DIY EMO PROM DRESS | Eugenia Cooney

DIY EMO PROM DRESS | Eugenia Cooney

40 Replies to “DIY EMO PROM DRESS | Eugenia Cooney”

  1. She looks so nice here. Where's she's small but not too too small. Like the perfect size on the small end. Almost a heroine chick look

  2. How is this bitch so clueless and helpless ?

    After watching a few of her videos I get the eerie impression that she literally just hangs in a closet when she's not making YouTube videos, like an old coat.

  3. Yo she had actual content back here and doesn't say like and um 20x in one sentence 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Eugina's Dress Design:
    – nice and pretty with strategically placed stickers
    – glittery
    – really nice
    – well designed purple
    My Dress Design:
    – too many skulls
    – random streaks of purple
    – rips in the hem
    – all around traumatizing for dress designers

  5. You guys obviously don't get the picture here.. Eugenia is dying and yet you support her while she does one of the worst crimes, self harm. She's is harming herself because she's not eating enough, and we all know she has a disorder! What has humanity come to?

  6. Eugenias you have a lovely outgoing personality you can make friends in the real world try college you will meet ppl your age and they can help you if you got out more it would help you i was isolated when I had anorexia I lived for a school or with my dad and stepmom I starved myself there were no ppl in my neighborhood I lived in the country my mom did an intervention one more or with my dad I would have been dead

  7. When she said she never had any friends I felt so sad. Eugenia I wish I could be ur friend and shower u with love

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