DIY Fabric Bauble Necklace | Fabric Knot Necklace {Tutorial}

DIY Fabric Bauble Necklace | Fabric Knot Necklace {Tutorial}

23 Replies to “DIY Fabric Bauble Necklace | Fabric Knot Necklace {Tutorial}”

  1. Some Wal-Mart's carry them in there art's and craft's. Even the Dollar tree. Excellent… Super cheap.

  2. To get different sized spheres, consider buying inexpensive round beaded necklaces from resale shops.

  3. I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  4. Been looking for a beautiful fabric necklace to make for my family and friends that's Classy Cute. This is it! I can combine this look with some of my other looks. Thanks so much for a great video!

  5. I have two questions ma'am. what kind of fabric should I use for making these necklaces? I didn't understand what fabric was the black and white cloth? and my second question is would it work if I use cotton thread beads instead of wooden beads since those are much lighter than the wooden ones? thank you. great video.

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