DIY Fabric Shoe Laces – add more colour to your shoes!

DIY Fabric Shoe Laces – add more colour to your shoes!

Hi, I’m Josh Rimer. And I’m Owen Clark. And today, we’re going to show you how to fancy up your footwear, with some sweet fabric laces. And you won’t even need to sew it. [sound effects] For this fun and stylish way to update the look of your runners, you’re going to need a piece of fabric, with the design of your choice, a pair of scissors, a marker, some heat-shrink tubing from your local hardware store, a heating source, like a lighter, or a hair dryer, or a heating gun, if you’ve got one. Shoes that you want to change the look of, a measuring tape and a ruler, an iron, and of course, some Speed-Sew! Owen, never criticize someone unless you walk a mile in their shoes. Why is that, Josh? Because then you’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have their shoes, so what are they gonna do? Walk in their bare feet? So the first thing you’ll need to do, is take out the existing laces and measure their length. Forty-six inches. OK, great. Now, we’re gonna take the fabric, and we’re going to measure 46 inches along the fabric. And look at that. Forty-six inches! Perfect! Heh-heh. And, now, you’re gonna measure two inches width across the fabric. And, mark that along the fabric, all the way down the length. Then, just take the ruler, and draw a straight line, all the way down that. How do aliens tie their shoes? How?! With astro-knots! Hmm-hmmm! Cut along your line, all the way down your fabric. And then, you’re just going to repeat the process again, cutting that strip in half. Why couldn’t the shoes go out to play? Why? Because they were all tied up! Of course! Yes, they were. Obviously. Now it’s time to iron. So, you take one of your strips, and you just grab the edges, pull them into the middle, and iron along the whole way down. And, if you’ve got a friend to help you out, that’s what friends are for. And then, take a piece of fabric, and fold it in half, and iron it all the way down again, once more. And then you go through the same process with the other strip of fabric. Owen, did you hear about the little shoe who was upset? No, I didn’t. Oh, his father was a loafer, and his mother was a sneaker. Aww… Poor shoe. Now, take the Speed-Sew, and carefully, and lightly, dab it on, all the way down the center crease, all the way along the fabric. Owen, yo’ mama is so poor, I saw her walking outside with one shoe, and I said, ‘Did you lose a shoe?’. And she said, ‘No, I found one’! Poor, poor, mama. Poor mama. Take your piece of quarter-inch heat-shrink tubing, and cut out half-inch pieces. You’ll need four of them. Then take the pieces of tubing, and push the fabric into them. It’s probably good to leave just a little bit sticking out the ends. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Wooden shoe. Wooden shoe, who? Oh. Wooden shoe like to know? Hah, hah. Oh, that sass, though! Now, you just heat-shrink the plastic tubing ends. And then you can just cut off the tips, to make it nice and clean. And, repeat that whole process with the other piece of fabric. Oh, and why don’t pandas wear shoes? Why? Because they like to go bear-foot! Why does it have to be a panda, Josh? Because it’s a bear! Oh, ok. Panda bear! What about a brown bear? Why? Because doesn’t have the word ‘bear’ in it. Panda doesn’t have the word ‘bear’ in it. That’s the whole point. Got it. I can’t say the word ‘brown’. And there you have it, you just lace up your shoes with the new laces, and you’ve got this fun new look! The red laces are cool. Much better. I’m Josh Rimer. And I’m Owen Clark. And we just showed you, you don’t need to sew it. Everybody who subscribes to our YouTube Channel, ‘likes’ this video, and leaves a comment below, here on YouTube, by the end of June, is going to get their free tube of Speed-Sew. And thank you to everyone who made a comment last month, we’ll be sending you a tube shortly. So make sure you come back next month, because we’ll have another episode, where we’ll show you how to make something really cool, without the need to sew it. Bye. Toodles! Hi, I’m Josh Rimer. And I’m Owen Clark. And today, we’re gonna show you how to sweeten, how to… Hi, I’m Josh Rimer, …And I’m Owen Clark. And today, ah, oh my gosh… heh heh heh Hi, I’m Josh Rimer… …And I’m Owen Clark… And today, we’re gonna show you how to fancy up your footwear, with sweet fabric laces. Hahhh… …with sweeeet faaabric laces…

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  1. I am now seized by the desire to make some sweet fabric laces.  What diameter heat shrink tubing is needed?  You mention 1/4 inch, it just seems awfully wide…

  2. I make shoelace bracelet and now that I watched your video I can now use the right size shoelace.

    Thank you

  3. nice. I love this. Can't wait to make some fancy laces. Of my choice. Great Video. You guys are funny. my first time watching.. love it..

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