DIY Doily Wedge Shoes

DIY Doily Wedge Shoes

Hey Crafters! Welcome to another episode of
Corinne’s Craft Closet. I’m really excited about this video because
I’ve been seeing all these projects online involving old tapestries and old handmade
textiles. So when I saw these shoes on Tumblr, I knew
my old wedges were destined for a makeover. Alrighty– you want to start out this project
by taking a good look at your shoe and making a plan of attack. I’m going to cover this wedge in sections,
starting with the zipper side. There’s gonna be four sections on this side and three sections
on the other side. Starting with one section, position the doily
how you want it. You can use a clothespin to hold it on there. Then use a paintbrush to paint Mod Podge onto
that one section. Press that area of doily down onto the glue
and cut away the non-glued areas, following the ridges that already exist on the shoes. Remove the clothespin and cut the doily along
the top of the shoe. Then glue it down where you couldn’t when it was pinned. Now seal that whole section by using a paintbrush
to stipple glue on top of the doily. Make sure to be thorough when you do this. You
don’t want any large globs or puddles of glue just hanging out. Then repeat all that for section number two. For the other side of the shoe, then top part
will be all one section, since you don’t have to worry about a zipper. The wedge will be two sections on both sides.
When you’re positioning the doily for the wedge sections, you can just kind of hold
it there with your hand instead of using the clothespin. This process takes a little time. And be sure
to be manipulating the doily to fill in any spaces as you go. It’s actually really forgiving,
so just have fun with it. And when you’re all done, you’re gonna let
them dry overnight. I
love how they came out, and now want to doily-decoupage
everything. If you decide to “do the doily,” make sure
to upload pictures to the CRAFT Flickr pool– I’d love to see your work. And until next time, keep it crafty!

100 Replies to “DIY Doily Wedge Shoes”

  1. I LOOOOOOVE it !!!!! èwé Really easy to do, simple shoes, and very cheap, that s interesting ! But i was wondering if the water damage the glue and peels off the material ?

  2. I have been up cycling shoes for some time and I am not so sure the mod podge won't crack and peel. I do have another suggestion though – use 3 advanced craft glue in 1 from beacon. I have had good results with this glue both on leather and pleather. It is acid free and water proof and stays flexible. thanks so much for this idea, I am going to try it!

  3. This might hurt my heart a little bit. Since I crochet, I know how much time and work it takes to create a single doily T__T But cool idea of covering shoes with doily :3

  4. Love these! Gonna make a pair.. Can you tell me how well the doily stays on? Did you get a lot of wear of them? Thanks!

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  7. It would've looked better if the base stayed black or if you left a portion of the front toe black & side mid-section black. Maybe alternating black lace & purple do

  8. It would've looked better if the base stayed black or if you left a portion of the front toe black & side mid-section black. Maybe alternating black lace & purple doily. Or even placing a bow or adding a filling the pattern holes with beads. My head is spinning with ideas! lol

  9. Love this just have one ? would this work on fluffy shoes ?. Just wanting to know if the mod podge would be able to hold all of that together ?

  10. okay help!!!! i wanted to diy my wedges for homecoming and i need to do it tonight and i wanted to do something similar but dont have made podge so can i use glue?! keep in mind i only need this to last for about 4hrs maybe 5 if i go out to eat with friends after our party so i can repair them after the night

  11. Oh wow!!! What a fabulous idea! I just painted my pair of wedges with a Japanese Great Wave design, but will do this for my next shoe remodel!

  12. So if a person wears a size 10 or 11 do they have to you to doilies do the door please come already in purple or they want you have to paint them and do they come in bigger sizes the dollies

  13. Hello there, I was wondering if i can use this exact process on a suede pair of boots? Will mod podge work of suede? or should i use fabric glue? =)

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