DIY Halloween Costume for PJ Masks villain NIGHT NINJA!!

DIY Halloween Costume for PJ Masks villain NIGHT NINJA!!

hello today we are going to learn how to make a Halloween costume for night ninja the super stealthy villain from the show PJ masks and the best part is that these costumes require no sewing your trick or treater will love them let's start by going over the materials that we need we need a pair of scissors a single hole punch elastic string a pencil and a hot glue gun you're going to need a parent to help you with the gluing and the cutting I know I'm already super famous for doing bad guy stuff oh wait until I John four night ninjas mask we need dark blue and teal foam sheets sparkly stickers and a few different blue markers for the rest of our night ninja costume we need a dark blue shirt some dark blue tights dark blue clouds some teal ribbon and some more sparkly stickers finally it's time to make our night ninja costume to start we trace and cut out the mask shape using the dark blue foam you don't even know which buttons to press well you can't point the shrinkie oh yes I can't hack into your time is up now we use the teal phone to trace night ninjas eyebrows and some shapes to decorate his face to make his eyebrows really pop let's outline them in blue sharpie okay we're ready to glue everything into place night ninjas eyebrows go from light blue to dark blue so we'll use some different blue markers to mimic that effect now for the best part we get to add the sparkles breezing stickers but you could also use sequins or even glitter finally we thread through the elastic string and tie two knots on the back Wow our night ninja mask is finished for the rest of our night ninja costume we need to add some teal details tonight ninja shirt we put the shirt on our trick-or-treater and use some white chalk to mark where the ribbon should go on the sleeve now we add a teal stripe to the sleeves the cuffs and a keel belt across the middle oh dear what a pj playground predicament see you later sandy slugs and the best part adding the sparkly stickers we also put the tights on our trick-or-treater and used white chalk to mark where the ribbon should go we added some teal ribbon down the legs and around the cuffs now let's add the sparkles for the final touch let's add some sparkles to the dark blue gloves our night ninja masterpiece is complete check out our other videos to learn how to make costumes for Luna girl and Romeo PJ masks villains we showed all right causing some mischief on Halloween night [Applause] cat-boy in the sticky splat slingshot cool a new martial arts movies coming out I feel like we've seen this one before we have these are movie posters that's night ninja what's he up to maybe it has something to do with all that dripping goo hmm looks like some kind of sticky spot and a lot of it it could be his biggest bad guy move yet don't worry I'll just do my biggest hero save ever it would make a cool cat boy poster we'll all save the day as long as the mission gets one does it matter who does what sure but this safe will be one for the record books I can't wait PJ night in the city and a brave band of Heroes is ready to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day Amaya becomes [Applause] Greg becomes Connor becomes let's follow this trail of posters keep it up my ninjalinos soon everyone will know who I am the PJ masks are coming excellent right there night ninja what's with the posters Oh PJ pests you can't blame me for showing off a bit I am about to do the baddest bad guy move ever this is perfect if night ninja does a big villain move I can do the biggest super-safe ever I know I'm already super famous for doing bad guy stuff but wait until I've done this I'm going to cover the city with huge stickies blast one for the school one for the museum and let's not forget the park people will be talking about it forever and cleaning it up forever – rattling reptiles those are big don't worry Gekko leave this to me so that's what you've been doing in your spare time being a villain is more than a hobby these sticky spots aren't just big my new formula makes them bouncy so they'll be even better idea we'll see about that I'll stop the first ball would you guys go after the other two I have a much better idea wait my besties ever remember here it comes [Applause] stopping a bunch of little balls isn't awesome but stopping one big one is this is totally going in the record books I don't want to hear your silly idea I'm the bad guy will do the super bad moves my way I know that plan didn't work but the next one will I'm not done yet PJs you'll see I can't believe my super save didn't work don't worry about your super moves cowboy we just have to win the mission but this is my big chance to do the best hero stuff ever by my cat's whiskers we lost him allies get ready for some hero awesomeness night ninja hey where'd he go fur balls huh there's still one way out oh I can take care of this with my super Gekko muscles weak echo I'm busting out of this web at super cat speed get ready record mode you PJ pests are caught like flies in my web this is bigger and badder than I've ever imagined what do you mean it's not bad enough fine then all think of something even better the baddest move of all thanks Gekko nice ninjas not done yet and this time I'll really do the biggest save ever it's gonna be awesome cowboy wait have an idea no no ninjalinos don't have evil plans I do what are you planning tell us it's it's Kimmy a second oh it's so hard for villains to be original these nights show's over he's out of ideas but but now I'll never get to do my super save uh cap we we stopped him I know I know it's just if he doesn't do really bad stuff how can I do really good stuff some villain night ninja turned out to be one all right ninjalinos give me that idea yeah why did you do that it's okay whatever he does I'll do it better uh-huh thanks for reminding me ninjalinos that's what I was planning all along Oh tag you're it what's he up to now let's get him it's time for my big save PJ masks come on already did this night ninja just wait this is all new and it really is my best idea ever and you've already used the web – oh but you haven't seen the big picture yet has it work yes I don't like where this is going I'm going to slingshot you at your silly headquarters you'll stick to it and I'll cover you with even more goo you PJs blacks will be stuck there forever this is all my fault we wouldn't be in this mess if I hadn't tried to do some big super save it's gonna take all of us to get out of this sticky situation you're up next I'll let it's time for some awesome aerial mess you got it super and now for the best super save of all nice work guys that was the most awesome rescue ever you're not upset you didn't get to do your best ever super safe my best ever super save was letting us stop night ninja together PJ masks all shout hooray let's call this night ninjas biggest defeat by the PJ masks he'll be rolling away for a long time oops I got a bit of glue on me well good friends you know we stick together

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