DIY Halloween Make-Up & Costumes 👻 Ft. SpongeBob, Henry Danger, & More! | #TryThis

DIY Halloween Make-Up & Costumes 👻 Ft. SpongeBob, Henry Danger, & More! | #TryThis

This is going to be
the best Halloween ever. [music playing] [spooky music playing] Hmm… missing something. Halloweens’ kind of crazy
with a spooky little girl like you! [music playing] Pose it like you chose it! When darkness falls on the house of Loud, around every turn new terror abounds. You don’t want to lose your head. Ha ha ha! [chiming sound] [chiming sound] Guys, I can’t see anything! Look at all these customers!
Heh heh heh heh heh! In your face, crabs! Yes! – So, uh… where’s the food?
– Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Uh… food? Oh, yeah. I could use a guy like you. Alakazam! You really did it this time, Old Planky!
Oh yeah, who’s a genius? Welcome to the Chum Bucket!
Would you like seating inside or outside? – Seating for what?
– For the Chum Bucket! [chiming sound] [laughing] It’s Patrick! I’m gonna scare him.
It’s my turn! – Rawrrrr!
– Hi, SpongeBob. [screaming] I can’t believe it! Nice attention to detail. I can’t wait! Oh, yeah! Ta da da dum. [humming The Blue Danube Waltz] ♪ Ta da da da dum
Ta da da da dum ♪ ♪ Ta ta taaaah ta da da da da da da ♪ Ow! Ow! Ow ow ow! Ow! [chiming sound] Wow! Wow, it’s so pretty! Hi. Thanks for the pizza! I’ll enjoy eating it
in my Halloween costume. I’m not a real witch, bye! This is actually pretty good. Smart and stylish. Jerkus broccolitus! I was right! Did somebody order broccoli? Prepare to be amazed! [chiming sound] It’ll be pretty obvious
who decorated this! Let’s attack him in the ac’! Pretty cool, yeah? Ooh, mask! Like a real-life James Bond! Thus upsetting everyone! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes! So. Too bad for you, captain Ma–
Kid Danger! What’s up? [chiming sound] I literally want to suck your blood. First, you have to look the part
with a full vampire make-over. A little homemade blood
and you’re good to go. If you want to make it more authentic,
he could bite your neck. No! I mean, this is fine. – I love Halloween!
– Weeeh. Excellent fake blood, Lisa.
Add some molasses for better consistency. [chiming sound] [spooky laughing]

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