DIY Emoji Costume/Makeup Tutorial (CC)

DIY Emoji Costume/Makeup Tutorial (CC)

(laughing) (heart beat) (BLEEEEH!) (gasp) Meh-heh-heh! (sparkles) (kiss) NyAhHh! Good evening… In this tutorial i’m going to be going over how to become and Emoji. I decided to do this intro in this emoji because I think this is the one that makes me look the LEAST crazy with my eyes open…? Uh, Lex? You always look crazy. You know what self? I guess that’s true. For whatever reason, this emoji seems to be like an internet favorite… Don’t know why! I like the Devil. EMOJI!! All of the products I used today will be listed somewhere around the video! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! You LOVE this channel! … and this channel loves you … Ha-ha-ha! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me πŸ™‚ To start off, I’m using yellow body paint and creating a circle around my face. This will create a foundation for every single emoji. All of the makeup I am using from this point out is pretty much NYX Cosmetics, so I dont have to keep saying NYX over and over again and driving you guys insane. To give your emoji face a shadow, I am going in using “suede” eyeshadow. This will just make it pop a little more from your face. Using the Primal Colors in “Hot Orange,” I’m once again going around the entire emoji face this time on the inside. This will create that rim that’s always around the emojis and you guys have a perfect reference photo right in my background. To create the highlights, which are my favorite part, I am using the NYX Milk pencil, and just blending it out. The more shines you add to your emoji, the cuter they are going to appear. (swipe) HEART EYESSS… Using the Milk pencil, I am going around my eyes and drawing hearts… for my heart eyes. Also filling them in to give a base, since we are going to be filling them in with eyeshadow. Using an eyeshadow brush and Primal Colors in “Hot Red,” I am patting the shadow on. This way you will get a more vibrant color, and it wont get all over your face. Outline your heart eyes using “Bright Red,” lipliner. To create the shading that you guys see on the edges of the heart eyes, I am going back in with “Brick Red” lipliner. (swipe) For all of the emojis, we are going to be using the same base that I showed in the beginning. To create the “Oh my God, I am SO over it,” and the “Meh-heh-heh… face,” Line the tops of your eyes, and give yourself a circle underneath your eye on each side. I am doing this using the Glide On Pencil in “Brown Perfection.” You can also use this pencil to draw on “dem brows.” The nice thing about using your own mouth is that you can literally make whatever expression you want, as long as you choose the right set of eyes. (swipe) To create THE most terrifying ones by far… I am using the Glide On Pencil in “Brown Perfection,” and just drawing on circles around my eyes. It’s easiest to do a half circle, and half circle, then close your eyes to make sure they line up. and from this one, you can literally do a ton of expressions. The “You still love me even though you KNOW I did something wrong” The “Terrifying smile” The “I have no idea who kisses people with their eyes open” “Oh my God.” (AAAAAAAAA – opera) The “Are you SURE we can’t go to the movies tonight? Because you’re really disappointing me right now.” (swipe) To create a … winky face πŸ˜‰ Draw on a circle over one eye, and then line the other. Also use this pencil to draw on your eyebrows. Remember, one is closer to the eye, and the other is higher up. (swipe) To create the kissing face, make sure you love your lips over to the side to make sure you’re not going to put the heart in a place where it is going to get distorted. I am then using “Bright Red” lipliner to draw on the heart… … “Brick Red” lipliner to fill it in… and gave the heart a little shading using “Raven” eyeshadow. Go back to your eyeliner and create little kissing V’s on your lips. Since this face’s eye is a little more elongated, I am adding more to the top and bottom. (swipe) To create the both eyes closed and blushing kissy face, draw on your eyebrows pretty close to the eyes. Line the tops of both of your eyes, and keep the kissy face on your lips. Add blush to your cheeks. (swipe) To create the “IM DEAD,” emoji, It’s easiest to use water based body paint for this and create two V’s, one on the top and one on the bottom to make an X. Also use this to draw on your eyebrows. “IM DEAD.” “IM DEAD” with teeth o.O (swipe) This one is probably the one that I use the most. I’m first using “Suede” eyeshadow to create a shadow underneath the open eye. Use white body paint and small eyeshadow brush to draw a large, filled in circle. Use black body paint to fill in your pupil, which is a little on your lid, and a little on your lower lid. Make sure you line your eye with a little tail facing down. (swipe) (GASP) My emoji fell in the background:( OF COURSE, to create the internet favorite… Line your eyes using the Glide On Pencil, as well as fill in your eyebrows. Use the NYX Milk pencil to create the tears underneath your eyes. Outline that using the jumbo pencil in “Electric Blue,” and these are super easy to blend by tapping them. Start laughing and crying at the same time!

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  1. Hi! I just want to say that you are so talented and I am a HUGE fan! Keep it up, I love watching your videos. And could you do a little bit more FX stuff? Those are my favorite πŸ˜†

  2. love your videos they make me happy even on my most terrible days while dealing with my depression. thank you so much for doing this.

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  4. Hey Lex I Was Where Did You Get The Contact Lenses You Used For The Pumpkin Makeup Or The Until Dawn Clown Makeup I Try To Contact You But You Sadly Don't Respond So Hopefully You Do To This Thanks So Much For This Tutorial I Might Do One Of These Thx

  5. You're so talented lex! You have the most creative ideas and I'd never be able to do this. I'm constantly checking your channel for new vids, and yes I'm subscribed;) but my thing acts up. Stay cool!! Lol bye!!!!

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