DIY Dollar Store Halloween Costumes (Withwendy does Beyonce, Miss Universe, Judy Hopps) | CBC Life

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Costumes (Withwendy does Beyonce, Miss Universe, Judy Hopps) | CBC Life

Hello my name is Wendy and today I’ve
partnered up with CBC life to bring you my dollar store Halloween costume
challenge with everything that you see here I’m going to try to make three
costumes, let’s go! The first step with this costume is to bring the flowers
together into one big bouquet cut a strip of material from the tablecloth to
use as a makeshift ribbon for tying it up I cut out two long strips of metal
from the tin lid and then curled them so they could both fit around the head I
then cut up another big chunk of the lid into little strips and then bent them
around the corner of a table to turn them into beveled strips I put in some
big blobs of hot glue and then lay down a coffee stir stick to help make it
sturdy I glued these on the inside of the curled strip in varying heights and
patterns with a bunch of pipe cleaners I made a circular shape that could fit
around my head and then I hot glued it to the inside of the band to help turn
it into a crown that second curved piece got glued to the inside of the crown and
then on the front I also added this semicircle and then tons of rhinestones
to finish off this costume I cut another strip of material from the tablecloth to
make a long white ribbon and then I also cut that rhinestone mesh down to make
two skinny strips that I could glue to the two sides of the ribbon I added the
words miss universe to the sash you’re probably guessing that this is a Miss
Universe costume but you would be wrong this costume is actually the person who
crowns Miss Universe it’s kind of an interactive costume if you’re at a
Halloween party bring all of these props in your hand and be ready at any
moment’s notice to crown the next Miss Universe give her the flower give her
the sash give her that crown and then if you find out that you accidentally
crowned the wrong one just take it all the way and say sorry just be warned
they might get emotional because it’s a really really big event With this
costume we’re going to start with those felt insoles I popped open the face
paint and then painted on some white with a little bit of pink in the
midsection and then some black speckles at the top add some glue fold it in half
and then cut a little slit at the bottom this is going to help open it up so that
we can attach it to a headband with two pipe cleaners I wrapped them so that
they could be in headband shape and then I glued on the felt
insoles to turn them into bunny ears I took that orange mat curled it up into a
cone shape and glued it down so that it could be my carrot. Steal a couple of
leaves from the bouquet and you can turn that into a completed carrot with leaves
but this is much more than a bunny costume the next step is I’m going to
take the black mat and cut out a front and back body piece to strips to go over
your shoulders three medium-sized rectangles and then one long strip which
I’ll show you what to do with later I was feeling a bit extra so I decided to
add darts to the front body piece so that it could actually stand up and fit
the chest better I added a strip of hot glue to the top side of the dart then
brought it together with the bottom and put on some duct tape and that helped to
keep the whole thing secure yes this is kind of extra but BAM! look how much
more legit this looks note that it can fit your chest I attached the front to
the back along the shoulders first so I added those two strips to the front and
then I attach the other end of them to the back and secured with duct tape I
secured one of the sides with the whole glue gun duct tape thing and then on the
remaining side I added velcro strips so that I could get in and out of this top
with those various sized rectangles I put down a strip of glue and turned them
into cylinders I cut that long strip of black into three little strips and then
glued down three little cutouts from that tin lid to turn them into buttons
on the other side of the button they need velcro as well on the cylinders
they need velcro so now you can bring them together and on the backside of the
cylinders I glued down the straps so that they were glued at the very top and
then glued once more at the very end of the strap the gap between the top glue
and the bottom glue helps it to make sure that your belt can slide through
this belt hole with one pair of the socks I cut off the ribbing that was at
the top and I also cut off the part of the foot that’s after the heel I cut a
little slit into the heel to fit my thumb through and then use two strips of
duct tape to make stripes I cut out these two trapezoids from the black
material and then added two tin trapezoids and on the back I hot glued
two little strips but I slid in that ribbed cuff that we cut off of those
socks inside so that I could wrap that around my knee and turn them into
kneecaps put it all together with a blue button-up shirt and jeans and now you
are officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia Officer Hopps uses her carrot as a voice
recorder so make sure you have your carrot on hand all the time and she faced a
couple of challenges in this world she was the first bunny to join the police
force in Zootopia but she didn’t let that hold her back from solving one of
the city’s biggest mysteries With the tissue paper I separated every single
layer folded them in half and then crinkled them up along the top edge so
that I could gather them a little taking a yellow piece of string I tied it to a
bobby pin to help turn it into something that could be threaded through fabric
the sheer panels both had a loop along the bottom edge so I pushed that string
through both of those loops and then brought it back around once more to
create one continuous circle on one of the panels which would serve as the back
I also set a string through the top loop and on the other panel I cut a little
slit in the mid section and then put the string through the loop going in from
the sides and coming out the middle when you wear it the string goes over your
neck and then those two ends go around your body and tie in the front I bring
up the other end of this sheer panel contraption and tie that to the back
with that continuous loop that we created with the string this is going to
serve as the waist so i shimmied it all the way up until I got to the waist then
pulled on the strings to tighten everything and tied those two loose ends
together with a three packs of tissue that I crinkled I started gluing them in
straight lines along the skirt and worked my way around and up with the
remaining crinkled tissue paper I opened them up lay down some more string down
the middle and then put on a strip of glue fold it over the tissue paper so
that now the string was locked inside the tissue paper I gathered a bunch of
tissue papers along a string and tied that around my shoulders to make a
shoulder piece so I put on the dress put on this shoulder decor added a baseball
bat and this gets us Beyonce from her holdup music video about to go smash
some cars into fire hydrants because she angry Hey I just wanted to pop in here at the
end and wish you a very happy Halloween if you are celebrating Halloween and
also thank you so much for watching this video my name is Wendy and if you want
to see more of the videos I make on YouTube you can look up I typically actually don’t do costume tutorials ironically the thing that I
didn’t get to use in this video is the thing that I use the most which is my
sewing machine because I make sewing tutorials on youtube if you subscribe to
my channel you’ll get to see all the things that I sew over there and if you
subscribe to CBC Life then you’ll get to see what I make with them next
hope you all enjoyed this dollar store Halloween costume challenge let me know
which one was your favorite and I’ll see you next time but only if you subscribe

98 Replies to “DIY Dollar Store Halloween Costumes (Withwendy does Beyonce, Miss Universe, Judy Hopps) | CBC Life”

  1. I am so impressed! All three DIYs are so creative and polished! My fav is Judy because I love Zootopia and want to cosplay from it sometime 🙂

  2. the first one is Paulina Vega Dieppa, colombian Miss Universe who crowned the other colombian Miss Universe in an iconic back to back!!! Didnt end up the way we thought it was but its okay tho

  3. Very clever all of it….I make theatre costumes ( I sew like crazy) I really liked the crown…also the float yellow dress…but all in all you did great

  4. My God Wendy, I was already an true fan of yours, but now you are turning into a Goddess to my eyes ! 😱 Too bad I haven't seen this BEFORE Halloween, I would have loved being dressed up as Judy Hopps for Zootopia! With love and admiration! ♥️

  5. Aaaaaaa you are so clever these are all so cool !!!! I think the one I was most impressed with was the beyonce dress! that's my fave. also loved the judy hops outfit cause I love zootopia and she's a great character, and I like the interactive nature of the miss universe costume!

  6. you did amazing work! loved all of them! So much effort was put into the bunny costume but I don't feel like we saw enough of it.

  7. I hand sewed my Sally Halloween costume and handmade my wig with craft supplies from the 100yen store here in Japan this year. Turned out pretty awesome, but I definitely missed my sewing machine. Haha.

  8. Wendy! You're hilarious! Loved this. So creative 🙂 keep up with the amazing work! Also, what is the music at the end of the video?

  9. great vid. please don't make such a rush vid next time. maybe split each project into separate videos, and take your time explaining the steps from what to purchase to assembly. i thought my speed was increased in the settings, that's how fast i thought the narration and video went.

  10. I will never go into a Dollar store or "cheap" shop (as we some times call them where i'm from) and look at it the same way again!!

    What a fantastic video!!

  11. I'm making some animal costumes (also known as furry costumes) and Iv been waiting for a maniquin head for a month now that said would take 3-5 days =_= I'm frustrated

  12. you are shockingly talented!!!! Can't believe you made beyonce's dress out of tissue paper!!! Can't wait to see your future videos….thanks a lot!!!

  13. OMG! I just saw this tutorial, this is hilarious, crowning the wrong Miss Universe! LOL you need a man's costume for the host.

  14. what the actual?! why are you not trending?! that beyonce costume out of $2 deserves recognition omg i cant <3

  15. I'm so doing this! This year, I'm BROKEyonce! XD Thank you sooo much for this! As a broke [email protected]@ college student this is SUCH a better option than paying $20-50 for a dress/costume I'll never wear again! <3

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