after deathstroke this will be my second dali-project.
    any chance to get a deathstroke tutorial some day?

  8. any chance you could use your 3d print file to make a pepakura and do a Ryan Reynolds cereal box card face shell tutorial? I know you already did a Deadpool faceshell, but I want a Ryan Reynolds one lol

  9. If you could screen print the fabric like deadpool you could make some killer deadpool masks oh and nice do mask.

  10. Well that's ok but my sewing sucks even more lol yours is 10000 per sent beter than my sewing god job on the mask.

  11. thanks for this amazing tutorial and all of your others and industries need to make and mass produce the little staple sewing machine you have so that people can sew on a train and get the hand exercise they need… anyways thanks for the tutorials and keep up the great work DaliLomo


    All the Deadpool 😍 fans out there, Check out this 3d printed Deadpool mask tutorial!!

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