DIY | Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume! 🎃

DIY | Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume! 🎃

Oh hi guys how are you feeling today I was so excited to post this video because the makeup turned out way better than I thought it would so in this video I will be showing you guys how to get this look for a lloween made with stuff that probably all of you have girls have around your house also this video it’s a collab video with fab creations which is a friend of mine and she will be doing a Halloween tutorial too so please go check that out I will leave the link on the description box she has an amazing channel and you should definitely subscribe to her and also to me if you didn’t already – make sure that you join our joinee so yeah that’s art so I started by applying a lighter foundation than my own skin was not needed since I already look white as it goes I started trying to circles around my eyes just to kind of have a footprint to then go over with my liquid black eyeliner and I am using a cheap one from essence it’s about like three dollars maybe it’s really inexpensive so um then I use this black eyeshadow to mattify the eyeliner and started fading with a purple eyeshadow around the black circles to make it look boost and also give it some more dimension so just keep doing that till you’re satisfied with the results so I applied the black mascara to make sure my lashes would kind of disappear into the blackness and then started to contouring with gray eyeshadow just to give it more of a scarier look I added some concealer to my lips to make them kind of faded and went over with the purple eyeshadow and the black eyeliner to make a cool neck wind effect yes this happens way too much so to make a wound effect on my neck I want again with my black eyeliner and again with the purple eyeshadow to make it look a little bit boost now comes the fun part they are you ready okay so since I told you that this was a tutorial with stuff you probably had around your house I actually made my own blood using red tea mixed with caramel syrup you know some people use it for cakes or for pancakes and I just yeah I think I think it was just fun right I don’t know I think I think it did also it doesn’t stain your clothing or your skin so yeah that’s pretty cool so yeah this was my idea for an easy last minute DIY Halloween makeup have a fun Halloween and um don’t forget to subscribe and dump up this video if you want to see more videos from me and yeah thank you so much for your support I love you guys and I’m gonna go now you you

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  1. I absolutely love your channel! I love everything about this video. I'd love to be YouTube friends with you ❤️ I liked and subscribed to your channel I'd appreciate if you can do the same (: I also have an open giveaway that u should check out.

  2. Omg you saved me! Thank you so much, this is perfect! I had no idea what I should go as, and this is easy and fast. Thank you <3

  3. I absolutely love this video and I got obsessed with your channel haha, subbed defo😂 I have a channel as well and I though you might like but j don't know 😂haha, I hope you can check it out and subscribe xxx

  4. Thank you so much for this! It was so helpful, I did it today for a thing in school… It was a last min costume and everybody loved it haha

  5. Love the video:) / You can Produce your own channel Art logo's and banners with this super easy to implement Drag & Drop program / Just visit the logo!

  6. I did this for last Halloween and I put black scarla contacts in because I can't have my eyes shut because I go to this thing with my best friend and you get chased by killer clowns with chainsaws and u have to be scary to get in, u also have to be past the age of 13 it's always really neat to go there and I always go with my best friend and one of the clowns who is her brother and we always are the special guest because we get paid to be scary and pop out at people and chase them

  7. So I might be kinda crazy looking for Halloween costumes now but I think I might pair this with my cheerleading outfit and go as a cheerleader zombie

  8. emma heeny you could use a old torn up black witch coustem lets be honest bc who hasent been a witch that celbrates halloween

  9. This is the only Halloween make up tutorial that actually used normal, cheap and easy products (most use like latex and crap and I'm super allergic to that) and it looked absolutely fantastic!! Definitely going to do this one

  10. This is so good I wish I can win in the contest when I to this make up wish me good luck and also please comment a good clothes with these thank you😊….

  11. Paired this with a torn up dirty, bloody tshirt for halloween yestrday! Only took 15min but came out so well. Thank you!

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