DIY Happy Wheels Costume

DIY Happy Wheels Costume

Happy Wheels,
definitely one of my favorite games maybe of all time. What a fantastic display of digital blood, torn limbs, and mangled bodies. Just [beep] brilliant. So much so that I decided
to make it into a Halloween costume. This costume was actually pretty
easy to put together and only requires a couple of quick props. Here’s what you need:
A green shirt— I picked this one up at the thrift store
on the cheap— a pair of khaki shorts which I’ll make
out of these khaki pants I also found there, a bicycle helmet—this amazing Hannah Montana one
I picked up for only four bucks which I will totally make twerk—I mean work. You’ll also need a pair of black shoes,
some white socks, and a black belt, all of which I already had. Get yourself a fake arm which you can pick up
at any Halloween store. This was probably the most expensive piece
and ran me eight bucks. Also gather up some fake blood, some red paint, some red yarn,
and a pair of scissors, oh, and a bike tire if you can score one easily. This will definitely add context to the costume. First thing’s first. Begin distressing your outfit. You want to create that I just got into
a gnarly bike accident look but a bit more exaggerated. That could mean meticulously cutting
small holes in the things or frantically going bat shit crazy with your scissors,
whichever you prefer. There’s really no wrong way here. I’m slipping the blade of the scissors
into the seams of the collar and sleeves and doing
a little cutting and tearing action. Dragging your blade across exposed edges also helps create that classic bike wreck feel. Now it’s time to bloody these duds up. This is where you get some creative license, so feel free to run with the special effects
makeup artist within. Taking your food blood,
create some blood-soaked patterns and designs all over your outfit. Because this fake blood went on
a little darker than I would have liked, I have applied some red paint on top
to brighten it up a bit. On the sleeve where I’m eventually
going to attach my fake arm, I’m making more bloodier than the rest. Next up, this awesome helmet.
After carefully removing the cover, turns out this helmet was black,
nothing some white spray paint won’t cure. Be sure to take out to a well-ventilated area
and cover it evenly. While everything is drying,
take out your fake arm. This thing is awesome but not nearly
as bloody as it needs to be. So apply some extra blood
and red paint to your liking. Once it’s all dried, at the very top
near that protruding bone, you’re going to want
to snip two holes on either side large enough to insert a piece of yarn through. Now take out your red yarn
and cut off about two feet of it. Double it over and string through
the holes in your fake arm and make a knot. Create a similar pair of holes on your shirt towards the bottom of the sleeve
and tie the arm onto the shirt, giving it a good six inches
of visibly hanging yarn. All that’s left is to bloody up
your white helmet a bit along with the rest of you.
Then just put the whole outfit together. Tuck your arm into the shirt,
and your costume is complete. Limbless, bloody, and awesome. Yeah, you’ll totally have one arm
for the entire evening, but [beep] it’s Halloween. What are you going as this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below. You might even find some more cool ideas down there.
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  1. It was raining in Halloween but I still went trick or treating. Me and a couple of my friends were ghostbusters, and we made the costumes


  3. In Brazil this costume is based on real facts
    Basically an asshole ran over a cyclist, ripped off his arm, fled and threw the arm in a river. Real life happy wheels! (not realy happy)

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