DIY Fabric andwood earrings

DIY Fabric andwood earrings

you hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I am coming to you guys today with a DIY on this beautiful fabric and word earring fabric on both sides I'm going to show you guys how to make this earring please stay tuned these are the items that you will need to do this project round nose pliers flat nose pliers a sharpie black sharpie your fabric original tacky glue by elion I love this stuff is excellent your piece of wood that you will be using your earring posts your silver plated wire and a rag for you to wipe your hands on the first thing you need to do is pick out your desired fabric that you want to use for your for your piece of wood so what I have to do was I trace I took my wood and I traced four pieces and and I cut them out the next thing you want to do is you want to take your sharpie and this is permanent fine point and you just want to go around the edges of your piece of wood I thought yeah you just want to color it in all the way around the next thing I did this piece already I thought I didn't I didn't know I had already did this piece the next thing you want to do is you want to take whatever piece of fabric that you want and you want to put some of your tacky glue on it and you want to use as much as you can now what I normally do with this I take my finger and I just make sure that I put it on the whole entire piece cover the whole thing and you want to do this for the front and the back and as you're wiping that's why you have your little rag there you can wipe the excess off of your finger onto the little rag clean that up a tad bit I think I use just a little too much glue but it's all good now the next thing you want to do once you get that on there like that you want to take your piece of fabric and you just want to place it over top of the glue now what you need to do is you want to let this sit and dry at least for a couple of hours before you mess with it and then you'll flip it over and you'll put the other piece on the opposite side you put this piece on the opposite side okay now once your item has dried the next thing you want to do is you want to go along the edges and trim all the excess off because sometimes depending on how you cut it out you we'll have extra fabric that is hanging over so you want to trim and cut all of that off so you can have a nice smooth surface now the next thing you need to do is put a hole in there and I did somewhat put a hole in a I'll use I use these and I put a hole so we can go ahead and do the final touch which is adding the connection piece so we want to take our wire let me want to make our loop like we normally do like that then bend it this way then we want to come around a couple times ok that's what you should have and I'm going to take my wire cutters cut off my excess wire take my flat nose pliers and just push it up so that it can be flushed up against the wire and it won't stick you okay now the next thing I do is most people don't do this like this but whenever I'm using any type of bead or anything I put it I put it in backwards okay so I'll flip my bead but whatever part you want it to be facing the front you want you want to do it from the back so I'm a flip I flip my bead facing me push this down through the hole I bring it I pinch it up bring it up and this is what you should have then I bend my wire okay and then I start wrapping around so we're going to just wrap around okay and this is what you should have now once you wrap it around a couple times it's not going to go anywhere it's going to stay in place and plus it makes it look much neater sometimes people just take a jump ring and they stick a jump bringing there and then they then you have to figure out you have to put another jump ring so that you can turn it around so that when you put your earrings and it could be facing the proper way that it's supposed to so I'm going to take my I'm sorry on my nose is running I got allergies I'm going to clip this cut this excess of wire off okay and then I'm going to take my flat nose pliers squeeze it in there you have it and now last but not least we're going to put in the the hook and close sorry y'all close it up and there you have it nice two little cute pair of earrings please stick around for the end of this tutorial so that you can see how it looks on Rebecca I think everybody for tuning in to my channel today please subscribe if you haven't subscribed hit the little button up on the side that's so that you can get notifications on when I will be doing more videos y'all have a wonderful day peace and blessings bye y'all you

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  1. I do this but I saw another young lady in a group on Facebook that does them differently but she won’t reveal how…the fabric is all the way around the wood circle. You can tell by the part where you color it’s fabric. Can you figure this step out because I’m struggling

  2. Really explicit. I like it. Go ahead madam. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! I love the pattern of the fabric. Did you just design by yourself or where did you get this so gorgeous fabric 😍😍😍

  4. Oh my nice. I have to make a trip to Walmart now and look for these wood pieces well I just went to wally world and they only had the wood with the wood already drilled into the place for the earring hook. Wish me luck lol

  5. Did you pierce the hole or did it come with the hole? I bought some but its way smaller than yours and it didn't come with the hole to attach the jump rings

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  7. Beautiful project!! Where would we get the flat wooden discs from? Is it precut or is it something you had to do yourself?

  8. πŸ‘ Beautiful!!! Will the Tacky Glue keep the fabric from lifting from wood … is it permanent? I've seen some use Mod Podge – which one is better? πŸ’•

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