DIY Fringe Dress | DIY Party Dress

DIY Fringe Dress | DIY Party Dress

Hi loves for this tutorial you’ll need 1 yard of
stretch fabrics, trimmings, 3 yards of fringe, an 8 inch non seperatable zipper, fabric scissors,
pins and a sewing machine. The links for all the materials featured in
the video are written in the description box Fold your top in half and cut the back of
the top first. To cut the front place the back on top of
the fabric, fold it in half and cut it. Then do the same on the other end. Now Hem the middle on both sides With the right side up, place the trimming
the way you like. I placed one line along the neckline, another
one besides it and a horizontal above the waist. When you finish you can sew along the trimmings using a zig zag stitch but to make sure nothing moves I used tape to make sure it stays put What I also did is not sew along all of the lines and just do the top and the bottom This is to avoid that the fabric becomes too stiff and flattens everything The back is with the right side up before I place the front bits. Pin the sides and top and sew it. But leave
one side open as we will be adding the zipper here Here you can also see where I sewed the trimmings on the front Then hem the arm openings on both sides and the neckline Open up your top and place the front of the
zipper on the front side of your top. Pin it, sew it and then do the same on the
other end Now you can cut the bottom of the dress in
an A shape. Open it up with the right side up and start
lining the fringe on both sides starting from the bottom I wanted to use stitch witchery to hold it
in place before sewing but that didn’t work so I pinned it the old fashion way and sewed
it with a zig zag stitch when I was done Place both pieces on top of each other.
Cut any excess fringe, pin the sides and then sew it Open up your top and place it over the bottom.
The right side faces the right side of the dress
Also pin the front parts and sew it using a zig zag stitch The fringe comes with a thread at the bottom
to make sure it stays in place I took it out using a seam ripper.
I cut bits and pieces open and then untie it with my fingers The cleavage of this dress was even bigger before so I decided to close it up on the front bit and sew it using a zig zag stitch
It’s still a big cleavage but less And this is the final look! If you enjoyed this tutorial click like and subscribe
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27 Replies to “DIY Fringe Dress | DIY Party Dress”

  1. Is that you're New Years Eve dress? Obviously I approve, it's purple 😂😂 it looks cute on you 💜💜💜 xx

  2. I just discovered your channel. I love the ease with which you sew your garments. I will give it a whirl too. What can happen except that I succeed? Cheers!

  3. Hi there…I noticed that the fabric appeared to be a stretch fabric…Is that correct? And if so…was the fringe on an elastic cording? Thanks

  4. so i met you when i just had a new desire,to be a fashion designer,but had no idea where to start when i dont know the first thing about fabrics,sewing,i cnt even sew a batton,but i landed on you,and i cldnt bliv what i was seeing and i was like where have i been all this while?

    so today i bought me self a mini sewing machine,am gona sew my firs dress and am gona go to church with it just to see if someone will notice how nice it is lols,wish me lack….you are the bomb girl

  5. Like it, still beautiful as usual, I noticed that the fabric seems to be a stretch fabric… Is this correct?

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