DIY Emoji Halloween Costume!

DIY Emoji Halloween Costume!

Hey. Hey, moon emoji. Are you awake? Yes, I’m awake. Of course I’m awake. I’m the moon, I’m always awake. Right. Right. Do you think people
realize that emojis talk when they close their phones? No, I doubt they
would know that. Wait, shh, she’s coming. Oh. Hey guys, it’s Rachel. No, yeah, like this
is– like behind this is just regular skin. Yeah, this is actually Rachel. Also, I am currently having
a giveaway where I give away an iPhone 6s, or a MacBook Air. And the only rule for
this entire giveaway is that you must be
subscribed, that’s it. Woo! And I’m going to announce
the winner on October 25. And I know this isn’t the
only emoji Halloween costume, but I’ve never
actually seen someone turn their face into an emoji. Let’s bring this video
to 300,000 likes, and let’s get on with the video. You’re going to need these
little half circle things. So, I took one of those old
science fair poster boards, and cut two half
circles out of it. Then, trace a little half
circle in the half circle. And these are good because
they have thick paper and then Styrofoam in it. So, just cut off
the Styrofoam layer, and leave the thick
paper layer on. Now you’re going to need some
liquid latex– you can get it from a Halloween store. And then, just liquid
latex that onto your face, and use a blow dryer on cold
just to make it stick on. And then, put some liquid
latex on the outside, so that it really just sticks
and doesn’t have any bumps. And do the same
for the other side. And now you’re going to
take some white face paint, and put that all over
your entire face. This is the base for any emoji
you’re going to ever make. You’re going to need some
blue and black face paint. And just blend that together
until makes this gray shade, and apply that to your
entire circular face. As you can see the moon
emoji has brush strokes. So, add some more black
to that face paint, and add some brush
strokes around the outside of your face. And then, make some eyebrows
with that dark face paint also. And then, contour your nose. And for the making of
the nose of the emoji, just add two thick circles. And then, outline the
bottom of your nose, and do that for both sides. Now make some smile lines. And drag the smile line
across your top lip, and a little bit on
the bottom of your lip. Make a highlight shade
with blue and white. And highlight your
circles of your nose, and the bridge of your nose,
and also your forehead. Can’t forget those
cheekbones, and your lip. Now add a thin black
line between your lips. Now make the emoji eye shape
with some white face paint, and also add the eyelids. And now draw a black circle
facing the left of your face, and fill that in with brown. And then, make a circle
facing the left also a black. Then take some white face
paint and add some shimmer to your eyes. I don’t think I would count this
as a cute Halloween costume, I think this is more
on the creepy side. You’re supposed to
not have a nose. So, we’re going to
take some masking tape, and just tape some layers
of that on our nose until we just don’t
have a nose anymore. Then, take some
yellow face paint and put that all over your face. And then, take some
translucent powder– so that it’s not
creamy anymore– and just put that
over your entire face. Then take some orange
eyeshadow and blend a circle around the outside
of your face, so that it has a nice little
outline like the emoji. Prime your eyelids, and then
apply a white base over that. And then, just use
a yellow eyeshadow around that entire area
so it doesn’t crease. And then, line a a thick black
line on your upper lash line so it acts as the eye. And then take a dark
blue face paint, and drag two lines down your
face starting from your eye. And then fill it in. Then take a light blue eyeshadow
apply that to the center. And then take a white
eyeshadow, and just blend that even
more in the center because then you have a gradient
looking stream going on there. Just draw a black circle
around your mouth, and split it in half. But fill in the bottom half
with black and the top half with white. And clean up any
lines going on there. Look at how funny it
looks from the side. Now apply really
circular eyebrows. This is easier with
an eyeliner pen. Ooh. When we show up in your text
messages that’s our job. We are physically doing our job. But at the end of the day, we
go home to our emoji families. I saw a picture
of myself just now and got legitimately terrified. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my previous
two videos, look down below. And subscribe [INAUDIBLE] if
you’re not subscribed already. OK, I love you guys so much. Bye.

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