DIY Halloween Costumes: Vikings and Game Of Thrones

DIY Halloween Costumes: Vikings and Game Of Thrones

everybody welcome we're doing a Halloween special we are doing DIY of course we get into various TV shows and then we're like oh we should dress up as those people we were really into Breaking Bad and we dressed up as Heisenberg and Jesse so we're gonna take Ragnar and lagertha and Vikings and then mr. K defy them are you putting these in my hair yes I'm gonna give me a ponytail I'm gonna do her awesome hair and we're gonna add some beauty marks let's do it Joey let's sail West shall we let's sail West we're gonna kind of piece together the costumes for both la Gazza and Ragnar using like store-bought costumes because it's kind of nice to have the base of something but then spruce it up and make it look that much cooler you guys haven't seen the show Vikings a little backstory it was around 700 or so AD and I'm gonna try to keep it mostly of the period my character is basically the king your character is basically the queen of the Vikings Viking Viking I'm gonna be giving Joey this extension cool ponytail because Ragnar has like the most amazing hair he is like a dirty blond rather than try to make Joey look blond I'm just gonna embrace his brunette and this you guys know the store-bought costumes are pretty cheesy but what's great about this is it comes with things that Joey wouldn't otherwise have in his closet I beg your pardon we're gonna cut off these sleeves and like add our own elements and some fur and stuff like that but it'll be nice to just have the base of this let's do the hair first and then we'll do the beard so I have these clip-on Brown extensions which I actually already had because we've used them on some of our models and their look book videos so this is perfect well actually it's a little more reddish so this is real hair and this is synthetic this is just this like ponytail this is a real hair like real Cuban here yeah Oh Joey it was from a deaf person what's cool about these they come with the two clips so I'm just gonna add as much hair to the back here and then kind of try to cover it up with this [Applause] you're gonna probably put goop in my sides I'll put Bhuvan inside oh yes Joey oh alright so I think we're done with the extensions and now it's just a matter trying to kind of conceal them with his hair and then also kind of train all of this back and start doing the ponytail he had this really cool like stacked ponytail that was like wrapped periodically with like leather so I have this fabric here that's just like a faux suede a micro suede I started cutting strips so just finish cutting this strip yep right here yeah right here no notice no real Viking tools okay go ahead here here's the first one but but I need it to look like this okay got it yep what the hell am I supposed to do with this I'm gonna flog you look at mine and look at Joey's okay someone's coming up short oh my god what you are a caveman we're not trying to be caveman okay I'm just gonna do little I'll do it I'll do better please you got it you heard it here better right here for Mom these are just hair pins Brown like hair pins and bobby pin i'ma Ragnar lothbrok okay so now here's the hard part ride he has the ball you know Diddy's try to get these little ugly things just in to this mess I think I'm going to like braid it flash twist it I'll start by twisting it in the good thing is Joey already has some pomade in his hair so it's helping them kind of feel a little bit sticky so now I'm just braiding the length of these extensions I'm going to take some elastics and just kind of get it tethered together and then I'm going to take these beautiful strips that we cut and conceal the elastic cluster ponytail ah you can see how messy these braids are and that is purposeful because I am doing a warrior's hair I'm gonna look like a badass keyboard player I don't want to use elastics down anywhere where it's going to be visible because obviously in Viking times they didn't have tiny plastic elastics you look like a dothraki from Game of Thrones okay so Ragnar has like a full long beer so I got these real hair beards but oh this is real that is so gross like from someone's beard it might be pubic hair that is dscussion Joey that's why it looks realistic okay governing from someone's head let me tell them three years it's not totally long enough and like full enough so I got two of them and the plan is put one on his chin and then kind of like cut up the other one and sort of like yeah no no good I love it all Joey some women have mustaches yeah not mine so this is spirit gum that you want to do like a layer let it dry and that seals the pores because oil and sweat lifts it so do one layer let it dry and then to another layer how do I get it off uh burns and Diet uh well it goes up there I'm enough of them here because Ragnar has like sideburns he's just like a hairy Viking man alright so letting this coat dry and then we're gonna do another coat and let that get kind of tacky and then apply the chin Bob all right so you definitely look like but now I'm going to just go over this netting here with more spirit gum alright so I think what I'm going to do is cut this second one in half and just kind of like build this way and then once they're on we can trim and then any of the trimmings I'll use is like little sideburn no finish for us to get off yep girl look like Abraham Lincoln huh I'm going to trim the beard now try to blend it anymore and then I'm going to use some of the trimmings to add to the side of his face and like the sideburns kind of like disguise the netting a little bit so I'm adding a little bronzer onto the beer to just warm it up slightly since it's so black yeah Wow I love it looks very real how I shave all right so next let's add some of the tattoos on your neck of course we're gonna use some mr. gay beauty marks and these are the original ah I have Bangladeshi hair in my nose you look so real oh my god okay well it's my turn ready okay well I need to do my hair first let me do it hmm how do you what do you mean what is that accent I Lochner la roque I will prove my love to you by building you a shield that was good yo booyah shield I will fill to this you I'm like the ballet girl yeah the Mitchell uh uh yeah thank you I must be missing me get out of here lava thaw has some of the coolest hairdos I've ever seen and her signature look our side braids with a wavy texture that's half-up half-down and that is the look that I'm going to do today I have a lot of hair but hers is warrior wild so I'm adding some clip-in extensions for extra body I'm not putting any extensions on the side of my head because that is where the warrior braids will go and that's hairspray in my I but I am a warrior I must go on for the side grades I'm using the end of a teasing comb to get a nice clean slice of hair and I'm doing a Dutch braid starting at my hairline and gathering hair as I go straight back just above my ear then I'm braiding down the length of my hair just behind my ear but I'm not gathering anymore as I go because I want this to stay a small accent braid I'm cutting this round shape for the shield out of a thin piece of plywood I'm using the circle cutting jig attachment from the jig saw to get a perfect circle near the bottom of the braid I'm gathering the two outer pieces and holding on to the middle piece as I push up the two outer pieces up the length of the center piece and this creates a snake braid you can continue braiding down the length of your hair to hold it in place I'm teasing the end of my hair to keep the braid from unraveling or you can also use a piece of raffia straw to tie off the braid I'm also doing a twist using a piece of chain by simply wrapping the chain around the top of the hair dividing it into two pieces which I twist away from each other while also simultaneously twisting them together and then just securing the whole thing at the bottom now I'm painting it with laga tha's signature blue color using regular latex paint and adding details with black paint on the back on a strap for laga tha's arm using strong black tape to the top of my head I'm piling some teased hair to create a raised bun and securing it with hairpin now I'm adding some decorative braids across the top to make it look that much more complex and these are more snake braids that I secured with some smaller bobby pins I got you something ah this is my shoot I am shieldmaiden anymore a shield made in baguette ah this is the huntsmen store-bought costume but it came with these weird things like there was like a neck and sleeves let's talk about how we're gonna augment these store-bought costumes breaks make it more mr. K defied DIY so we cut off these gear they were connecting like this mine came with this corset this is what came with my costume to a song like not even like apologetic at all am I supposed to just wear this with this so annoying like this is how females are still strong Halloween oh thanks oh so then it's just a matter of trying to make it look a little less like perfect a little more like these things actually be made by hand so this is a strip of just linen fabric that I'm gonna use to cover up my bra strap made myself an axe oh yeah Oh got a dress it up I want to do like some like arm things you get with like fur and then wrap some leathery pieces over this is just a faux fur vest that I've had in my closet for a while Ragnar wears like a lot of furs and stuff put this over your shoulders back no thank you and then make it look a little less tailored that's good yeah frog nog now for me I'll put on this this is just like weird scarfing from Amazon this will make it a little more Viking us we are ready to go to battle no we don't butter that all we're going to dinner at the Grove Cheesecake Factory plunder yeah we're gonna plunder we're gonna conquer look at that shield this shield awesome long way though Oh Bradley we must fight you to death we are going to conquer Paris all right you're just gonna leave me hanging subscribe that's that's menacing we need an axe every time we ask we will subscribe alright this was so much fun I love our costumes I'm so excited for Halloween obviously Joey looks like a Viking slash Dothraki I could maybe pass for Khaleesi so if you guys don't know Vikings and your Game of Thrones fans this could be a cool DIY for that kind of couples costume and it was so fun we want to hear from you in the comments let us know and of course subscribe hashtag miscue a million or else bye-bye ah don't kiss me I'm bleep let's go put on that tongue oh yeah you you're gonna put on that Oh

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  1. This is totally wrong, and totally unhistorical!!! This is 100% fantasy!
    The real viking clothes and armours:

  2. I'm cracking up at his impersonations! I've been a huge Vikings fan since it was announced! You did an amazing! (As always!) He should grow a beard, it looks good on him! XD

  3. looks more like cavemen.. this is like i would dress up as a male pilgrim and wear a dress.. just stop making wb viking shit.. its fucking offencive.

  4. where can I get a circle cutting jig attachment thingy? all the shields I make look all lopsided 🙁

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